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Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35: Three Messages In One... A Warning, A Proclamation, and A Reminder.

Edom is the capital of The Canaanite Wilderness.
The Prophecies of Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35 are actually ' Three Messages In One '! The First Message, is: " A Warning To All The Nations Of The Earth " - about the troubles which are now coming - upon all of them... The Second Message, is: " A Specific Proclamation Against The United States Of America " - whereupon the world's armies will very soon be trampling in vengeance... and The Third Message, is: " A Reminder To The Remnant Of Israel " - regarding ' The Imminent Threshing Of His Spiritual Grain. ' With: " Edom " - being The Latter Day Tribe - controlling The National Capital Of These End Time Canaanites.

{ *** NOTE: Due to the combined length of these two chapters - in The Book Of Isaiah - I shall keep my own commentary to a bare minimum. After all, once you know who these nations are, Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35 are fairly self-explanatory anyway. }

Isaiah Chapter 34 - A Warning To The Nations:
" Come Near [ Study My End Time Scriptures ], You Nations, To Hear [ That You May Know These Things ]; And Heed [ And Pursue True Righteousness ] You People [ Who'll Actively Listen ]! Let The Earth Hear, and all that is in it [ All Of Humanity ], The World and all the things that come forth from it [ And Every Form Of Government Upon It ].
For the indignation of The Mighty One is Against All Nations [ whether: Rich or Poor, Large or Small, Free or Despotic ], And His fury Against All Their Armies [ whether: Weak or Strong ]; He has utterly destroyed them [ Their Destruction Is Imminent ], He has given them over to slaughter [ And A Very Great Battle Is Now Coming ].
Also Their Slain [ Those Who Will Die In This Upcoming Battle ] shall be thrown out [ Will Lie Upon The Earth Unburied ]; Their stench shall rise from their corpses [ In Great Numbers ], And the mountains shall be melted with their blood [ And Even The Mountains Shall Be Dissolved In This Upcoming Battle Between Them].
All the host of heaven shall be dissolved [ Their Satellite Communications Shall Be Destroyed ], And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll [ And The Atmosphere Shall Even Be Afflicted By Their Weapons ]; All Their Host [ Their Millions Of Human Soldiers ] shall fall down [ In All Of Their Vast Numbers ] - As the leaf falls from the vine [ In Its Appointed Season ], And as fruit falling from a fig tree [ At Its Proper Time ].
For My Sword shall be bathed [ With Their Blood ] in heaven [ With A Sacrifice Befitting All Of Their Transgressions ]; Indeed [ I Can Assure You ] it shall come down upon Edom [ The United States Of America ], And upon The People of My Curse [ The Latter Day Canaanites ], For Judgment [ Babylon's Political Harlot Shall Receive Her Due Pay ]. " - Isaiah Chapter 34:1-5.

For those of you who absolutely refuse to read The Old Testament Prophecies, this introductory passage refers to The Fourth Seal Of Revelation - found at Revelation Chapter 6:7-8 - and which occurs directly following The Worldwide Financial And Economic Collapse [ referenced in the preceding two verses ]... and Our Political Historians will undoubtedly refer to it, as: " World War III "Isaiah Chapters 34 and 35 merely flesh out ' These Upcoming Historical Events '. But, let's continue....

