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Luke 17:26 - As It Was In The Days Of Noah, so it shall be at The End Of The Age!

Yahweh has moved to Hollywood?
The Scripture very clearly says: " As It Was In The Days Of Noah, So It Shall Be At The End Of The Age... "; but, ' What Does This Statement Factually Mean '? Could the writers of scripture be speaking: Literally, or [ just ] Metaphorically? After all, The Scripture does, very noticeably, state that: " At The Time Of The End, The Enemy Shall Come In Like A Flood Against Yahweh's Own People [ Isaiah 59:19 ] "... does, it not?

Therefore, could it literally mean that:
  • The World Will Be Just As Wicked - ' In The Last Days '?
  • There Will Only Be One Prophet Among All Of You - A Seeming ' Latter Day Noah '?
  • And, Those Who Don't Listen To Him Will Be Factually Destroyed - ' In That Latter Day Flood '?

Because, such obvious Biblical Statements, could certainly indicate this... and, even more so, when we consider that: " Yahweh Himself Never Changes ", " His Word Never Changes ", and " His: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes [ Themselves ] Never Change "... and, in fact, even His Plan For Human Salvation has been repeatedly called: " The Everlasting Covenant " - throughout All Of The Scriptures. Perhaps, we should [ just ]: " Start Thinking Outside Of Those Boxes " - that The Babylonian Churches have, quite honestly, placed us within - before they [ themselves ]: Begin Shutting Them and Covering Us Up With The Dirt? I'm just saying, it only makes sense to me....

Our World Is Pretty Wicked, Folks!

Have you, honestly, taken ' A Good Look Around ' lately? You, really, don't have to look very far either. Whether you're: Watching Television, Listening To The Radio, Reading The Newspaper, or [ even ] Just Walking Down The Street - you can't help but notice that, Something Extremely Profound has invariably changed! The: " Good Old USA " - doesn't even slightly resemble ' That Nation ' we all grew up in... The Entire World Economy is now honestly crumbling... and, The World's Greatest Democracies don't care one bit about their own citizen's [ dearly held ] opinions.

Satanic Symbolism is, virtually, everywhere! In fact: " Satanically Inspired Messages " - are hidden within all of our: Popular Movies, Television Programs, Music Videos, and [ now ] even The Commercials. More alarmingly, however: " Skull And Crossed Bone Symbols" - have started showing up on our: Clothing, Bed Linens, and [ even ] Personal Toiletries; with a seemingly unexplained regularity. Why is that? Do, we really want [ or need ]: Bed Sheets and Perfume Bottles - with Little Pink Skeletons upon them? Apparently so....

Meanwhile, almost all of The World's Governments have become increasingly unstable, due to The Rampant: Political, Economic, and [ even ] Religious Corruption; and Our Own World Populations ' have been growing increasingly restless, because of it! Have, they not? Can you [ honestly ] name ' Any Other Time Period ' - wherein 10 Percent Of The World's Nations have been, simultaneously, In Open Revolt? I can't....

In Fact, Let's Face It, Folks:
" The Axe, Lies At The Base Of The Trees! "

A Solitary Prophet - Isn't Unheard Of....

Let's, just be honest, people... Yahweh has never chosen ' More Than One Prophet At Any Given Time ' - throughout All Of His Scriptures. We have truthfully witnessed:
  • Only, One Enoch    .
  • Only, One Noah     .
  • Only, One Moses   .
  • Only, One Elijah     .
  • Only, One Daniel    .
  • Only, One Malachi .

There has never been ' One Single Recorded Time ', in scriptural history, that Yahweh Himself has appointed Multiple Prophets! And, when The Scriptures Are Perfectly Clear that: " Yahweh Absolutely Never Changes " - why, Would He Factually Start Now? However, we have seen Multiple Instances Of Self-Appointed Prophets - that have risen themselves up - to interfere with Yahweh's Own Plans... but, they were never endorsed by The Mighty One; and their own lives Always Ended Quite Tragically. After all, The Mighty One Knows All Of His Own Prophets!

