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The Hip Hop Prophecy: Pressure - by Billy Joel - is one of the most eye opening ones available!

Billy Joel - Glass Houses/Pressure
Among the various musical recordings of Billy Joel, the: Popular Hit and Hip Hop Prophecy entitled: " Pressure " - is one of the least noticed. Sadly, however, that shouldn't have been the case... because, The Message Being Given Is Tremendously Important! But, of course, very few people have their own ' Spiritual Eyes Truly Open '... and, consequently, many of them shall very soon perish.

If you don't believe me, then why not take a minute to listen to The 5 Minute Hit: " Pressure " - by Billy Joel; and then we can, actually, study those seemingly cryptic lyrics. After all, Hip Hop Prophecies can truthfully be very revealing....

America In Prophecy

Pressure - by: Billy Joel.

Pressure - Lyrics By: Billy Joel

{ *** NOTE: The Message Of: " Pressure " - is actually being spoken to YOU - by The Mighty One Himself... and, if I were you, then I would Start Seriously Listening to it! *** }

You have to learn to pace yourself [ Dear Children, The Worst Of It Is Still Coming ]
PRESSURE [ Oh Yes, Serious Troubles Are Now Coming ]
You're just like everybody else [ Don't Fool Yourselves, You're Just Not That Tough ]
PRESSURE [ Because, It's Going To Get Really, Really, Bad ]
You've only had to run so far [ Things Have Been Easy So Far ],
so good [ And, I Admit, You Have Handled It - Remarkably Well ]
But you will come to a place [ But, The Fourth Seal Is Now Rapidly Approaching ]
Where the only thing you feel [ When Those Satanists Shall Finally Rise Up Against You ]
Are loaded guns in your face [ And, Start Killing You, In Your Own City Streets ]
And you'll have to deal with [ And Then, You'll Honestly Start Worrying ]
PRESSURE [ Because Of The Pressure, Then Being Exerted Upon You ]

You used to call me paranoid [ You Thought, That I Misunderstood Satan ]
PRESSURE [ Oh, But I Knew, What I Was Talking About ]
But even you can not avoid [ And, Very Soon, You Will Too ]
PRESSURE [ Because, He Doesn't Love Any Of You, Like I Do ]
You turned the tap dance into your crusade [ Your Own Lives Have Revolved Completely Around Him ]
Now here you are with your faith [ That I Don't Factually Exist ]
And your Peter Pan advice [ Living Your Fairy Tale Lives ]
You have no scars on your face [ But, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet ]
And you cannot handle PRESSURE [ And, You're Already Crumbling From It ]

All grown up [ You've Got All Of That Magnificent Knowledge ]
and no place to go [ But, What Can You Honestly Do With It ]
Psych 1, Psych 2 [ You Understand Just A Little About True Motivations ],
what do you know [ But, How Has It Honestly Helped You ]?
All your life is Channel 13 [ All You Do Is Watch Television ]
Sesame Street [ Even, Starting As Young Children ],
what does it mean [ Why Can't You Figure It Out ]?

I'll tell you what it means [ They're Subconsciously Programming You ]
PRESSURE [ To Deal With Their Own Pressure ]
PRESSURE [ And, To Jump Through Their Hoops ]

Don't ask for help [ Why Start Asking Now ]
you're all alone [ After All, You Don't Really Believe In Me ]
PRESSURE [ You Are Utterly Godless ]
You'll have to answer to your own [ Explain That One, To Your Own Kids ]
PRESSURE [ After All, They'll Also Be Dying Because Of You ]
I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale [ Indeed, You'll Somehow Justify It ]
But here you are in the ninth [ But, It's Already Nearing The End Of The Game ]
Two men out and three men on [ And, You're Very Close To Losing It All ]
Nowhere to look but inside [ It's Time To Start Thinking Very Seriously ]
Where we all respond to [ Because, We All Respond To ]
PRESSURE [ The Faster That Time Is Running Out ]
PRESSURE [ And Time Is, Indeed, Running Out ]

All your life is TIME Magazine [ And, Studying All Of These Historic Events ]
I read it too [ Isn't It All, Amazingly Interesting ]
What does it mean [ Why Haven't You Actually Figured It Out, Yet ]?

PRESSURE [ Remember, Your Time Is Now Running Out ]
I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale [ Indeed, You'll Somehow Justify It ]
But here you are with your faith [ That, I Don't Factually Exist ]
And your Peter Pan advice [ Living Your Fairy Tale Lives ]
You have no scars on your face [ You Haven't Seen Anything Yet ]
And you cannot handle [ And, You're Already Freaking Out ]

One [ The First Seal Is Long Gone Now ],
Two [ The Second One Is Almost Forgotten ],
Three [ The Third Seal Is Already Upon You ]
Four [ And The Fourth One Is, Now, Almost Here ]
PRESSURE [ It's Time To Make Up Your Own Mind. After All, This Is The Time! ]

If The Popular Hit Song: " Pressure " - isn't actually ' A Hip Hop Prophecy ', then none of them honestly are.... Meanwhile, as far as Hip Hop Prophecies go, this one - Indeed - Truly Grabs Your Attention!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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