Isaiah Chapter 34 - A Proclamation Against America:
 " The Sword Of The Mighty One [ The Spirit Directing The Nations ] is filled with blood [ Shall Motivate Them To Open Warfare ], It is made overflowing with fatness [ They Shall All Actively Take Part In It ], And with The Blood Of Lambs [ Their Spiritually Innocent ] and Goats [ Lucifer's Own Children ], With the fat of the kidneys of rams [ For It Is An Offering Of Atonement And Sacrifice To Me ]. For The Mighty One has a sacrifice In Bozrah [ In Washington D.C. ], And a great slaughter In The Land Of Edom [ America, The Wilderness Of Canaan ].
The Wild Oxen [ The Soldiers Of Canaan ] shall come down with them [ Will Be Destroyed Along With Their Leaders ], And The Young Bulls [ And Their Young Men ] with The Mighty Bulls [ Along With Their Experienced And Hardened Soldiers ]; Their land shall be soaked with blood, And their dust saturated with fatness [ It Shall Be A Very Great Offering When I Do This ].
For it is The Day Of The Mighty One's Vengeance [ Which These Canaanites Have Been So-Long Awaiting ], The Year Of Recompense For The Cause Of Zion [ My Time Of Winnowing And Restoration From Within Israel ].
Its streams shall be turned into pitch, And its dust into brimstone [ Because Of My Anger ]; Its land shall become burning pitch [ Due To My Great Fury ].
It shall not be quenched night or day [ No One Shall Save It ]; Its smoke shall ascend forever and ever [ Though Many Might Initially Try ].
But the pelican and the porcupine shall possess it [ After I Have Done This ], Also the owl and the raven shall dwell in it [ Once Its Destruction Is Fully Completed ]. And He shall stretch over it The Line Of Confusion [ A Curse Upon Any Potential Inhabitants ] and The Stones Of Emptiness [ And Repugnance For All Of The Earth's Nations ].
They [ My Servants ] Shall Call [ Shall Bear This True Witness To ] Its Nobles [ America's Great Men ] To The Kingdom [ Speaking Of My New Kingdom ], But None [ Of These Great Ones ] Shall Be There [ For They Shall Choose Wrongly ], and All Of Its Princes [ These Men Of Importance ] Shall Be Nothing [ Will Be Destroyed, Along With Their Chosen Homeland ].
And thorns shall come up in its palaces [ Its Magnificent Homes Shall Lie Totally Unoccupied ], Nettles and brambles in its fortresses [ Its Underground Bunkers Shall Be Forever Unused ]; It shall be a habitation of jackals [ Wild Dogs Shall Roam Among The Ruins ], And a courtyard for ostriches [ And Flightless Birds Shall Dwell There ].
The Wild Beasts Of The Desert [ The Remaining Animal Life From Its Lesser Populated Regions ] shall also meet with the jackals [ Will Eventually Join In Repopulating This Devastated Region ], And the wild goat shall bleat to its companion [ While Climbing Atop The Piles Of Ruins ]; Also the night creature [ The Owl ] shall rest there [ Undisturbed Among Its Ruins ], And find a place for herself to rest [ Building Her Nest Among Its Broken Towers ].
There [ Amidst This Human Desolation ] The Arrow Snake shall make her nest and lay eggs [ Without Any Concern For Mankind ] And hatch [ Producing Many More Young Serpents ], And gather them [ Her Young Ones ] under her shadow [ Beneath Her Own Body ]; There also shall the hawks be gathered [ That Shall Feast Upon The Human Carrion ], Everyone with her mate [ For Their Food Shall Be In Great Abundance ].
Search From [ Look Within ] The Book Of The Mighty One [ My Prophetic Scriptures ], and Read [ What I Have Long Ago Caused To Be Written ]: Not one of these [ None Of These Promises ] shall fail [ For I Have Given Them My Own Word ]; Not one shall lack her mate [ All Of Them Shall Be Protected From My Wrath Amidst This Coming Destruction ]. For My Mouth has commanded it [ From Within These Very Same Scriptures ], And His Spirit has gathered them [ Like Those Other Animals Before The Flood ].
He has cast the lot for them [ These Animals Are Found More Worthy Than The Canaanites ], And His hand has divided it among them with a measuring line [ And Their Boundaries Are Already Surveyed ]. They shall possess it forever [ Humans Shall Never Again Dwell There ]; From generation to generation [ For Perpetuity ] they shall dwell in it [ They Shall Go Undisturbed By Mankind ]. " - Isaiah Chapter 34: 6-17.

While Yahweh created mankind to be set over the earth's animals - standing as it were, to them, in the place of The Mighty One - ' These Canaanites Have Been Found Less Worthy Than The Earth's Animals . ' Bear in mind, that none of the animals being described within this passage of Isaiah Chapter 34 are: The Greatest, Most Beautiful, or Characteristically Noble - and yet, each of them represents the very things lacking within These People Of Canaan! What greater rebuke could ever be spoken of?

But, as most of us already understand, these animals will merely kill others to eat; and to feed their own young... while, Many Of The Canaanites won't even care for their own young ones. Consequently, they have forged ' The Very Real Chains Of Situational Slavery ' against them! And, Isaiah Chapter 34 clearly drives this point home.... Just consider, the reference to: " The Arrow Snake ". They are truly, as The Scriptures [ themselves ] relate: " A People Without Any Understanding! " Meanwhile, however, there is still one more message to follow....

