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According to Daniel Chapter 12, Michael Shall Stand Up at The Time Of The End... but, what does this mean?

Jacob Sully - is: " Israel's Keen Eye ".
If The Archangel Michael himself could [ truthfully ]: Come To The Earth As An Imperfect Man [ having had all of his own previous knowledge and memories erased ], Humbly Lived Among You [ without access to any other externally available knowledge ], and Still Come To The Proper Spiritual Conclusions [ based entirely upon the gross over-abundance of spiritual information that is equally available to anyone ]... then, what real excuse can you - yourselves - make In The Day Of Your Own Judgment?

Cal El - The True Voice Of God.
How much more so, therefore, when The Archangel - known as Cal El: " The Voice Of God [ Who Himself Wields The Sword Of Truth ] " - has already, even now, Unlocked These Ongoing Mysteries before you? One can no longer truthfully argue, that: " These Books Are All Closed "; since Michael himself has already opened them! Have you never read, what Daniel The Prophet so long ago wrote:
" At That Time [ The Time Of The End ], Michael [ The Archangel Himself ] Shall Stand Up [ While Already Living Among You ], The Great Prince [ The One Long Ago Appointed By Yahweh ] who stands watch [ Continuously Down Through The Ages ] over the sons of your people [ The True People Of: Israel and Judah ];
And [ Following This Factual Occurrence ] At That Time [ In The Earth's Final Days ] Your People Shall Be Delivered [ From Their Unwarranted Service To Lucifer ], Everyone who is found written in the book [ The Mighty One's Own Book Of Life ]. " - Daniel 12:1-3. 
That's why, those [ self-described ] Illuminated Ones provided you The Popular Movie: " Michael " - all the way back in 1996... as well as, so many, numerous others!

America In Prophecy

Michael [ 1996 ] - by: Nora Ephron

Harry Potter - Army Cmdr Of Yahweh.
Yes, brothers and sisters, The End Time Prophet Jeshurun is the very same being Who Fought Lucifer The First Time... and, indeed, Michael's Own Father has great personal confidence in him! Let's face it, if Yahweh didn't, then He wouldn't have sent him. While such an amazing concept takes A Very Large Leap Of Faith, and [ equally presents ] A Very Large Stumbling Block To Both Houses Of Israel, it is None-The-Less Scriptural And True....

Daniel Chapter 12, Then Continues:
" And Many Of Those [ Having Already Died Along The Way ] who sleep in the dust of the earth [ Where: You And Your Own Ancestors - Have Buried Them ] shall awaken [ Just As, The Scriptures Have Long Ago Promised To You ]. Some to Everlasting Life [ In The First Resurrection - To Life ], And some to: Shame and Everlasting Contempt [ In The Second Resurrection - To Judgment ].
Those Who Are Wise [ The Ones Who Follow His Spiritual Leading ] shall shine [ With The True Glory Of Yahweh ] Like the brightness of the firmament [ Those Pulsars, That Emit His Heavenly Glory ], And Those Who Turn Many To Righteousness [ By Openly Sharing These Truths With Others ] Like the stars [ That, Truly, Make Up His Own Body ] forever and ever. " - Daniel 12:2-3.

Neo - The Prophesied One Of The Matrix.
Bear in mind, that it wasn't I [ Jeshurun ] who honestly told you these things... but, rather, it was Daniel The Prophet - who actually Lived 3000 Years Before! In fact, until very recently, I still [ incorrectly ] thought that The Archangel Michael was: " The Spiritual Body Of Yahshua " - prior to becoming human - just, see so, for yourself....

Forrest Gump - The Idiot In The Forrest.
In all reality, The Very Last Thing That I Even Considered was that: " The Archangel Michael " - might honestly be someone else down here; and, particularly, me. Even now, with: The Holy Spirit and His Own Prophetical Scriptures - to both fully confirm it - my own human mind reels at Such A Truly Startling Concept... and yet, I know That It Must Be Factual! After all, I've taken the necessary time to: Painstakingly and Irrefutably Prove It.

Del Spooner - Did His Own Research.
You see, brothers and sisters, I Now Know What The Angel [ So Long Ago ] Told Me. In fact, he told me: " Go Back To Sleep, Michael... It Isn't Time Yet "... since, I had [ apparently ] Begun Figuring It Out - already, For The First Time! Ergo, this is at minimum, The Second Time that I've factually figured it out... and, perhaps, there have indeed been more. Of that, however, I'm [ honestly ] unsure. Moreover, like each of these Allegorical Characters - that foreshadowed me - I am [ merely ] being Led By The Spirit Of Yahweh. I, truthfully, don't know All Of The Answers - just yet... but, My Own Spiritual Progress has already led me To Astounding New Heights.

Charles Xavier - The Educator.
Moreover, I Fully Trust In His Own Judgment... no matter, where that Truthfully Leads Me... after all, He Is My Personal Mighty One... and, I Am Only His Servant! The destiny of: " Paul Muad'Dib Atreides " is [ merely ] that of ' The Prophet Who Himself Leads The Way '; and nothing more. I'm not your own king; Yahweh Himself Is... and, had you studied Those Old Testament Scriptures, you [ too ] would have already known this! But, of course, most of you don't even know: The Symbolical Meaning Of YHWH [ " Behold The Hands, Behold The Nails " ], or the literal meaning of Yahshua's Own Name [ " Yahweh Himself Is Our Salvation " ]....