Moreover, When The Shepherds Haven't Been Doing Their Jobs, has He ever truthfully ' Allowed Israel To Flounder ' without proper leadership? Of course, Not! Didn't you know, that Israel is [ factually ]: " His Own Vineyard Of Red Wine [ *** Just Read: Isaiah Chapter 27 ] "? You should have... if you were, truthfully, Studying Those Scriptures! But, of course, I sometimes forget: " Church-i-anity Was Actually Handling All Of That For You "... just like, The Scriptures Clearly Prophesied, that they [ inevitably ] would... isn't, that [ also ] ' Factually True '? It sure looks that way, to me....

And, What About That Flood?

Isaiah Chapter 59, Describes It This Way:
" Then The Mighty One saw it [ All Of The Corruption Covering The Earth ], and it displeased Him that there was No Justice [ Anywhere Upon The Earth ].
He saw that there was No Man [ Who Stood Up For What Was Right ], And wondered that there was No Intercessor [ For All Of His Downtrodden Children ]; Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ] His Own Arm brought salvation for Him [ To His Own Spiritual Children ]; And His Own Righteousness [ In Doing This Magnificent Act ] it sustained Him.
For He [ The Mighty One Himself ] put on righteousness as a breastplate, And a helmet of salvation on His head [ Since Those Children, Obviously, Couldn't Do It ]; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing [ Readying Himself For The Battle ], And was clad with zeal [ For He, Honestly, Loved All Of His Children ] as a cloak.
According to Their Deeds [ Whatever They Have Done ], accordingly He Will Repay [ In Full And Complete Measure ]; Fury to His Adversaries [ Those Satanists Who Have Risen Against Them ], and Recompense to His Enemies [ The Sun-Worshipers Of Babylon, Who Still Ignorantly Serve Them ]; The Coastlands He will Fully Repay [ For, What They Have Done To: Israel, Joseph, And Judah ].
So shall They [ All Of Them ] fear The Name Of Yahweh from The West [ The European Union And Its Allies ], And His Glory from The Rising Of The Sun [ The Empire China And Its Own Allies ];
' When The Enemy Comes In Like A Flood ',
The Spirit Of Yahweh will lift up A Standard Against Him. The Redeemer will come to Zion, And to those who turn from transgression In Jacob [ The Entire House Of Israel ] Says The Mighty One. " - Isaiah 59:15-20.

That is what it says, doesn't it? I might be getting old; but my own brain isn't, really, that foggy! You see, brothers and sisters, The Question Isn't Really: " Would Yahweh Send Us An End Time Prophet? "; but, The Question Actually Is: " Do You Truly Believe In Yahweh At All? "... because, unlike most of us, The Mighty One has always been Extremely Consistent! You have a lot to be thinking about, Before This Summer... and, I do believe, that: ' February Will Greatly Help You In Making Up Your Own Mind '. Our long prophesied: " Baptism By Fire " - is, now, headed this way....

Bear in mind, however:

A Prophet Can't Help You, If You're Not With Him.

As Our Historical Events grow increasingly unstable, you can expect Increasing Amounts Of Difficulty in traveling across the country. After all, by The End Of Summer, it won't even be ' One Unified Nation ' anymore! Just, so that you know....

The point, that I'm making, is that I can't be everywhere at once; and Yahweh Himself told me, that: " The Bible Belt [ East Of The Great River and South Of The Dividing Line ] " - is exactly where we're all supposed to be... and, if you don't get here soon, then those ' Tragic Ramifications ' will be upon your own head. Because, it's gonna be awhile, before we can [ honestly ] get to those FEMA Camps; and [ eventually ] Free The Ones That Are Left! The Scriptures clearly say, that: " Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice " - for a very good reason. It's True.

Anyway: The Message has been given, and The Choice is now yours.... But, for once in our entire human history, can Israel [ actually ] listen ' The First Time '? Or, is that - simply - too much for me to ask?

{ *** NOTE: While The Bible Belt will [ also ]suffer terribly, just as: " The Land Of Goshen " - did within Egypt, at The Beginning Of Its Plagues - the rest of America, is in for More Serious Judgments! In the end, however, ' A Thoroughly Purified Israel ' will be going to: " The Promised Land "... and, as for The Rest Of America, why not just let Don Mclean tell you? He's, actually, pretty good with words. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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