Saturday, October 22, 2011

The True Correlation Between Prophecy and World History can be quite readily understood....

End Time Prophecy = Latter Day History.
While The Biblical Scriptures are not a series of books specifically written upon world history, they do [ in fact ] encapsulate a tremendous amount of Historical Information in the form of its very exacting Biblical Prophecies! Meanwhile, we continue to ignore all of these prophecies at our own peril. After all, they were clearly given to us for a reason... and that reason, was to honestly wake us up - to what is [ factually ] now happening. Yahweh shall [ very soon ] begin winnowing His Own Spiritual Harvest - of: The Wheat from The Tares , The Sheep from The Goats, and His True Servants from The Ba'al Worshipers Of Babylon!

For instance:
  • The Prophecies Of Daniel Chapter 11 - were written for the sole purpose of verifying Yahweh's Own True Words to those living down at ' The Time Of The End '... and thus, fully document An Exacting Historical Time Line - from: The Rise Of Cyrus [ Darius I Of Medo-Persia ], until: The Protestant Reformation Within Europe
  • The Prophecies Of Revelation Chapters 2 And 3 - clearly give us The Prophetical History Of Yahshua's Own Churches from: His Ascension To The Father, until: They No Longer Speak For Him - Around 1900 AD - beginning in chapter 4. 
  • The Prophecies Of Revelation Chapter 6 - were given as A Prophetical Time Line For ' The End Times Period ' - and, within which, certain other clearly related prophecies might be more readily perceived.  

A wise man once noted ' The True Correlation Between Our Own Historians And The Prophets ', when he [ himself ] stated:
" Our Own Historians are merely Prophets who are simply recording everything backwards! What The Prophet declares in advance of its factual occurrence [ as it properly should be ], The Historian merely declares after the fact of its actual occurrence [ when it may do no one any good at all ]. Nor, does anyone [ ever ] benefit from The Work Of The Historian... for, their own eyes are always firmly set upon The Future [ without any beneficial consideration of their own: True and Un-Errant Guidance ]. "

As The Watchman To Israel, I have faithfully spoken upon these things... but, who among you, is ' Truly Listening '? In Fact, what good are ears to The Deaf? I have earnestly pointed these things out; but who among you is ' Openly Observant '? Indeed, what good are eyes to The Blind? You will neither: Show Regard To The Prophets That Came Before You, nor [ even ] Respect The Historians Who Have So Clearly Followed! Rightly was it spoken of this generation, that you are [ indeed ]: " Twice Blinded To The Truth " - which is now, effectually, all around you.

Personally, I'm at a very great loss, as to what I can [ honestly ] do - to faithfully assist you! I have consistently proven The Truths Of His Scriptures  from our own massively accumulated history... I have repeatedly exposed The Ongoing Lies Of His Enemies from His own carefully recorded prophecies... and yet, very few of you are even actively listening. The long prophesied: " Time Of Jacob's Trouble " - very swiftly approaches; and you are woefully unprepared, for its factual occurrence worldwide... and, because of this sad situation, ' Much Unnecessary Suffering ' shall undoubtedly result!

Even so, let it [ indeed ] come... for my own eyes are firmly fixed upon The Glorious End Result Of His Eventual Coming. The world cannot long continue in the suffering that Our Own Human Wickedness has so thoroughly created. If The Study Of Human History has taught us nothing else, it has [ very clearly ] taught us that: " Man Is Totally Incapable Of Governing Himself! "
Meanwhile, The Other Prophecies, Have Clearly Included:
  • Revelation Chapter 13 [ verses 11-17 ] - The False Prophet Nation that announces its physical presence by: " Making Fire Come Down From Heaven [ at: Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] in the sight of all other nations "; and who also: " Deceives The Entire Earth By The Signs That He Was Granted To Do [ His Own Political Fornication ]. "
  • Jeremiah 16 [ verse 16 ] - that explains: The Fishermen [ The Zionists / Israel's Lone Watchman ] and The Hunters [ The NAZI Concentration Camps / The FEMA Death Camps] - which occur within The Two Latter Day Wars of : World War II [ The Second Seal ] and World War III [ The Fourth Seal ].
  • Isaiah Chapter 23 - which clearly tells us ' Who This False Prophet Nation Is [ The Latter Day Descendants Of Tyre Who Will Arise Upon The World Stage In 1945 AD ] '; and all about: " Her Political Fornication With The Other Nations Of Earth [ The United Nations, NATO, SEATO, The Marshall Plan, Breton-Woods, International Free Trade, Globalist Corporations, The Continental Unions, and The New World Order ]. "
  • Isaiah Chapter 19 - which tells us about, ' The Rising New Empire within The Kingdom(s) Of Egypt [ The So-Called Islamic Caliphate ] '; and the end result of its own physical destruction at the hands of The European Union [ The King Of The North: " Babylon The Great " ].
  • Ezekiel Chapter 28 - that gives us, The Characteristic Details Surrounding The Last Prince Of Tyre - who openly mocks Yahweh and flagrantly judges Him amongst His Own Scriptures.
  • Obadiah And Isaiah Chapter 18 - which talk about its Impending Political Destruction: Internally [ From Amongst Its Own Confederacy Of Five Physical Nations ] and Externally [ By Invasion From Europe And Asia ].

- Among numerous other [ easily and readily verifiable ] Historical Events, whether you will choose to accept them, or not.

In fact, The Original King James English Dictionary correctly spells the word ' history ' as: " hisstory [ or His-Story ]... " and that is simply because, The Original English Speaking People had enough actual ' Common Sense ' to realize exactly what it was that they were honestly witnessing; and that was [ factually ] unfolding all around them! Sadly to say, however, you people don't....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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