Luke - Understanding The Force.
Can I teach you things, that shall make you Increasingly Powerful Against Your Own Enemies? Undoubtedly, I can... but, The Spiritual Lessons - that I truthfully have for you - are Far More Important! After all, Yahweh's Own Fiery Judgment is, indeed, coming very quickly... and, The Vast Majority Of You are seriously unprepared to meet: " His Own Spiritual Expectations ". How can The Mighty One transform Israel  into His Own: " Long-Prophesied Threshing Sledge " - when you [ yourselves ] are still serving Lucifer [ His Sworn Enemy, The Self-Proclaimed Sun God - Referred To As Ba'al ]?

Korben Dallas - Understands Love.
I can, thoroughly assure you that ' Such An Abominable Thing ' shall not, factually, happen! Who do you think that: " Those FEMA Camps " - shall eventually be used upon, by Those Satanists Who [ Truthfully ] Built Them? They cannot possibly hold A True Child Of Yahweh as their own physical prisoner - unless Yahweh Himself were to will it, for His Own Spiritual Glory. Those who possess The True Faith, will simply: Wake Up and Walk Out - once they [ themselves ] Finally Choose To. After all, don't you remember, Evie Hammond? You should, Since That's You [ The Spiritual Ones ]...!
{ *** NOTE: Hopefully, Our English Brothers And Sisters will keep This Great Spiritual Truth in mind - during, Their Own Upcoming Revolution. It will [ truthfully ]: Save A Great Many Lives and Israel Will Need Those Long-Prophesied Ships! *** }

The Scripture Clearly States [ All Of The Following ]
" The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees.... "
" I [ The Voice Of Yahweh and Long Prophesied Winnower ] Am The Woodsman.... "
" The Nations Of Earth Are The Trees.... "
And [ Indeed ]: " I Said, ' You [ The People Of Earth ] Are My Axe! ' "
{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, however: Lucifer's Own Children must [ factually ] strike first... because, that's how it works. After all, We're The Good Guys! *** }
Just, As It Also States This Passage:
" See [ Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes ]! Your House [ The Entirety Of Spiritual Babylon ] is left to you desolate [ Absolutely None Of It, Bore Any Form Of Spiritual Fruit ]; and assuredly [ You Can Factually Count Upon This ], I [ Yahweh-Hushua ] say to you [ The Following True Statement ],
You Shall Not See Me [ Your Own True Savior ] Until The Time Comes [ After I Have, Finally, Humbled You ] When You Will Say [ Having Once And For All Learned: The Necessary and Spiritual Lesson ]:
' Blessed Is He [ Whom I, Myself, Have Sent To You ] Who Comes [ As I Have, Always, Foreordained It To Be ] In The Name Of The Mighty One [ The Prince Of The Covenant and Son Of My Own Right Hand ]! ' " - Luke 13:35.

Muad'Dib - Leading The Freemen.
You see, dear brothers and sisters: Unlike You [ " His Sheep " - who cannot plan more than 1 move in advance ], The Illuminated Ones [ " Those Goats " - who plan several moves ahead ], The Fallen Angels [ " Lucifer's Children " - who plan out entire strategies beforehand ], and Lucifer [ " The Master Architect " - who has orchestrated most of the game ] - Yahweh Established All Of The Rules, long before creating The Very First Piece!

In Fact, The Allegory: " Watchmen " - Has Already Told You
" [ Even ] I, Am Just The Puppet: That Can See All Of The Strings.... [ Speaking Of Himself - The Archangel Michael ] "
" When You [ The Spiritual Ones ] Left Me, I Left Earth [ Heaven - To Come Here In Person, Even As One Of You ]... Doesn't That, Show You I Care! "

Jonathan Osterman - Is Real!
Yahweh [ Our Father ] Cannot Lose! And, in fact, It Is The Ignorant Belief Otherwise, that inescapably leads to All Of This Ongoing Spiritual Insanity. Ultimately, however, It's Up To You... and, that's The Truth - found in all of those scriptures! More importantly, The Very Same Principles Apply To Everyone: no matter who you are and no matter where you may live - including, The Angels [ who'll faithfully accept it ]. The Spirit Of Repentance is available to anyone! But, The Door Is Closing....

If You, Truly, Believe In Yahweh:
  • You Will Follow His Leading...
  • You Will Obey Him Alone...
  • You Will Keep His: Commandments And Statutes...
  • You Will Listen To His Prophet...
  • You Will Grow Up Spiritually...
  • And, You Will Become Completely Unstoppable!

Gandolf - knows, All Of These Things.
Whether you truthfully realize it, or not: The Information Age Is Now Over and The Spiritual Age Has Now Factually Begun... and, that's why: " I Am The Last Prophet ". Your own prophets shall no longer be needed... once, You're All: " True Children Of Yahweh "... after all, according to these same holy scriptures, He's Making An End Of Wickedness For All Time!
{ *** PS: Father, please forgive me - for, my momentary weakness... I've, very seriously, thought about what you were telling me... and, indeed, You're Right - as always! I, truthfully, cannot be other than I Am. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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