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1 Thessalonians 5 - An exhortation against complacency - In The Time Of: Peace and Safety.

Barack Obama - spokesman for peace.
Among the: Biblical Signposts and Scriptural Mile-markers of End Time Prophecy, " The Worldwide Message Of Peace And Safety " is one of the greatest! Why do I, conceptually, say that? Because, it signals that: The Beginning Of Sorrows is [ now ] already over, and The Time Of Sudden Destruction is [ now ] imminent. For this is the prophesied time, when: " All Of Babylon's Plans Begin To Unravel... ", " The Woodcutters Will Finally Heft The Axe At The Base Of Its Trees... ", and: " Then The Rest Of The Trees Of His Forest, Will Be So Few In Number, That A Child May Write Them. " You see, 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 heralds The Judgment Now Coming Upon The Nations.

But, don't take my word for it, Read The Scriptures Themselves! After all, 2 Peter 1:20-21 clearly says:
" No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of Yahweh spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." - in 2 Peter 1:20-21.

And, in that very same spirit, Watch The Following Short Video; and we'll then consider the actual writings of 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5....

America In Prophecy

The Worldwide Message of: " Peace and Safety " - has already gone out!

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5, Begins:
" But concerning: The Times [ These True Historical Periods ] and The Seasons [ And Their Upcoming Prophesied Events ], my brothers, you have no need that I should write to you [ They Are All Clearly-Mentioned Within The Old Testament Scriptures ].
For you yourselves know [ All That Is In Them ], perfectly [ Having Studied To Gain The Necessary Understanding ], That The Day Of The Mighty One [ His Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth ] so comes as a thief in the night [ Completely Unexpectedly To Earth's Frustrated Inhabitants ].
For when they say, ' Peace and Safety! ' then sudden destruction comes upon them [ Quite Unexpectedly ] as labor pains upon a pregnant woman [ In: Rapid, Numerous, Individual, And Painful Convulsions ]. And they shall not escape [ For This Is All From The Mighty One ].
But you, my brothers, Are Not In Darkness [ Because You Have Studied The Scriptures For Yourselves ], so that This Day [ The Time Of His Judgment Upon The Nations ] should not overtake you as a thief [ Like Those Who Are Living Within Spiritual Babylon ].
[ After All ] You are all: Sons Of Light [ Studying The Scriptures Personally ] and Sons Of The Day [ And Going To Sleep At Night, As You Properly Should ]. We are not of: The Night [ Spiritually Blinded By Our Own Wickedness ] Nor Of Darkness [ Carousing Around Wantonly, At All Times During The Night ]. " - 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5.

Ewww, yeah... about that... You see, this particular description just doesn't fit most of us! Now, does it? How many of us [ honestly ]:
  • Have Studied The Scriptures - Upon Our Own - To Gain The Necessary Understanding?
  • Have Gone To Sleep At Night - Properly, As We Should?
  • Have Avoided The Perpetual Blindness - Caused By Our Own Ongoing Wickedness?
  • And Have Stopped Dissipating Ourselves - At All Times Of The Night?

If we are being honest with ourselves, as we should always be, not very many of us Self-Proclaimed Believers can truthfully say these things... now, can we? And, not so surprisingly, here we are [ just now ] reading about these things, that we ourselves should already know, according to The Apostle Paul. Son-Of-A-Gun... that caught us by surprise!

You see, there is ' A Cause and Effect Relationship ' between: Our Own Human Action and The Spiritual Knowledge - that each of us actually possesses! While: " Spiritual Babylon " - will not tell you this... The Scriptures point out this Ongoing Spiritual Connection almost everywhere. But, you have to read them, upon your own, to invariably understand this... because, Spiritual Babylon focuses all of your attention elsewhere, in the wee little amount of time, that you're willing to give to His Scriptures. Sorry, I know it hurts, but that's ' The Truth! '

So, let's continue....

