Friday, January 13, 2012

V For Vendetta is a Prophetical Movie about the Soon Coming English Revolution - in The Fall Of 2012.

V For Vendetta movie poster.
In The Popular Hit Movie: " V For Vendetta " - we follow the life story of its fictitious Main Character: " V "...  a ' Guy Fawkes Instigator ' ... that, fully embodies: The Hearts and Minds - of Many Living Within England [ aka, Sidon ]. A nation, that has long stood by and allowed others to: Manipulate and Control Them - against Their Own Best Interests - all in the name of: " The European Union [ aka, Babylon The Great ] ". Knowing all the while, that ' The Papacy Actually Hates Them '. After all, throughout our entire human history, Sidon has never Truly Been A Part Of Babylon!

Meanwhile, In The Summer/Fall Of 2011, we have already witnessed: Their Very First and Tentative Baby Steps - toward The True English Revolution, that will soon [ honestly ] Begin In The Fall Of 2012 - just as, The Scriptures have long before prophesied it. While the names have been changed, To Protect The Guilty: " V For Vendetta " - is [ indeed ] A Prophetical Movie! If you don't believe me, then just watch This Short Video Clip excerpted from The Blockbuster Movie: " V For Vendetta "; and we'll gladly discuss those scriptures afterwards....
{ *** NOTE: You'll have to follow the above referenced link, since Youtube now has Video Embedding Disabled - for this particular " V For Vendetta " video. Could it be, that The English Government is already becoming somewhat worried? }
V For Vendetta - A Message Of Awakening

V For Vendetta, Or Victory?
While The Satanic System that now governs The Entire Earth is extremely strong in some geographic regions, and easily misleading The World's Human Populations; surprisingly, however, that ' Isn't The Case Within England '! In fact, the leaders there have been carefully: " Walking The Knife's Edge " - in their own ongoing efforts to Maintain Political Control. You see, there are still Many Spiritual Ones living within England: " Good Hearted and God Fearing Folk " - that are fully aware that ' Something Is Seriously Wrong '... and, quite honestly, they're tired of it.

But indeed, just as this Prophetical Movie says: " They Are Afraid " - afraid of what will inevitably happen, when they go down The True Path Of Enlightenment, that all of them are [ honestly ] now openly considering... and, indeed, with very good reason! For, their journey will be very difficult... I won't lie to you, like so many others will. But, in this case, it shall end with a: " V " For Victory. Perhaps, Not The One They'll Be Expecting; but a victory none-the-less; and Yahweh Will Indeed Bless Them! After all, " Trinity Enters The Matrix To Rescue Neo " - by sending Those Long Prophesied: " Ships Of Tarshish " - exactly Where and When they're needed....
{ *** NOTE: You really gotta love those Wachowski Brothers. After all, they've actually done much to thwart Babylon! }

Ezekiel Chapter 28, Says:
" Behold [ Listen Up ], I am against you [ For Prominently Serving Babylon ], O Sidon [ England ]; I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will be glorified in your midst [ Regardless Of What Your Own Government Has Now Decided ]; And They [ The Ones Who Have Misled You ] shall know that I [ Yahweh ] am The Mighty One, When I [ Yahweh ] execute judgments in Her [ By Chopping With My Axe ] and am hallowed in Her [ By Those Who'll Then Remain ].
For I [ Yahweh ] will send pestilence upon Her [ To Awaken My Wild Olive Branches To Fight ], And blood in Her Streets [ Shall Then Begin ]; The Wounded [ Those Injured By Them ] shall be judged in Her Midst [ Without External Interference ], By the sword against Her [ The Internal Revolution ] on every side [ Within: England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales ]; Then [ After These Things ] They shall know that I [ Yahweh ] am The Mighty One.
And there shall no longer [ After These Events ] be a pricking brier or a painful thorn for The House Of Israel [ My Own Spiritual Children ] - from among all who are around them [ Within: England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales ], who despise them [ As In Years Past ]. Then [ When I Have Completed All Of These Things ] They [ These People Of Sidon ] shall know [ Irrefutably ] that I [ Yahweh ] am The Mighty One. " - Ezekiel 28:22-24.

Falling Down Like A Domino....
The English Crown will soon realize that ' Conspiring With Others Against Their Own Protestant Children ' is entirely unacceptable to The Children's True Mother! After all, The Sacred Scriptures don't exist within A Spiritual Vacuum; and when ' The Prophesied Invasion Begins ' it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out [ exactly ] who is being referenced within this particular passage from scriptures....

After all, Isaiah Chapter 23, Clearly States:
" Be ashamed O Sidon [ United Kingdom ]; For The Sea [ The Papal See, Or True Babylonian Kingdom ] has spoken [ From Its Capital In Rome ]; The strength of the sea [ With Germany And The Rest Of Europe In Agreement ], saying: ' I do not labor [ In Producing Children For Myself ], nor bring forth child(ren) [ To Permanently Join With Us ]; neither do I rear young m(en) [ That Might Trouble Me Later ], nor bring up virgin(s) [ Those Who Aren't A Part Of My Own Church ]. " - Isaiah 23:4
And Her Children? Why, Of Course:

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, that The Historical Events Mentioned Regarding America will also be Startlingly Accurate; since these events, too, have been carefully scripted in advance - by Our Own Manipulative Controllers Within Babylon! After all, The Wachowski Brothers aren't [ actually ] prophets, at all....}

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!