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2012 shall be The Year Of The Watchman; and a very harsh Wake Up Call - for The True People Of Yahweh.

The Year Of The Watchman?
With all of The Religious Hype surrounding: The Pagan Calendar, and Its Ending Upon December 21st - the year of 2012 would have already been significant - but, thanks to The End Time Biblical Prophecies, it shall prove to be The Year Of The Watchman. Not so surprisingly, These Two Different Religions - being diametrically opposed both: Spiritually and Theologically - are [ actually ] in agreement upon one thing. The Year 2012 shall, indeed, be Historically Important! In fact, there's absolutely no way around it....

As The Watchman, I have been warning you for some time now of Our Upcoming Historical Events... and, for the most part, I've been: Ignored, Mocked and/or Scoffed At - with No Serious Consequences to anyone. After all, I've been telling you of things that honestly seemed: Far Into The Future, and Highly Improbable. I suppose, that's been The True Problem, ultimately encountered by All Of His Prophets, since the very beginning. It's hard to truly comprehend, how fast things can change, when such Historical Shifts eventually occur.

1945 To 2012 - The American Century?

Who controls The World's Oceans?
Up until now [ December 30th, 2011 ], we have honestly witnessed, what some historians have called: " The American Century " - since The Entire World has [ seemingly ] revolved around The United States Of America. In Truth, however, it has only been A Mere 67 Years, since she invariably became: " Babylon's Own Harlot " - in 1945 AD.

If you're old enough, you might even remember, when She Announced Her Own Physical Presence - Upon The World's Stage. But, if you're not, then just watch The Following Short Video....

America In Prophecy

The Bombing Of Hiroshima: A Re-Enactment.
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Meanwhile, however, The Scriptures [ themselves ] have clearly described it this way: 
" He [ The Second Beast ] performs great signs, so that He [ This Great And Powerful Nation ] even ' Makes Fire Come Down From Heaven [ The Explosion Was Intentionally Set 5000 Feet Above These Two Cities ] Upon The Earth [ And It Devours The Cities Below It ] In The Sight Of Men [ And All Of The Other Nations On Earth,Witness This Great Technological Miracle ]. ' " - Revelation 13:13.

He Sets His Nest Among The Stars?
Only, then, came: The Flurry Of International And Political Activity - known fondly by those historians as: " The American Century "... and, what ' A Century ' it was. In fact, The Entire World couldn't get enough of America. They wanted: American Money, American Merchandise, American Entertainment, American Technology, American Medicines, and [ even ] American World Leadership... and, indeed, we happily gave it all to them! The United States became: " The Savior To The World "... but, substantially, lost its own: Spiritual Soul and Political Bearings - in this ever evolving political process.

We Became, Babylon's Own Harlot:

In Isaiah Chapter 23, we remarkably read:
" Now it shall come to pass, In That Day [ The Time Of Tyre's Physical Destruction ], that Tyre will be forgotten for 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ or 2520 Days ], according to the days of One King [ King Nebuchadnezzar - 573 BC ]. At The End Of 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ 573 BC + 2520 ], it will happen to Tyre as in The Song Of The Harlot:
' Take a harp, go about the city [ Announce Your Own Physical Presence ], You Long Forgotten Harlot [ You Latter Day Descendants Of Tyre ]; Make Sweet Melody [ Fabricate Your Own Political Deceptions ], Sing Many Songs [ And Make Them Very Numerous ], That You May Be Remembered [ Like Your Own Genetic Ancestors Did, So Long, Before You ]. '
And It Shall Be [ At The Time Of The End ], At The End Of Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years [ Or, 1945 AD ], that The Mighty One will again visit Tyre. She Will Return To Her Pay [ In Service To Babylon The Great ], and Commit Fornication [ Gross Political Adultery ] with All Of The Kingdoms Of The World upon the face of the Earth [ The United Nations, NATO, Marshall Plan, Breton-Woods, SEATO, etc.... ]. " - Isaiah 23:15-17.

United Nations in New York City?
Considering, that The United States of America has been covertly working for: The Corporate Freemasons, The European Illuminati, and The Roman Catholic Church - it isn't so surprising, that most of the world has already mistaken her for Babylon [ itself ]. After all, The Enemies Living Within have done a remarkable job of accomplishing this very same objective... because, America is already slated to be physically destroyed in ' One Massive Human Sacrifice To Satan '! Don't believe me? Then, just read these Satanically Inspired Lyrics, by the great musician Don Mclean himself: 
" And as I watched him 
 [ Satan, The Destroyer ] 
on the stage  
[ And As These Events Were Then Unfolding ]
My hands were clenched in fists of rage
[ I Was Angry, For Having Faithfully Served Him ]
No angel born in Hell  
[ None Of The Pagan Religions Could Help Us ]
Could break that Satan's spell  
[ Since, They Too All Served Satan Himself ]
And as the flames climbed high into the night
[ Her Destruction Growing More Fierce Each And Every Day ]
To light the sacrificial rite  
[ As The Luciferian World Paid Its Due Homage To Satan ]
I saw Satan laughing with delight  
[ Lucifer Was Well Pleased With His Own Well-Organized Plans ]
The day the music died  
[ As The Long-Forgotten Harlot Is Finally Destroyed ] "
 - from his Hit Song: Bye Bye American Pie.

