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Hosea Chapter 2 provides two more much-needed Messages For Israel....

The Ishtar Gate - at a museum in Germany.
The Prophet Hosea wrote extensively about: " The Latter Days ", and " Israel's Restoration To The Promised Land "; and there is much, that we can learn from his writings. Like most of Yahweh's Prophets, however, his writings are fairly controversial - once properly understood. Since The Book Of Hosea has fairly long chapters - particularly, Hosea Chapter 2 - I shall keep my own personal commentary to a minimum.

{ ***NOTE: Bear in mind, that all of those who truly follow ' The Teachings Of Yahshua ' are the entirety of Spiritual Israel [ " The Wild Olive Branches " ]... while Genetic Israel consists only of: " The Ten Lost Tribes " [ living within The Wilderness Of Canaan ], and " The House Of Joseph " [ which still lives in Egypt ]. However, these passages in Hosea Chapter 2 are clearly directed to: " All Of Israel ". }

The Two Messages: Of Hosea

Babylonian Soldiers on The Ishtar Gate.
Like any good motivational speaker, The Prophet Hosea starts out by giving us ' The Bad News ' first! That way, when its over, ' The Good News ' - which only comes later - will inspire and motivate us to do what is actually needed... rather than, us being left with: Misdirected Anger and Eventual Resentment. Be prepared, however, for ' A Very Hard Spiritual Blow '; since The Prophet Hosea pulls absolutely no punches. In fact, Hosea Chapter 2 begins with A Very Loud Bang!
Hosea Chapter 2 - The Message Of Striking - To Israel:
" Say to your bretheren, ' My People ', And to your sisters, ' Mercy Is Shown. '
Bring Charges against Your Mother [ Spiritual Babylon ], Bring Charges [ I Have Commanded That You Speak Out Against Her ]: For she [ Speaks Lies In My Name ] [ And ] is not My wife, nor am I her husband [ I Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Her ]!
Let Her [ That Black Magic Woman ] put away Her Harlotries from her sight [ Stop Committing Adultery With Lucifer ], And Her Adulteries [ Her Mixed Pagan Messages ] from between Her Breasts [ Where My Children Are Suckled ]
Lest I Strip Her Naked [ Take Away Her Great Wealth And Splendid Pageantry ] and Expose Her  [ Show What She Truly Is ], as in the day that she was born [ Leaving Her Nothing At All ], And make her like A Wilderness [ Dispersing All Of Her Followers ], And set her like A Dry Land [ Offering Them Nothing Of Value ], And slay her with Thirst [ Removing My Spirit From Within Her ].
I Will Not Have Mercy [ I Shall Not Answer The Prayer ] Upon Her Children  [ Of Those Who Follow After Her ], For They Are The Children Of Harlotry [ They Do Not Know Who Their Father Truly Is ].
For Their Mother [ Spiritual Babylon ] Has Played The Harlot [ By Serving Both: Yahweh And Ba'al ]; She Who Conceived Them [ The One Who Raised Them Up ] Has Done Shamefully [ Has Treated Me With Treachery ].
For She [ Spiritual Babylon ] said, ' I will go after my lovers [ Pursuing All Of The Pagan Gods ], Who [ She Thinks ] give me My Bread and My Water [ Provide Her Sustenance ], My Wool and My Linen [ Provide Her Clothes ], My Oil and My Drink [ Provide Her: Spirit and New Understandings ]. '