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5, Then Continues:
" Therefore [ Knowing These Things ], let us not sleep [ Spiritually ], as others do [ Since They Have No Time Or Energy Left For Spiritual Reflection ], but let us watch [ For These Prophesied Times And Seasons ] and be sober [ With Clarity Of Mind And Control Over Our Own Bodies ].
For those who sleep [ Physically ], sleep at night [ When It Is Proper To Do So ], and those who get drunk [ Physically ] are drunk at night [ When Their Parties Are Raging ].
But let us [ Spiritual Israel ] who are of the day [ Faithfully Keeping His Words ] be sober [ Abstaining From Our Own Dissipation ], putting on The Breastplate Of Faith And Love [ By Worshiping In Spirit And Truth ], and as a helmet The Hope Of Salvation [ Resting Upon The Mighty One's Promises ].
For The Mighty One did not appoint us to wrath [ Like Those Who Are Perishing ], but to obtain salvation [ From Our Own Human Wickedness And Its Eternal Consequences ] through our great teacher [ The One Who Instructed Us ] Yahshua The Messiah [ The Son Of Yahweh ], who died for us [ That We Ourselves Might Yet Live ], that whether we are awake or asleep [ Physically ], we should live together with Him [ Who Dwells In True Righteousness ]. " - 1 Thessalonians 5:6-10.

Here we have this ' Cause And Effect Relationship ' spelled out for us very simply. There are Three Basic Types Of People:
  1. Those Who Live In The Daylight both: Physically and Spiritually - while sleeping physically at night.
  2. Those Who Live In The Darkness both: Physically and Spiritually - while dissipating themselves at all times of the night.
  3. And Those Double-Minded Ones both: Physically and Spiritually - who think to continually have it both ways [ known collectively as Spiritual Babylon ].

Throughout human history: " Those Double-Minded Ones " - have always been: The Political and Spiritual Majority... thus, things never veered [ too far ] towards any particular extreme - with very few actual exceptions! While: " Those Who Live In The Darkness " - were quietly being enjoyed by All Of Spiritual Babylon; " Those Who Live In The Daylight " - were being selectively culled, in order to carefully maintain ' Our Disparate Social Cohesion '. After all, The Majority Of All Human Beings want it both ways; and we must all live somehow among them, for the moment!

But, oddly enough, something new has been happening... Those Who Live In The Light and Those Who Live In The Darkness: have begun to bear their own fruits - in preparation for: " The Spiritual Harvest ". And, this is what The Apostle Paul - in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 - is so plainly talking about....

In fact, A Modern Revolution is now coming... and The Battle Lines are beginning to be drawn! Meanwhile, " Those Double-Minded Ones " - hovering between two opinions [ rather than studying the facts ] - haven't been paying attention to what's [ now ] going on... and they're still: Out Amongst The Crowds and Enjoying The Party. Real Trouble is now brewing; and these foolish ones haven't got a clue as to what's now coming! The Signs Are All Here... but, they [ honestly ] don't know them.

But, let's continue....

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5, Then Exhorts Us:
" Therefore [ Knowing All Of These Things ], comfort each other [ About What Is Coming ] and edify one another [ By The Sharing Of True Knowledge ], just as you also are doing [ Even At This Particular Moment ].
And we [ Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy ] urge you, our brothers, to recognize [ Both: Physically and Spiritually ] those who labor among you [ To Ensure That You Fully Understand This Message ], and are over you in The Mighty One [ He Has Ordained Them To His Own Service ] and admonish you [ For The True Purpose Of Your Ongoing Spiritual Correction ],
And to esteem them [ These Untiring Workers Of Yahweh ] very highly in love [ Actually Assist Them, In All That They Do ] for their work's sake [ For These Are The Watchmen Of Yahweh ]. Be at peace among yourselves [ Do Not Be Angry With One Another, For It Hinders You ].
Now we exhort you, our brothers, warn those who are unruly [ Lest, They Create Another Stumbling Block ], comfort the faint-hearted [ For They Have Nothing To Fear ], uphold the weak [ For The World Will Not Do This ], be patient with all [ Since Everyone Is Your Spiritual Sibling ].
See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone [ Two Wrongs, Don't Make It Right ], but always pursue what is good [ As Adjudged By His Scriptures ] both for yourselves [ For It Will Benefit You Much ] and for all [ And Others Too Will Appreciate It ].
Rejoice always [ Because You Shall Be Saved From Perishing, In doing These Things ], pray without ceasing [ Because Our Father In Heaven Loves To Hear From You ], in everything give thanks [ To Him Who Has So Amply Provided It ]; for this is the will of The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Our Creator ] in Yahshua The Messiah for you [ And The Whole Purpose Of Our Promised Redemption ].
Do not quench The Spirit [ By Living Like The Unholy Ones ]. Do not despise prophecies [ Since, These Scriptural Prophecies Are In Fact Real ]. Test all things [ The Religious Systems, Their Churches, Their Prophets, Their Shepherds, and Their True Spirits ]; and hold fast to that which is good [ Namely: Yahweh The Mighty One, His True Prophets, His Sacred Scriptures, His Ten Commandments, His Judgments, His Statutes, and Yahshua His Son ]. Abstain from [ Stay Away From ] every form of evil [ Once You Have Properly Discerned Them ]. " - 1 Thessalonians 5:11-22.

