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Who are The Fishermen and The Hunters of Jeremiah Chapter 16

The German Autobahn.
If you were a Jew living in Germany prior to World War II, and someone told you - based upon The Scriptures - that The NAZI's were planning on killing you, would you want to know it? And, more importantly, would you have honestly believed them? Because, it could have happened... since it's, actually, prophesied [ right there ] in The Scriptures! In Jeremiah 16:16 it says:
" Behold, I will send for many Fishermen [ The Zionist Movement ], says The Mighty One, and they shall fish them [ or, Lure Them Back To The Promised Land ]; and afterward I will send for many Hunters [ The NAZI Eugenicists ], and they shall hunt them from every mountain  and every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks [ To Punish Them, for blatant disobedience ]. " - Jeremiah 16:16.

Amazing, isn't it? I think so! The fact is, that most Jews were fully aware of ' The Fishermen '. The Zionist Movement officially started around 1900, but it had actually begun in the late 1880's. However, by the 1930's, very few Jews had actually returned to: " The Promised Land " - for various seemingly Common Sense Reasons. The land was largely undeveloped, it offered few modern conveniences, and the european standard of living was quite high.... Who could blame them? Yahweh, The Mighty One, of course....

Meanwhile, in their synagogues, Spiritually-Minded Jews frequently noticed and even made reference to Jeremiah Chapter 16... and all their attention was focused upon, The Fishermen [ The Zionists ]. Were they ' The Prophesied Messengers From Yahweh '? The general consensus was that only time would tell... and, in the meantime, life was good - if not, exactly, perfect....

Dachau was opened March 22, 1933.
As early as 1935, in Germany [ The Assyrian Nation ], rumors were then spreading of: " Prison Labor Camps " and " Massive Crematoriums " - which were being built, by their own government, for some unknown purposes. Of course, those who stated such things were merely Brushed Aside or [ even ] Shunned, as: " Political Malcontents ", " Communist Sympathizers ", or: " Conspiracy Theorists ".

There was Anecdotal Evidence confirming the clear statements of The Biblical Scripture... but, these invaluable claims were never taken seriously by The General Public... and it was a very grave mistake upon the part of many, while living and remaining, within Germany! An estimated 16 To 20 Million Human Beings died in these Death Camps, including: Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, Gypsies, and Homosexuals - among so many others.
"Dachau was the first concentration camp established and was opened on March 22, 1933. The camp's first inmates were primarily political prisoners (Communists or Social Democrats), habitual criminals, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anti-socials (beggars, vagrants, hawkers). Others considered problematic by the Nazis were also included (Jewish writers and journalists, lawyers, unpopular industrialists)." - This quotation is from: ' Lest We Forget: The Holocaust. '

The Question, that should be upon every America's mind is: " What is 'The True Purpose' behind all those: FEMA Camps, Plastic Coffins, and Cattle Cars "? To put it bluntly, are they The American Equivalent to Dachau... and if they are, then who are their Intended Victims? But, instead, we're now calling the one's who largely noticed them: " Conspiracy Theorists ", " Right Wing Nut Jobs ", " Political Malcontents ", " Crazy Militia Members ", and " Religious Nuts ". Apparently, we've learned absolutely nothing from World History!

But, what do The Scriptures have to say about these things? Let's just return to Jeremiah Chapter 16 and find out....

