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The Birthrights Of Jacob And Esau are just one more mind-blowing instance of America In Biblical Prophecy.

Mountains Majesty and Amber Waves of Grain....
In Genesis Chapters 27 and 28, we read about The Two Sons Of Isaac: Jacob [ Israel ] and Esau [ Edom ] - both of whom, received their own father's personal blessings. While Jacob [ Israel ] received: The First and Greatest Blessing - his brother Esau [ Edom ] received one almost as good! Just consider, ' His Own Blessing ' from their father Isaac....

Genesis Chapter 27, Says:
" Behold [ I Can Assure You, With The Full Authority Of Yahweh The Mighty One ], your dwelling [ That Of Your Physical Descendants ] shall be [ In Earth's Latter Days ] of the fatness of the Earth, And of the dew of heaven from above [ Your Own Children, The Edomites, Shall Live In A: Rich, Fruitful, Abundant, Well Watered, and Well Drained Land ]. " - Genesis 27:39.
" By your sword you shall live [ Your Children Shall Be Very Great And Powerful Warriors ], And you shall serve your brother Jacob [ Through Your Own Contract, Or Covenant, Of Brotherhood ]; And it shall come to pass [ After Many Days ] when you become restless [ No Longer Desiring This Covenant ], That you shall break his yoke [ The United States Constitution ] from upon your own neck [ And Rise Up Against Him ]. " - Genesis 27:40.

The Birthrights Of: Jacob And Esau

The Birthrights of: Jacob and Esau.
As you can [ now ] clearly see, The Latter Day Descendants Of Esau [ The Edomites ] are actually living within The United States of America... but, just to make sure of this, let's explore some of their other specific Latter Day Prophecies! For instance, The Very Short Book Of Obadiah - which clearly tells us....

Obadiah, Says:
" Behold [ I Prophesy To You - About Your Own Future ], I will make you small among the nations [ The Families Left Upon The Earth ]; You shall be greatly despised [ For The Actions, That You Will Have Taken ].
The pride of your own heart has deceived you [ Into Thinking, That You Can Get Away With It ], You who dwell in the clefts of the rock [ Your Hundreds Of Underground Cities ], And whose habitation is high [ With Your Own Space Station ]; You who say in your heart, ' Who will bring me down to the ground [ Trusting In Your Own Great Air Power ] ? '
Though you exalt yourself as high as the eagle [ Choosing It As Your National Symbol ], And though you set your nest among the stars [ By Building And Inhabiting That Magnificent Space Station ], From there [ Even From Outer Space ] I will bring you down [ When It Is Time, To Completely Destroy You ], says The Mighty One. 
If thieves had come to you, or if robbers by night - Oh, how you will be cut off! - Would they not have stolen until they had enough? If grape gatherers had come to you, Would they not have left some gleanings [ But I, The Mighty One, Shall Leave You Nothing ]?
Oh, how Esau [ The Latter Day Nation Of Edom ] shall be searched out [ Every Square Inch Of It ]! How his hidden treasures [ And, Yes, He Still Has Them ] shall be sought after [ In His Own Time Of Trouble ]!
All the men [ The 330 Million Of Them ] in your confederacy [ The United States of America ] shall force you to the border [ In Its Coming Revolution ]; The men at peace with you [ Your Own NATO Allies ] Shall deceive you and prevail against you [ In The Winter, That Soon Follows ]. Those who eat your bread [ The United Nations Of Earth ] shall lay a trap for you [ Quite Secretly ]. And no one [ In Your Own Government ] is aware of it. " - Obadiah 2-7.

You: " Who Dwell In The Clefts Of The Rock "?
While The Blessing Itself was, indeed, ' A Very Good One ' for: " The Descendants Of Esau " - they would clearly choose, Their Own Prophesied Self-Destruction, rather than continuing to honor: A Magnificent, Honorable, and Brotherly Commitment - having been clearly established before Yahweh! It is no wonder, that The Mighty One declares these particular Edomites to be: " A People Who Are Lacking In All Proper Understanding ".

American Built - International Space Station.
But, of course, Esau [ Edom ] wasn't the only son with ' A Prophetical Birthright '... there is also the matter of Jacob [ Israel ] his brother! Therefore, let's examine Jacob's Birthright; and see what that [ also ] may honestly tell us. After all, Our Answers From The Scriptures are always extremely exciting....

In Genesis Chapter 27, We Read:
" Surely [ I Declare To You, This Day ], The smell of my son is like the smell of a field which The Mighty One has blessed [ *** NOTE: By This Point, Isaac Was Now Blind ].
Therefore [ Because Of This Wonderful Smell ], May Yahweh give you Of the dew of heaven, Of the fatness of the earth, And plenty of grain and wine [ Jacob And Esau Would Live Together In That Same Fruitful Land ].
Let peoples [ Your Own Sovereign States ] serve you, And other nations [ And Other Foreign Countries ] bow down to you [ When You Exercise Good Judgment ]. Be master over your brothers [ The Other Sons Of Rebekah: Edom and Tyre ], And let our mother's sons [ And Their Cousins: Moab, Ammon, Nebajoth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadar, Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah ] bow down to you [ In Showing You Their Own Due Respect ]. Cursed be everyone who curses you [ Yahweh, Himself, Shall Destroy Them ], And blessed be those who bless you [ The Mighty One Shall Establish Them ]! " - Genesis 27:27-29. 

America: Was That Prophesied Birthright!

Jacob, Esau, and Tyre....
Wow! Are you getting a much better picture of what The United States of America truly represents, now? With all of these genetically distinct peoples living there, one might even consider it to be: " The Great Melting Pot Of Our Own Semitic Humanity "! It would be ' A Powerful Nation ' - in the form of: " One Massive Familial Confederacy " - in An Extremely Fruitful Land, very far away from: " The Promised Land Of Israel ". But, thanks to Those Hot-Headed Edomites, it would be ultimately destroyed; and His Own Genetic Children would, then, be: Carefully, Painstakingly, and Lovingly Regathered to: " The Promised Land "!

Tyre was: A Nation Of Shipbuilders.
In Ezekiel Chapter 27, you can read about ' All Of These Highly-Distinct Peoples ' who are then living within The United States of America; and are [ so industriously ] providing for all of its very magnificent glory... and in Ezekiel Chapter 28, you can also read about: " The Very Last Prince Of Tyre "  - It's Final Edomite President....

As the great radio talent, Paul Harvey, would so blithely say: " When it comes to: Jacob and Esau - now, you know ' The Rest Of The Story! ' "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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