Therefore [ Because Of This ], behold [ I Shall Do The Following ]:
I will Hedge Up [ Block And Impede ] your way With Thorns [ With Prickly Questions, That You Cannot Answer ], And Wall Her In [ Providing Her No Escape From The Masses ], So that She [ Spiritual Babylon ] Cannot Find Her Paths [ She Will Grope About In Ever-Growing Darkness ].
She [ Spiritual Babylon ] Will Chase Her Lovers [ Will Pursue Her Pagan Gods ], But Not Overtake Them [ For, They Do Not Exist ]; Yes, She Will Seek Them [ By Studying All Of The Numerous Other Doctrines ], But Not Find Them [ Because, They're All Lies ].
Then She [ Spiritual Babylon ] will say [ To Herself ], ' I will Go Back [ I Will Repent ] and Return To My First Husband [ Yahweh, The True Mighty One ], For Then [ When I Followed Him ] it was better for me Than Now [ Since, Now, I Have Been Stricken ]. '
For She [ Spiritual Babylon ] did not know [ Could Not, Honestly, Perceive ] That [ It Was ] I [ Who ] gave her: Grain [ Food To Eat ], New Wine [ New Spiritual Understanding ], and Oil [ The Holy Spirit ], and multiplied her Silver And Gold [ Thereby, Creating Her Own Great Wealth ] - Which They [ Those: Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles ] Prepared For Ba'al [ Used In Service To Their Sun Gods ].
Therefore [ Because Of This ], I Will Return [ I Shall Once Again Look Towards Them ] and Take Away [ Strip Them Of ] My Grain [ The Food I Have Given ] in its time [ In The Latter Days ] And My New Wine [ The Teaching Of My Spirit ] in its season [ At The Time Of The End ], And [ I Will ] take back My Wool and My Linen [ Those Spiritual Garments ], Given To Cover Her Nakedness [ My Atonement Through Grace ].
Now [ At This Prophesied Time ], I Will Uncover [ I Will Thoroughly Expose ] Her Lewdness [ Her Spiritual Abominations ] in the sight of her lovers [ With Everyone Watching ], And no one shall deliver Her [ Spiritual Babylon ] from My Hand [ When I Take This Particular Action ].
I will also cause Her Mirth [ Her Continual Worship Services ] To Cease [ Come To An Abrupt End ]: Her Feast Days [ Her Pagan Holi-Days ], Her New Moons [ Her Monthly Celebrations ], Her Sabbaths [ Her Sunday Celebrations ] - All Of Her Appointed Feasts [ Which Are All Pagan In Their Origins ].
And I Will Destroy Her Vines [ Her Daughter Churches Of Protestantism ] and Her Fig Trees [ And, The Other Religious Systems, Under Her Control ], Of which She [ Spiritual Babylon ] has said, ' These are My Rewards [ The True Power Structures ] that My Lovers [ The Kings Of The Earth ] Have Given Me [ For My Services Being Rendered ]. ' So I will make Them [ These Nations ] A Forest [ In Agreement, Together, To Destroy Her ], And The Beasts [ Their Armies ] Of The Field [ Of The Earth ] Shall Eat Them [ Destroying All Of Her Abominations From Before Me ].
I will punish Her [ Spiritual Babylon ] For The Days Of The Ba'als [ The Time That She Spent Worshiping The Sun Gods ] To Which She Burned Incense [ By Serving Them ]. She [ Spiritual Babylon ] decked herself with Earrings and Jewelry [ Magnificent Material Possessions ], And Went After Her Lovers [ Pursuing After All The Kings Of The Earth ]. Then She [ Spiritual Babylon ] forgot Me, says The Mighty One. " - Hosea 2:1-13.