In Jeremiah 16, It Says:
"Therefore behold, the day(s) are coming [ more than one event is clearly indicated ], says The Mighty One, that it shall no more be said, ' The Mighty One lives who brought up The Children Of Israel [ Both Houses Of Israel ] from the land of Egypt ', but [ rather ], ' The Mighty One lives who brought up The Children Of Israel [ Both Houses Of Israel ] from the land of the north [ Babylon The Great ] and from all the lands where He had driven them [ Assyria, Egypt, Tyre, and everywhere else ]. ' For I will bring them back into Their Land [ The Promised Land ] which I gave to their fathers.
Behold, I will send for Many Fishermen [ for: Judah, Joseph, and Israel ], says The Mighty One, and they shall fish them [ All Of My Children ]; and afterward I will send for Many Hunters [ those in: Babylon, Tyre, and Egypt ], and they shall hunt them from every mountain and every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks [ there is no place where they may hide ].
For My eyes are upon all of their ways [ I see everything that they do ]; they are not hidden from My face [ I know each of them personally ], nor is their iniquity hidden from My eyes [ and I have been carefully observing them ]
And first [ before regathering Their Spiritual Remnant ], I will repay [ them ] double for their iniquity [ False Teachings ] and their sin [ Spiritual Backsliding ], because they have defiled My Land [ The Entire Planet Earth ]; they have filled My Inheritance [ All Of Creation ] with the carcasses [ The Refuse ] of their detestable and abominable idols [ generated through the active pursuit of their sin ].
O Mighty One, my strength and my fortress, My refuge in the day of affliction, The Gentiles [ All Of Humanity ] shall come to You [ Your Chosen Place Of Worship ] From the ends of the earth [ From Every Nation ] and say: ' Surely our fathers have Inherited Lies [ we have followed False Teachings ], Worthlessness and unprofitable things [ and we have Greatly Offended You ]. Will a man make gods for himself [ create his own technological devices ], Which are not gods [ which provide no real aid or assistance ]? '
Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know [ their sin shall not arise a second time ], I will cause them to know My Hand and My Might [ by: Striking Them, and Healing Them ]; And they shall know that My Name is Yahweh. " - Jeremiah 16:14-21.

As you can see from the complete context, Jeremiah Chapter 16 is ' A Message ' for: Judah, Israel, Joseph, and The Entire Human Race. However, the sequence in which it is given is equally and readily apparent. Judah had to come first... Israel and Joseph must come next... and last, but not least, will come The Gentiles [ or the remainder of all humanity ]. Moreover, this is all part of: " Yahweh's Plan For Human Salvation " - as prophesied within the pages of The Bible!
{ *** NOTE: Our modern understandings of what constitutes: Science and Magic - are entirely reversed... as are most of our common beliefs. If a miracle happens, because we wished it to happen and displayed true faith toward Yahweh, then we'd call this ' Magic '... but if we created machines [ or automatons ] to do something for us, we'd then call it ' Technology '. This is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated by The Satanists. It has actually been turned completely around! But, that's another posting....}

Meanwhile, if Judah was already: " Hunted " - in Babylon The Great [ The Nations Of Europe ], in the late 30's and early 40's - then what does this tell us about Israel now living in Tyre [ The United States ], or Joseph who lives in The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt [ The Middle East ]? According to Jeremiah Chapter 16, they too are part of this long ago prophecy! Both of them shall see those: Fishermen and Hunters... and I know, because I'm Yahweh's Watchman [ The Fisherman ]. Those FEMA Camps are for You, brothers and sisters... so, you had better Wake Up!

Are you ready to be: ' Hunted Down ' and ' Rooted Out ' - like animals? Will you go peaceably to those FEMA Camps - like: " The Sheep " that you are - when that time comes? Or, will stand with The Rest Of Israel - in: " The Bible Belt " - against such, Unwarranted Evil and Tyrannies? That's ' The True Question '? If your answer is ' Yes ', then move: " Eastward of The Great River [ The Mississippi ] and southward of The Dividing Line [ Kentucky and Virginia ] " - just as Yahweh has commanded you from within The Scriptures.

I can assure you, that those are your only choices... and, when that time comes, He'll provide those ' Ships To Israel '! After all, they're clearly promised within The Scriptures....
Surely The Coastlands [ The Southern Bible Belt ] shall wait for Me [ for My Watchman has instructed them ]; And the ships of Tarshish [ Tyre's Northern Atlantic Fleet ] will come first, To bring your sons from afar [ across the vast ocean to Israel ], Their silver and their gold with them [ I shall not make them come penniless ], To the name of Yahweh Your Mighty One, And to The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahshua, My Son ], Because He has glorified you [ perfected you in your Baptism By Fire ]. " - Isaiah 60:9.
By the way, This Message also goes out and applies to The American Jews - who have staunchly remained here, while thinking that at least America was safe... those ' Hunters ' are coming for you too! Either go to: " The Promised Land " - quickly, or move down here amongst your own brothers.... The rest of America is no longer safe.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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