The contrast between: This Particular Message and The Messages Of Spiritual Babylon - cannot be any more readily-apparent! While Babylon is preaching: " The Gospels Of: Greed and Licentiousness " - Paul is [ very clearly ] teaching: " A Gospel Of: Spiritual Awakening and Holy Sobriety ". These Two Spiritual Messages are diametrically opposed to one another... and one of them, shall become ' The Inevitable Source ' of a: Truly Massive and Politically Altering Destruction! After all, their message of: " Peace and Safety " - is followed by, their own: " Sudden Destruction " [ coming out of nowhere ]....

If you're just [ now ] Waking Up To These Prophetical Events, then let me tell you, ' What You've Already Missed.... ' For, they were all very exciting events - just as prophesied - that they ultimately would be!

For Instance:
  • World War 1 - Was The First Seal Of Revelation.
  • World War 2  - Was The Second Seal Of Revelation.
  • The Cold War - Was The First Rumored War.
  • The Re-Establishment Of Judah [ The Flag Bearers ] To The Promised Land.
  • The Rebirth Of Babylon The Great - Was The Maastricht Treaty That Established The European Union.
  • Those Continental Unions - Are The Images Of The Beast [ Babylon The Great ].
  • The War On Terror - Was The Second Rumored War.
  • The New World Order - Is Code-Speak For: " The Rising One World Government ".
  • The Worldwide Financial Collapse - Is The Third Seal Of Revelation.
  • And, The Fourth Seal - Is Now Coming - Thanks To Babylon's Ultimate Failure!
{ *** NOTE: I will add the appropriate links as soon as I have posted these articles on America In Prophecy. I have a lot of catching up to do, upon this one particular blogsite. There are additional postings at The Truth About God; and, of course, Our Own Prophetic Time Line at America In Prophecy [ such as it currently is].}

I know, this is a whole lot of stuff to take in at one particular time... but, it isn't my fault, that, ' You Have Been Sleeping '! I'm The Watchman, just think of me as ' The Alarm Clock ' - that Yahweh Himself has so thoughtfully provided for you.... But, like all Alarm Clocks everywhere, I cannot be held accountable for the decisions of those who have long gone to sleep, or who'll still continue to ignore me! Just so that you know....

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5, Then Concludes:
" Now [ That You Understand These Things ], may The Mighty One Of Peace [ Who Is Seeking To Reconcile Himself With You ] Himself [ Through His Ongoing Actions ] sanctify you completely [ Finish The Work That He Himself Has Started ]; and may your whole spirit [ That Which Makes You Incredibly Unique ], Soul and Body [ The Complete Human Being ], be preserved blameless [ Avoiding The Traps Of Spiritual Babylon ] at the coming of Our Great Teacher Yahshua The Messiah.
He who calls you [ Yahweh, The Father ] is faithful [ He Keeps All Of His Promises ], and who also will do it [ And Will Finish The Work, If Only You'll Let Him ].
Our Brothers, pray for us [ The Watchmen Of Spiritual Israel ]. Greet all of the brothers [ Your Siblings In Yahshua ] with a holy kiss [ By Treating Them Nicely ].
I charge you by The Mighty One [ Who Has Spoken To Me ] that this epistle [ Which Contains Much Of Necessary Knowledge ] be read to all of the holy brothers [ Who Have Accepted His Covenant ].
The grace [ That Unwarranted Forgiveness ] of Our Great Teacher Yahshua The Messiah be with you  [ For All Of Us Can So Easily Stumble ]. Amen [ May It Be So]. " - 1 Thessalonians 5:23-28.

Thus ends 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 - the exhortation against complacency In The Time Of: " Peace and Safety ". One of many, ' Messages To Israel ' for This Particular Time Period, which has [ now ] so swiftly come upon us! I can only pray, that you'll both: Fully Read and Clearly Understand this message....For I, truly am, Israel's Watchman; and I, really do, love you!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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