See, what I mean? The Prophet Hosea has basically stated that: " All Of Our Churches Are Spiritual Babylon " - not just some of them, as many of us were so truthfully expecting! Of course, it doesn't surprise me, because I figured it out several years ago - by studying entirely different passages within The Rest Of The Scriptures. Meanwhile, of course, Hosea Chapter 2 isn't alone in proclaiming these things. There are [ honestly ] thousands of scriptural references, that reveal this ' All Too Evident Truth ' within them.

But, let's move on to The Message Of Healing, that comes afterward. After all, Both Messages To Spiritual Israel are highly-important... The Message Of Striking and The Message Of Healing: go hand in hand - just as, they were provided by Yahweh!
Hosea Chapter 2 - A Message Of Healing - For Israel:
" Therefore [ Because Of This ], Behold [ You Will See It ], I Will Allure Her [ Israel's Own Descendants Away From Babylon ], Will Bring Her Into The Wilderness [ Into An Undeveloped Place Far From The Rest Of Babylon ], And Speak Comfort To Her [ Binding Up Her Own Wounds ].
I Will Give Her [ My Daughter Of Israel ] Her Vineyards From There [ I Shall Dig About Her Roots And Bless Her In That New Land ], And The Valley Of Achor [ That New Place To Lie Down ] As A Door Of Hope [ For I Shall, Once Again, Bless Them Spiritually ]; She [ These Genetic Descendants And Spiritual Ones Of Abraham ] Shall Sing There [ Proclaiming My Blessings To The Rest Of World ], As In The Days Of Her Youth [ Before I Cast Her Aside ], As In The Day When She Came Up From Egypt [ And, I Led Them Through The Desert ].
And It Shall Be [ It Shall Come To Pass ], In That Day [ The Time Of My Harvest ], says The Mighty One, That You [ All Of Spiritual Israel ] will call Me ' My Husband [ My Dearest Beloved ] ' and no longer call Me ' My Master [ My Lord ] ',
For I will Take [ Remove ] From Her Mouth [ Those Ravenous Wolves ] The Names Of The Ba'als [ Those False Names Of Pagan Sun Gods ], And They [ These Abominations Before Me ] Shall Be Remembered By Their Names [ And Titles ] No More [ Indeed, I Shall Cleanse My Own House ].
In That Day [ When I Do This New Thing ], I Will Make A Covenant For Them [ Through The Shedding Of Much Blood ] With The Beasts Of The Field [ The Armies Of The Earth ], The Birds Of The Air [ The Air Forces Of The Sky ], And With The Creeping Things Of The Ground [ And Those Leaders Who Control Them ]. Bow And Sword Of Battle [ All The Weapons Of Warfare ] I Will Shatter From The Earth [ Destroying All Of Them In One Final Battle ] To Make Them [ My Own Branches Of Abraham ] Lie Down Safely [ Without Fear Of Any Other ].
I Will Betroth You [ All Of Israel ] To Me Forever [ Ushering In A New Era ]; Yes, I will betroth you to Me [ Fully ] In Righteousness [ With Inward Obedience ] and Justice [ And Outward Application ], In Lovingkindness [ In True Harmony With All Others ] and Mercy [ Real Compassion Based Entirely Upon Love ]; I will betroth you to Me [ Completely ] In Faithfulness [ With A Clear And Consistent Understanding ], And You [ All Of Israel ] Shall Know The Mighty One [ Even, As I Understand You ].
It Shall Come To Pass [ Just As I Have Said It ], In That Day [ The Time Of My Spiritual Betrothal ], That I Will Answer [ Fully Reveal Myself ], says The Mighty One; I Will Answer The Heavens [ And Set Things Completely Aright ], And They [ The Heavens ] Shall Answer The Earth [ By Providing Absolutely Perfect Conditions ].
The Earth Shall Answer With Grain [ Providing You Bountiful Crops ], With New Wine [ Heightened Spiritual Understanding ], And With Oil [ My Own Spirit Poured Out Lavishly Upon You ]; They Shall All Answer To Jezreel [ The One True Watchman, Over My Own Vineyard ].
Then I Will Sow Her [ The Entire House Of Israel ] For Myself In The Earth [ Building Up This New Kingdom ], And I Will Have Mercy Upon Her Who Had Not Obtained Mercy [ Because She Had Always Spurned Me ]; Then I Will Say To Those Who Were Not My People [ When They Treated Me So Treacherously ], ' You Are My People! [ Because, They Will Now Properly Obey Me ] ' And They Shall Say, ' You Are My Mighty One! [ They Will, Finally, All Know Me ] ' " - Hosea 2:14-23.

The United States of America has begun Fracturing-Apart Politically. Why? Because, Two Entirely Different Types Of People currently dwell here! There are those who are striving against ' This Culture Of Madness And Folly ' and seeking to complete The New Spiritual Growth... and there are those who [ honestly ] despise everything, that they stand for... and The Result is just as inevitable, as The Prophet Hosea has so eloquently described it! Meanwhile, most of Hosea Chapter 2 has already been completed. Isn't it time, for you now, to make your own spiritual decisions?

Hopefully, you fully understood This Message To Israel....

{ *** NOTE: Be sure and read our numerous other postings - to understand the pivotal role that The United States of America plays in: " The End Time Biblical Prophecies ". You'll definitely be surprised, by what you'll learn. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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