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The Secret to Spiritual Success is Singularity Of Human Focus.

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The famous Dale Carnegie.
While most of us will go through our entire lives without ever figuring it out, ' Singularity Of Human Focus ' is the most powerful indicator of: Future and Personal Success. This is equally true for: The Military Officer [ leading his men into battle], The Business Executive [ managing his corporate underlings in the office ], and The Sports Coach [ directing his players upon the field ]. In order to achieve success, each of them must make: clear, concise, and highly focused decisions - while relying solely upon Faith, that they'll achieve the desired effect. This is ' The True Secret ' behind all of the teachings of: " Positive Thinking " - that no one will ever openly tell you!

Whether we are discussing: Dale Carnegie, Tim Robbins, Kevin Trudeau, or any other: " Illuminati Positive Thinker " - they have all fully understood ' The Principle Of Single-Mindedness '... and therein, lies the greatest irony of all time! Because, the most wicked among us are often better aware of The Biblical Scriptures, and their more valuable teachings, than Yahweh's own spiritual children.

Like their own namesakes: " The Goats " - are constantly looking all around themselves... in an effort to better understand their environment... and to them, The Bible has proven a Highly-Valuable Reference and Tool. Meanwhile: " The Sheep " - like their namesakes - are so busy looking down, for the next luscious blade of grass, that they rarely notice anything else! It's very sad, but none-the-less true....

What we so often seem to forget, as Judeo-Christian Believers, is that ' Lucifer's Greatest Sin ' was based upon: " His own desire to be like The Most High "... and while we fully recognize that this clearly indicates ' His desire to be worshiped ', we fail to recognize that it also means that he has been thoroughly studying and scrutinizing Yahweh and His Scriptures - for thousands of years - in his own efforts toward being like him ' In all power and glory. '

Lucifer was ' The Original Goat '.
Nor are his own servants: The Satanists, Luciferians, Kabbalists, Illuminati, and Freemasons any less students of The Sacred Scriptures. After all, " Knowledge Is Power "; and power is precisely what they're after. Remember their ongoing reference to Genesis 3:22... they consider themselves to be: " Illuminated " - because, according to them, their eyes are more widely opened.

One doesn't have to practice ' True Obedience ' to derive an ample human benefit from The Scriptures! The Universal Principles and God-Given Laws - as properly explained in The Bible - fully apply to all human beings... even, the unprincipled ones. Moreover, they themselves fully understand this readily-understood fact. The Rain falls upon the fields of The Wicked, just as it does for The Righteous - who are so frequently living right next door.

Meanwhile, " The Exhortation Against Double-Mindedness ", and  " The Commandment To Exert Our Own Faith " - are found all throughout The Scriptures! So much so, that it can hardly be avoided - without a serious effort upon the part of someone. So, how do we all seem to miss it? There are Two Highly Important Reasons that we so frequently do:
  1. Very few self-proclaimed believers will read The Scriptures upon their own.
  2. Meanwhile, the vast majority of The Clergy have always been working for them.

In James Chapter 1, We Read:
"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of Yahweh, who gives to All [ both: The Evil, and The Good ] liberally and without reproach [ displaying a particular respect to no man ], and it will be given to him [ for Yahweh treats all men equally ].
But let him ask in Faith [ exhibiting true confidence ], with No Doubting [ and not second guessing oneself ], for he who doubts [ the double-minded one ] is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind [ following whatever direction is easiest ].
For let not that man [ the double-minded man ] suppose that he will receive anything from The Mighty One [ for that is a false presumption ]; He is A Double-Minded Man [ one unworthy of any notice], and Unstable In All Of His Ways [ and, of himself, he can be relied upon to do nothing ]. " - James 1:5-8.

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' The Sheep ' always looking downward.
You see, ' Single-Mindedness ' is what truly defines a man... and sets him apart, from the rest of the herd and/or flock! Brothers and sisters, The Mighty One fully understands that you are, ' The Sheep '... and that, like all sheep [ even human ones ] you need a ' Shepherd '.... And yet, only: " The Obedient Ones " - may derive any lasting benefit from that ' Shepherd. ' The rest will, eventually, just wander away; and then perish... because, that's what Sheep so often do!

This is The Proper Understanding, that underlies: " The Straight and Narrow Path " - which is alluded to continually throughout The Sacred Scriptures. The True Shepherd has already marked out ' The Only Safe Path Through The Wilderness '... and: " By Hook, Or By Crook" - we must honestly follow it: " In Spirit and In Truth. " There really are no other options for Our Spiritual Success!

Rather than, wasting thousands of dollars upon books about: " Self Help ", " Positive Thinking ", or " Fictional Shortcuts To Success " - why not take the time to read ' The God-Given Book ' that inspired them all, in the first place? Yahweh's enemies are clearly doing it, so why won't you? At the very least, you'll save a great deal of money... and, at the most, you might just guard your own life! After all, it wasn't written for them. It was written, for you.... 

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!
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