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In The Hip Hop Prophecy:Price Tag - by Jessie J. and B.o.B. - we find out, that The Money Never Really Mattered....

Jessie J. and B.o.B. - " Price Tag ".
The Popular Hit Song: " Price Tag " - by Jessie J. and B.o.B. - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that once and for all truthfully admits: " Satan's Servants Aren't In It For The Money ", they just ' Want To Control You Like Marionettes ' on a string! After all, in their eyes, nothing could possibly be more satisfying than Making Slaves Out Of Others - due to their own Ongoing Stupidity? Having Fun While Serving Satan, is all that they truthfully care about....

If you don't believe me, then why not watch The Following 5 Minute Video: " Price Tag " - by Jessie J and B.o.B. - to see for yourself... and, as always, we'll look at those popular lyrics afterward....

America In Prophecy

Price Tag - by: Jessie J and B.o.B.

Price Tag - Lyrics By: Jessie J. and B.o.B.

Jessie J:
Okay [ Listen Up ]:
Coconut Man [ You Spiritually Blinded Ones ],
Moonheads [ And Servants Of Yahweh ],
And P [ I'm The Priestess ] { ---> Jessie J. Pointing At Herself <--- }

Seems like everybody's got A Price [ We Control Virtually Everyone ],
I wonder how they sleep at night [ You Would Think That Would Worry Them ].
When the sale comes first [ When Society Is Run Completely Backwards ],
And the truth comes second [ And Reality Has Been Completely Lost ],
Just stop, for a minute and [ Think About It ]
Smile [ We Control All Of Them ]

Why is everybody so serious [ Lighten Up People ]?
Acting so damn mysterious [ Can't You See That We've Already Won ]?
You got your shades on your eyes [ You're Trying Too Hard To Blend ]
And your heels so high [ And Being Too Nervous ]
That you can't even have a good time [ Just Enjoy It, We Control Them ].


Everybody look to their left [ There's Nobody There ]
Everybody look to their right [ There's Nobody There Either ]
Can you feel that [ The Crowds Are All Worshiping Us ]
We'll pay them with love tonight [ We'll Keep On Deceiving Them ]...


It's not about the money, money, money [ The Money Never Mattered ]
We don't need your money, money, money [ After All, We Control It Anyway ]
We just wanna make the world dance [ We Just Want To Make Them All Puppets ],
Forget about The Price Tag [ Who Cares About The Price, This Is Fun ]

Ain't about the [ Money, Money, Money ]
Cha-Ching Cha-Ching [ We Do Make A Lot Of It ]!
Ain't about the [ Possessions, Possessions, Possessions ]
Ba-Bling Ba-Bling [ They Certainly Are Nice To Have ]
Wanna make the world dance [ Just Manipulating Others Is Great ],
Forget about The Price Tag [ That's The Real Kick ].

Jessie J:

We need to take it back in time [ Remember How It Used To Be ],
When music made us all UNITE [ When Babylon Was Still Being Built ]!
And it wasn't low blows [ We Weren't Trying To Destroy Them All, Yet ]
and video hoes [ And Tearing Down The Entire World's Culture ],
Am I the only one getting... tired [ This Crap Is Simply Too Depressing ]?

Why is everybody so obsessed [ Why Are We All Working So Hard ]?
Money can't buy us happiness [ We Can't Spend It All ]
Can we all slow down [ Just, Take Your Time Folks ]
and enjoy right now [ Enjoy The Little Time We've Got Left ]
Guarantee we'll be feeling [ I Promise You, It'll Be Okay]
Alright [ After All, We Control Them Completely ].




Yeah yeah [ I'm In Agreement ]
Well, keep The Price Tag [ Keep All The Money ]
And take the cash back [ In Fact, You Can Have Mine Back ]
Just give me six strings [ Just Give Me A Guitar ]
and a half stack [ And, Pay For The Trips ]
And you can keep the cars [ I Don't Get To Drive Them Anyway ]
Leave me the garage [ Just, Leave Me A Place To Practice ]
And all I, yes all I need [ All I Truly Need ]
Are keys and guitars [ Is: The Place And My Band ]
And guess what [ After All ],
in 30 seconds [ In A Very Short Time ]
I'm leaving to Mars [ The God Of War Will Be Taking Me ]
Yeah [ What Does It All Really Matter ]
we leaving a-cross [ We're That Sacrifice To Satan ]
These undefeatable odds [ Future Soldiers In The Army Of Darkness ]
It's like this man [ I Don't Honestly Care, About All That Other Stuff ]
You can't put A Price on life [ But, Life Itself Is Precious ]
We do this for the love [ Satan Is The Real Man ]
So we fight and sacrifice [ So, We Serve Him Faithfully, No Matter The Cost ]
Every night [ We Go Up On Stage For Him ]
So we ain't gonna stumble and fall [ We're, All In With It ]
Never [ You Don't Have To Worry About Us ]
Waiting to see, a sign of defeat [ Then, You're Wasting Your Time ]
Uh uh [ It Isn't Gonna Happen ]
So we gonna keep everyone [ Puppets On Our String ]
Moving their feet [ And, Marching To Our Tune ]
So bring back the beat [ So, Let's Just Keep This Party Going ]
And then everyone sing [ And Celebrate The Day ]
It's not about the money [ The Money Doesn't Really Matter, At All ]

[Chorus x2]

Jessie J:

Yeah yeah [ That's Right Folks ]
Oh-oh [ It's About Having A Good Time, While Serving Satan ]
Forget about The Price Tag [ The Money Never, Really, Mattered ]

If, I've somehow wrongly interpreted The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Price Tag " - then feel free to leave your own comments! After all, I've Always Been Open Minded... but, in the end, ' The Real Question ' has always been: " Are You "?

I guess, The Greatest Tragedy Of All is that, these highly talented performers - like: Jessie J. and B.o.B. - can serve their own master wholeheartedly and without any reservation, while Yahweh's Own Children Don't Even Read The Scriptures! While they're out making Hip Hop Prophecies - like: " Price Tag " - what are you actually doing, for The Mighty One? Listening to their videos... reading their books... watching their movies... and, filling their church pews - completely oblivious to All Of These Satanic Messages? And why... because, You Don't Really Believe In Him! When it comes right down to it, isn't that really ' The Truth '?

As they'd, probably, tell you:
Yeah yeah [ That's Right Folks ]
Oh-oh [ You've, Really, Messed Up ]
Forget About The Price Tag [ It Only Cost You Your Life ]!
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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