Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nursery Rhymes are The Foundational Structures upon which The Matrix [ itself ] is ultimately built!

Nursery Rhymes: The Assembly Code.
If: The Music That We Listen To, The Books That We Read, and The Movies That We Watch - as: Mesmerized Adults - are The High Level Programming Languages of The Matrix... then: The Nursery Rhymes That We Sing, The Fables That We Read, and The Fairy Tales That We Listen To - as: Hypnotized Children - are The Primitive Assembly Codes, upon which It Has All Been Fundamentally Based. After all, everything must have A Structural Foundation; and so it goes with The Matrix itself!

Does this Psychological Concept - regarding Nursery Rhymes - surprise you? It shouldn't, after all The Human Mind is the most complex computer ever devised by anyone... and, The Occult Practice Of Sorcery is [ merely ]: " The Subtle Art Of Human Programming " - by utilizing all of the Interactive Resources readily available to them. Consequently, There Is No Great Mystery behind these [ self described ]: " Illuminated Ones "... they're all [ just ] Computer Programmers... and, their own Cleverly Devised Matrix is based fully upon Their Ever-Growing Control Over All Available Information!

Consider, The Following Nursery Rhyme
Jack Be Nimble,
Jack Be Quick,
The Candlestick.
Rolling Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash
Believe it, or not, this particular Nursery Rhyme is [ merely ] a: Very Simple and Hypnotic Suggestion - to enter into and/or factually join Their Own Satanic Effort, regardless of your own personally chosen: Field Of Expertise, or Human Endeavor! The actual implication, is that if you will truthfully do so, then They Will All Secretly Assist You in your own personal efforts. In fact, You Need Not Struggle Alone, if you'll just Choose The Right Side.

False Prophets and Evil Shepherds.
After all, they need: Artists [ to portray, Satanic Themed Artwork ], Musicians [ to provide, Satanic Themed Music ], Poets [ to devise, Satanic Themed Poetry ], Scientists [ to formulate, Their Atheistic Hypotheses ], and Politicians [ to enact, Their New Word Order Agenda ], etc.... in fact, The Matrix is exceptionally well-devised; and factually requires a great number of Pro-Active Participants to be largely successful! Meanwhile, these efforts can be Highly Rewarding: Financially and Otherwise....

Or, This Nursery Rhyme
Ring Around The Rosy,
a pocket full of posies,
" Ashes, Ashes "
We all fall down!
Kreator [ The Matrix ]: Enemy Of God
The Nursery Rhyme: " Ring Around The Rosy " - actually refers to The Ongoing Spiritual Confusion being incessantly created by the ongoing efforts of The Satanists themselves... the: " Pocket Full Of Posies " - are The Beautiful Lies, that they [ themselves ] are constantly providing us... meanwhile: " Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down! " - should be Very Self-Explanatory! But, if not, then just read some of Their Own Musical Lyrics... after all, they need not hide it, within the: " The Death Metal Music " - that You [ yourself ] Wouldn't Naturally Listen To.

Nursery Rhymes, Provide Instruction
Round and round,
The Mulberry Bush,
The monkey chased
the weasel.
The monkey stopped,
to pull up his socks,
and pop goes the weasel.
The meaning of this Nursery Rhyme is simple: Don't Chase After Them, but [ rather ] Let Them Chase After You... after all, We're In Charge Of The Matrix... and, then: " When They Stop, To Pull Up Their Socks, One Of Us Will [ Just ] Quietly Get Them For You "! Let's face it, the fundamental logic is all very simple, We're All In This Together; and We [ indeed ] Share One Common Agenda. Use the system, after all, That's What It Was Factually Created For....
Humpty Dumpty
sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty
had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men,
couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again!
Meanwhile, this particular Nursery Rhyme, is their ' Reminder To Never Forget '... that, it only takes One Little Slip to potentially set This End Time Prophecy In Motion! After all, if everyone wakes up, Nothing Upon The Earth Can Put Them Back To Sleep - ever again....

Nursery Rhymes, Communicate Messages
Three Blind Mice
[ The Churches of: Babylon, Israel and Judah ]

Three Blind Mice
[ Those: Catholics, Protestants, and Jews ]
See how they run
[ See All The Things That They Do ]
see how they run
[ And Their Furious Spiritual Activity ]
They all run after
[ They All Pursue The Very Same Lady ]

the butcher's wife
[ In Their Own Covenants With Death ]
and she'll cut off their tails
[ They'll Be Lucky To Even Escape With Their Lives ]
with a carving knife
[ When She Turns On Them With Her Own Knife ]
Have you ever seen
[ Oh What A Scandal ]
such a thing in your life
[ The Spectacle Of It All ]
those Three Blind Mice?
The Churches of: Babylon, Israel and Judah ]
An Occult Tarot Card.
Just as, Their Own Tarot Cards so clearly demonstrate... The True Fools are: Standing Upon The Wrong Hill, Basking In The Blessings Of Lucifer, Wearing His Spiritual Garments, and Oblivious To The Very Steep Cliff  - that is situated directly in front of them. After all, They Don't Read The Scriptures... and, Lucifer [ himself ] Controls All Of Their Pulpits!  You see, when everything has been said and done, Spiritual Babylon Is Just Another Part Of The Matrix [ based upon, All Of Those Nursery Rhymes ]....

AC/DC - Rock'n Roll Train
That's why, Yahweh-Hushua called them: " False Prophets ", " Evil Shepherds ", " Empty Oracles ", and  " Ravenous Wolves "... but, None Of You Have [ Honestly ] Listened... what, An Awful Shame! But, more importantly, that's why ' The True End Time Spiritual Issue ' so plainly revolves around: " The Wedding Garment " - being provided within The Scriptures - by The Mighty One Himself. You see, ' Those Scriptures Have Always Been True '!
{ *** NOTE: Have you ever noticed, who generally gets punished most severely In The [ so-called ] Public School Systems? Why is it, usually, The Ones Being Picked On... rather than, The Actual Instigators And Bullies... and, to put it quite bluntly, who do those: Teachers and/or School Administrators [ actually ] work for? Meanwhile, if your own eyes were opened, those: " Masonic: Caps And Gowns " - would quite readily tell you! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


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