Friday, December 16, 2011

A short message from Jeshurun - regarding certain Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 8.

The Internet Explorer 8 logo.
Thanks to our America In Prophecy Comment Form, I have discovered that Our HTML Document may not be rendering properly in certain versions of Internet Explorer... and, since I am not the world's greatest programmer, this problem may actually persist for some time. Apparently, the image background bleeds through and obscures The Article's Text. At the moment, I can only offer my deepest sympathies; and the suggestion that you try another Internet Web Browser; until this problem can be properly corrected!

The Google Chrome logo.
Personally, I have found that both: Firefox and Google Chrome - are impeccable Internet Web Browsers. I have equally utilized both of them; but finally settled upon Firefox, for some of its highly advanced features. Among other things, Firefox updates their web browsers quite frequently... and, their own security measures are usually more up to date than the rest of them! Remember, Internet Web Browsers are entirely ' Free '... and you can actively have more than one of them - To Selectively Utilize - upon your own personal computer....

{ *** Note: This is not An Endorsement - paid or otherwise - for either of these products! Rather, it is Purely Informational. After all, True Adults can readily make their own decisions about such things. Remember, it was actually written that: " You shall one day judge among Angels "... and, quite-honestly, what's An Internet Web Browser - compared to all of that? }

The well-known Mozilla Firefox logo.
Another Possible Workaround, is what this particular reader has been doing. Open the somewhat illegible article, by clicking on the Read More >>> prompt, and then just print it out to your own printer. I have recently expended a great deal of effort: In Updating, Correcting, and Otherwise Streamlining - these HTML Document Print Functions. What should have took 45 Minutes To Do, actually took over two full days - of: Hunt and Seek Coding - thanks to The Non-Standardized HTML of my own CSS Template. :@(

{ *** NOTE: For those utilizing this very same template, or any of the other ones by ImageDepotPro, I can [ now ] probably assist you in fixing your own Printer Functions - quite easily. Just drop me a line, using The Comment Form; since Article Commentaries should be clearly related to the articles in question. Thanks.}

As always... Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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