Isaiah Chapter 35 - A Wake-Up Reminder To Israel:
" The Wilderness [ Of Canaan ] and The Wasteland [ Of North America ] shall be glad For Them [ The Children Of Israel ], And The Desert [ Of The Promised Land ] shall rejoice [ In Their Prophesied Returning ] and blossom [ Shall Again Be Fruitful ] as The Rose [ The Desert Flower Of Sharon ].
" It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice [ In Yahweh's Blessing ] Even with joy and singing [ As They Will Praise Him ]. The Glory Of Lebanon [ My Ten Lost Tribes ] shall be given to it [ As A Gift And A Blessing ]. The Excellence Of Carmel And Sharon [ The Finest And Purest Of All Crops ]. They [ This Carefully Chosen Remnant ] shall see The Glory Of The Mighty One [ For He Shall Dwell Among Them ], The Excellency Of The Mighty One [ Yahshua, The Prince ].
Strengthen the weak hands [ Prepare For The Upcoming Battle ], And make firm the feeble knees [ For I Shall Stand With You ].
Say to those who are fearful-hearted [ At What Is Now Coming ], ' Be Strong, Do Not Fear! Behold [ Listen Closely ], Your Mighty One Will Come With Vengeance [ And Nothing Shall Stop Him ], With The Recompense Of The Mighty One [ Against All Who Would Oppose You ], He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] Will Come And Save You [ From Those That Would Hope To Hedge You In ].
Then The Eyes Of The Blind shall be opened [ So That Everyone Might Truly See ], And The Ears Of The Deaf shall be unstopped [ So That Everyone Might Truly Hear ]. Then The Lame shall leap like a deer [ So That All Might Walk Properly ], And The Tongue Of The Dumb will sing [ So That All Might Give Him Praise ]
For Waters [ True Spiritual Knowledge ] shall burst forth In The Wilderness [ While You Still Dwell Amongst The Canaanites ], And Streams [ Even Greater Understanding ] In The Desert [ Once You've Returned To The Promised Land ].
The Parched Ground [ The World Without My Understanding ] shall become A Pool [ Filled With Living Waters ], And The Thirsty Land [ Which Lacks All True Understanding ] Springs Of Water [ Will Be Filled With The Knowledge Of Yahweh ]; In The Habitation Of Jackals [ The Continent Slated For Destruction ], Where Each [ Of You ] Lay [ Are Now Dwelling ], There shall be Grass [ Food ] With Reeds And Rushes [ And Lush New Fodder For The Flock ].
A Highway shall be there [ For I Have Given You My Watchman ], And A Road [ And A Straight Path, That You Might Walk In It ], And it shall be called The Highway Of Holiness [ For Only Chosen Ones Shall Truthfully Walk Upon It ]. The Unclean [ Those Perishing Ones ] shall not pass over it [ For They Do Not Understand These Things ], But it shall be For Others [ That Honestly Do ]. Whoever Walks The Road [ By Making This Choice ], Although A Fool [ Even If Devoid Of All Other Understanding ], Shall Not Go Astray [ For It Is Written That, Everyone Who Calls Upon The Name Of Yahweh Shall Be Saved ].
No Lion shall be there [ For I Shall Be Your Protection ]. Nor shall Any Ravenous Beast go up on it [ For The World's Armies Shall Fear Me ]; It [ That Army Of Any Nation ] shall not be found there [ For I Will Destroy All Of Them Who Might Attempt It ]. But The Redeemed [ The Remnant From Among The Tribes In North America ] shall walk there [ Completely Unopposed ], And The Ransomed Of The Mighty One [ These Chosen Ones ] shall return [ To The Promised Land ], And come to Zion [ My Holy Mountain ] with singing [ Praising My Name ], With Everlasting Joy Upon Their Heads [ In True Spiritual Gratitude ].
They [ These Chosen Ones Of Israel ] shall obtain joy and gladness [ Just As I Have Always Promised ], And sorrow and sighing shall flee away [ Once Having Witnessed The Magnificent Salvation Of Their Mighty One ]. " - Isaiah Chapter 35:1-10.

You see, brothers and sisters, Yahweh isn't going to just punish: The Arrogance, Overall Haughtiness, and Spiritual Wickedness Of America - He is, also, Bringing His Own Children Home [ after appropriately humbling them ]... and all of this was prophesied, many thousands of years ago! This is, " America In Prophecy "; and ' Spiritual Babylon ' cannot even begin to comprehend it. May your own eyes be opened....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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