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Coming To America, by Neil Diamond, is another excellent Hip Hop Prophecy - by a highly spiritual performer.

Neil Diamond - Coming To America?
While Most Americans wouldn't even consider this particular song to be a potential Hip Hop Prophecy, " They're Coming To America " - by Neil Diamond - most certainly was, just that. The Real Question that everyone should be asking themselves is: " Who were ' They ', that he was actually singing about "? I know, exactly who they factually were... but, do you know who they were?

Why not, listen to the following Hip Hop Prophecy, entitled simply: " Coming To America " - released in 1980, by the ever popular singer/songwriter Neil Diamond... and then, we'll examine those [ seemingly simple ] song lyrics.

America In Prophecy

They're Coming To America
- by: Neil Diamond.

Coming To America - Lyrics By Neil Diamond

Far [ We Are A Long Way From Home ]
We've been traveling far [ The Children Of: Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob ]
Without a home [ Since We All Were Uprooted By Babylon ]
But not without a star [ But Not Without Promises - From Both: Abraham and Isaac ]

Free [ Praise Yahweh, We're Free ]
Only want to be free [ We Came Here Seeking Our Freedom ]
We huddle close [ We Are A Confederacy - One Human Family ]
Hanging on to a dream [ Awaiting Our Return To The Promised Land ]

On the boats and on the planes [ Arriving By Ship And By Air ]
They're Coming To America [ Our Brothers And Sisters Are Still Coming ]
Never looking back again [ These Spiritual Ones Can Only Look Forward ]
They're Coming To America [ Yahweh Is Now Regathering Them ]

Home, don't it seem so far away [ Our Trip To The Promised Land, Is Still A Way Off ]
Oh, we're traveling light today [ But, Our Ship Of State Is Now Picking Up Steam ]
In the eye of the storm [ Right Before The Trouble Comes ]
In the eye of the storm [ Right Before The Trouble Comes ]

Home, to a new and a shiny place [ We Now Have A Nation Of Our Own ]
Make our bed, and we'll say our grace [ Where We Live As We Ourselves Choose ]
Freedom's light burning warm [ Things Are Still Good In America ]
Freedom's light burning warm [ Things Are Still Fine In America ]

Everywhere around the world [ From All Parts Of The World ]
They're Coming To America [ Yahweh Is Gathering His Own People ]
Every time that flag's unfurled [ When They See This Wondrous Place ]
They're Coming To America [ They, Immediately, Desire To Come Here ]

Got a dream to take them there [ The Mighty One Has Given Them A Singular Vision ]
They're Coming To America [ And They Are All Following His Leading ]
Got a dream they've come to share [ And This Vision Is Indeed A Beautiful One ]
They're Coming To America [ So They Are Now Following It, By The Millions ]

They're Coming To America [ Yahweh Himself Is Gathering Them ]
They're Coming To America [ He's Led Them All To One Place ]
They're Coming To America [ The Mighty One  Is Still Factually Gathering Them ]
They're Coming To America [ For His Coming Meeting, Face To Face ]
Today, today, today, today, today [ Come On Brothers, The Doors Are Still Open ]

My country 'tis of thee [ I Pledge Allegiance To This Magnificent Nation ]
(Today) [ Until, Yahweh Takes Us Home ]
Sweet land of liberty [ This Great Nation Of Freedom ]
(today) [ Until The Covenant Is Broken ]
Of thee I sing [ I Truly Love To Proclaim It ]
(today) [ But, There Will Come A Time ]
Of thee I sing [ Oh, How I Love To Proclaim It ]
(today) [ While, We Yet Live On Borrowed Time ]

(today) [ We Live On Borrowed Time ]

(today) [ We Live On Borrowed Time ]

(today) [ We Live On Borrowed Time ]

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As you can see, Coming To America is not, just another Patriotic American Song. In fact, contrary to popular belief, this particular song is far less about America itself, than it is [ about ]: " The Prophetical Birthright Promises "  - Made By Isaac to: Jacob and Esau. I, absolutely, loved this song when I was growing up in high school... and, I love it - even more - today! It was, indeed, A Magnificent Testament to an era now finally closing....

Ahava and Shalom.

{ *** NOTE: A Special Message For Neil. I'm looking forward to one day meeting you. Keep up ' The Good Fight '... and, Praise Yahweh! :@) }

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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