{ *** NOTE: You might be surprised by what you can learn when reading certain selected song lyrics. You might want to try it sometime without the music completely distracting you. But, I would [ definitely ] study Those Long-Neglected Bibles first! }

Powerful and Treading Down?
While, I certainly don't know everything that there is to know, I certainly understand a lot more about The Prophetical Scriptures, than any of you: " Sleepy Ones " - do. But, that's only because ' The Holy Spirit ' has been truthfully guiding me through my own study of them... so, don't feel like, I'm actually trying to insult you... because, I'm most certainly not. What I'm trying to do, is Drive Home The Point - that all of you ' Have Been Already Sleeping Far Too Long '!

Just for the historical record, The 2011 Judgments were actually: " Yahweh's Own Wake Up Call " - before The Adversary is finally unleashed to destroy us; and America is already living upon borrowed time. Its Own Prophesied 70 Years has [ now ] almost fully expired... and, 2015 is honestly ' The End Of The Road ' for North America! There will never be a: " North American Union " - because, Babylon [ The European Union ] doesn't factually want one. The Roman Catholic Papacy has already ordered us to be Completely Destroyed... and, The Pope always gets what he wants!

For, It Was Written:
" Be ashamed O Sidon [ United Kingdom ]; For The Sea [ The Papal See, Or True Babylonian Kingdom ] has spoken [ From Its Capital In Rome ]; The strength of the sea [ With Germany And The Rest Of Europe In Agreement ], saying: ' I do not labor [ In Producing Children For Myself ], nor bring forth children [ To Permanently Join With Us ]; neither do I rear young men [ That Might Trouble Me Later ], nor bring up virgins [ Those Who Aren't A Part Of My Own Church ]. " - Isaiah 23:4.

My Credentials, As The Watchman.

Jeshurun - The Watchman?
While I am deeply saddened, by what I have learned, concerning: The Upcoming Events Of 2012 and  America's Very Rapid Demise - I can't help, but report, what I already know... for, I Am The True Watchman that you've been honestly waiting for! There was a time when I seriously doubted it, not because The Scriptures didn't offer us some: Surprising and [ even ] Startling References to someone Identical To Me; but, because I'm [ truly ] not so: Overconfident, and Self-Delusional - to imagine myself as being: " A Prophet ". But, I guess, you [ just ] never really know these things... now, do you?

Indeed, brothers and sisters: " Truth Has Consistently Proven Stranger Than Fiction ". In my wildest nightmares, I never imagined ' A World Without The United States Of America ' somehow factually being there. What kind of world could that ever truly be? Well, we're fixing to find out... because, its fixing to happen... and, 2012 shall [ honestly ] prove to be ' The Beginning Of Her End '! I know it, from My Own Personal Visions... I know it, from My Own Historical Investigations... I know it, from The Satanist's Own Writings... and, I know it, from The Scriptures Themselves.

FEMA Camps, and RFID Chips?
Brothers and sisters, I Know Exactly What's Coming... but, I am [ yet ] just a little fuzzy, on some of The Smaller Details! However, I am [ now ]: Praying Specifically About Them, and Studying The Scriptures Most Judiciously. Since, I am the only one close enough to it to correctly set down These Historical Events completely in advance. Let's face it folks, far too many people are [ still ] waiting for: " A Pre-Tribulational Rapture "; and [ even ] attending those: " Detestable High Places Of Sun-Worship "... and [ even ] the: " Seventh Day Adventists ", " Worldwide Church Of God Followers ", " Newly Converted Messianics ", and " Kabbalist Jews " - are being seriously misled by their own Internal Forces Of Spiritual Babylon [ The Jesuits Now Among Their Own Elders ]!

In fact, that's why Yahweh Himself factually: Pre-Destined, Carefully Cultivated, and Ultimately Appointed ' His Own End Time Watchman ' - from: " The Matrix Of His Mother's Womb " - known simply as: " Jeshurun ". He is: " Neo "... " The Prophesied One [ In Isaiah Chapters 40 - 44 ] ", who has truly spoken to: " Morpheus [ The God Of Dreams and Dispellor Of Illusions ] "; and who has also spoken to: " The Key Master [ Yahweh Himself ] ", to unlock: " The Matrix [ The Multiple Illusions Being Pulled Over Your Eyes ] " - for: " The Glory Of Zion [ The Children Of Israel ] ".

Read It, For Yourself:
" Yet hear now, O Jacob My servant, And Israel whom I have chosen [ From Among All Of The World's People ],
Thus says The Mighty One who made you [ In The Very Beginning ] and formed you from the womb [ Of The World's Nations ], And who will help you [ When You Are Ready To Come Forth ]:
' Fear not, O Jacob My servant [ For You Are, Indeed, The Fruit Of Abraham ]; And you, Jeshurun [ My Elect One ], whom I [ Myself ] have chosen [ To Lead Them ].
For I will pour water [ My Own Holy Spirit ] upon him [ Jeshurun ] who is thirsty [ And He Shall Drink It With Great Rejoicing ], And floods [ Of My Own True Understanding ] upon the dry ground [ Which Cries Out For Even A Very Small Drink ]; I will pour My Own Spirit [ Magnanimously ] upon your descendants [ The Natural Olive Branches Of Israel ], And My Blessing upon your offspring [ And Those Wild Olive Branches As Well ]; - Isaiah 44:1-3.

The Birthplace Of The Confederacy?
Whether you choose to believe it, or not, that's me... and, I can easily provide you The Scriptures to factually prove it! Not to mention, The Prophetical Vision, that conclusively establishes it. If you need more evidence, then feel free to thoroughly examine all that I've written... and, Don't Forget To Verify It From The Scriptures. Your own answer - to this question - is now Far Too Important!

Now, on to Those 2012 Prophecies....

2012 - The Year Of The Watchman

Since These 2012 Prophecies will all be highly destructive, I'm not really worried about The Exact Sequence at the moment. However, Look To February - as ' The Actual Starting Point ' - for most of them! That Particular Month, figures very heavily in these Highly Numerous Predictions....

The 2012 Prophetical Events:
{ *** NOTE: I will be creating The Rest Of These Articles as quickly as possible; and I will include the necessary links as they become finally available. }
These Events, Will Also Result In:  
  • Numerous Situational Riots 
  • Atrocious Police Brutalities
  • Suspension Of The Court Systems
  • Military And National Guard Mobilizations  
  • Massive Amounts Of Inflation 
  • Situational Food Shortages
  • Empty Store Shelves
  • Massive Fuel Spikes 
  • Suspension Of The Safety Nets
  • General Instances Of Mayhem

A Warning For What's Now Coming.
While These 2012 Prophetical Events indeed may sound: Seriously Overblown, or [ even ] Far Too Dire - I have, actually, Left Certain Things Out intentionally. If I [ factually ] told you everything, then I couldn't truthfully publish it - at this particular time! Rather, I have chosen to give it to you: In Wide and Sweeping Generalities. Hopefully, however, you'll take it seriously... since, it is The Truth - as far as I properly understand it. If you heed all of my writings upon these things, and prepare yourself to be obedient to Yahweh, then you can count on His Promised Angelic Protection... but, if not, then You Are Now In Serious Trouble!

2012 shall be ' The Year Of The Watchman ', because Yahweh will never be mocked by anyone... and, The United States Of America no longer has: " His Hedge Protecting It "! The vineyard is fixing to be trampled; and Yahweh will be: " Shaking The Dust From Off Of His Feet " - very soon now. But, Praise Yahweh... His People,  will be leaving with Him - after their own Spiritually Necessary Chastening!

{ *** NOTE: Please link and share this article with as many others as you can! If you must, then just link to it, in your own mocking derision... I can take the heat for it... but, let others [ truthfully ] decide for themselves. This Message Is Far Too Important to simply ignore.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. I donot believe that it will mean the end of the world.I do believe that maybe just matbe we as human beings will finally get some peace amoung all of us.

  2. I never stated that 2012 would be The End Of The World. But, rather, The Beginning Of The End- for America. We now have only three years left!

  3. Hello Jeshurun,
    I hope that Jesus really comes back soon.
    Thank god for giving you knowledge (so I believe) and thank you for your investigations, for you humbling yourself under gods guidence!

  4. What about the Red Dragon?

    1. If you're going to ask me a question, then [ at least ] provide enough information for me to factually know what you're talking about. The question: " What about The Red Dragon? " - could be referring to: Lucifer Himself, Communist China, etc... and, I'm not actually mind reader!

      Please be more specific in the future....


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