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A quick reference to The Illuminati Symbolism found within The Matrix movie.

The Matrix Codec....
Having finally written down my own philosophical understanding of The Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - in a previous posting - I thought that, a proper explanation of its Illuminati Inspired Symbolism might factually be in order. After all, Encrypted Messages are always easier to decipher - when its recipients [ actually ] possess The True Cryptographic Keys... and, like all prophecies, The Matrix Allegory has been thoroughly encoded within a: Carefully and Cleverly Prefabricated Story - in order to readily disseminate it to another hopefully unnoticed.

{ *** NOTE: Once you have read these definitions, see the article entitled: " Who [ or what ] Is Neo - The Prophesied One - from The Hit Movie: The Matrix? " - that carefully scrutinizes The Architect Scene from within The Movie Matrix. I will, hopefully, get to explain still other scenes in the future... but, I have other things to write upon first. }

Symbolism From The Matrix

The Architect: 
Also known as: " The Grand Architect [ Illuminati ], The Master Builder [ Freemasons ], Satan [ The Holy Bible ], Ba'al [ The Babylonian Empire ], Gott [ Germany ], Odin [ The Vikings ], Zeus [ The Romans ], Jupiter [ The Greeks ], etc... " - The Pagan Sun Deity - described within The Sacred Scriptures as: " Lucifer Star Of The Morning ", and " The Bright And Shining Star ". He is actually: ' The One Who Waged War Against The Archangel Michael In Heaven '.
Babylon's name for Yahweh [ The Mighty One ]: " The God Of: Dreams, Visions, Interpretations, and Spiritual Understanding ". Just as, King Nebudchadnezzar renamed Daniel: " Beltashazzar "; he also renamed Yahweh Himself as: " Morpheus ".
Mark III No.11:
A plate on Morpheus's ship The Nebuchadnezzar bears the inscription: " Mark III No. 11 " - an allusion to The Biblical Scriptures.  Meanwhile, Mark 3:11 simply reads, " Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted, ' You are the Son of God! ' ". Thus, reinforcing The True Identity Of Morpheus as: " The Babylonian God Of Dreams ".
Babylon's name for: " Israel, The Children Of Promise, The Everlasting Covenant With Yahweh, and/or The Promised Land [ itself ] "
The Babylonian name for:
  1. " The Spiritually Confused Children Of Yahweh, The Trinitarian Believers Within Babylon, and Those Spiritually-Minded Sun Worshipers ";
  2. And/Or: " Their Collective Understanding, Social Organizations, and Politically Controlled Resources ".
The Keymaker:
The codename for: " The Spirit Of Yahweh that can factually unlock any door [ including ]: The Sacred Scriptures, The Hidden Symbolism Within Babylon, etc... ".
The Matrix:
The Code Name for: " Babylon The Great, The Combination Of Political And Spiritual Babylon, and/or The Composite Nations That Fully Comprise It ".
The Oracle:
The Babylonian name for: " The Protestant Reformation, The Protestant Churches, and/or Its Various Reformative Movements ".
Red Pill:
The Babylonian name for: " The Second Option, The Difficult Path, Secondary Awareness, or Substantial And Directed Understanding - Utilizing Indirect Matrix Controls ". To ' Take The Red Pill ' is to become: " An Illuminated One " - capable of Free Thinking; but to still be manipulated through other indirect means. [ Even The Red Pill, doesn't offer True Understanding. ]
Blue Pill:
The Babylonian name for: " The First Option, The Easy Path, or Tertiary Awareness - Actually Still Within The Matrix Itself ". To ' Take The Blue Pill ' is to choose Operation Under Subconscious Direction; it is analogous to: Mental Hypnosis, Sleep Walking, or Normative Reactive Thinking.
Councillor Hamann:
A minor character within The Matrix, who speaks with NEO and says: " We Need The Machines " - in his open betrayal of Zion. Meanwhile, In The Bible, Haman conspired to exterminate Yahweh's Own People that were living within Babylon.

Notable Quotes From The Matrix 
  • " Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. "
  • " The Matrix is older than you know [ This Isn't The First Nation Of Babylon - Or, Land Of Confusion ]. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is The Sixth Version [ Not Reincarnation; But, Sequential Historical Empires ]. " 
  • She [ The Mother Of Harlots ] Stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99.9% of all test subjects accepted the program [ Thus, Greatly Expediting This Process ]. 
  • You are here because Zion [ The People Of: Israel, Judah, Joseph, And Their Wild Olive Branches ] Is about to be destroyed [ In One Cataclysmic Battle For World Control ]. Its every living inhabitant terminated [ Even My Own Subjects, Who Dwell There ], Its entire existence eradicated [ By The Forces Of Babylon - The European Union ]. 
  • Denial is the most predictable of all human responses [ In Fact, He Counts On It ]. But, rest assured [ You Can Count Upon This Fact ], This will be the sixth time we have destroyed it [ We've Done It, Before, Several Times ], and we have become exceedingly efficient at it [ And, You People, Are Far Too Stupid To Stop Me ].  
  • The function of The One [ Your Purpose, Jeshurun ] Is now to Return To The Source [ Yahweh, His Scriptures, And The Holy Land ], Allowing a temporary dissemination of The Code You Carry [ To Preach The True Messages Of Yahweh ], Reinserting The Prime Program [ Yahweh's Original Plan For Salvation ].

    No, brothers and sisters, these understandings are not: Accidental, or [ merely ] Coincidental. In fact, when considered along side of all my other: Scriptural, Anecdotal, Historical, and Political Research - it merely represents Another Important Confirmation of what's Now Factually Coming. You had better Wake Up!

    Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


    1. get your facts straight. it lowers the credibility of your work

      1. Despite the fact, that responding anonymously lowers the credibility of your own personal response, I would gladly ask you: " Which Facts Are, Actually, In Doubt? ".

        Is it possible for you [ so called ] " Enlightened Ones " to provide us [ admittedly ] " Ignorant Ones " something other than such a meaningless response? After all, anyone can say: " Get Your Facts Straight " - even, when they - themselves - know absolutely nothing at all!

        So, if you don't mind, then how about some specifics?

    2. first thing. i don't have a account through channels i can publish it. by the way my name is stefan vegvary and no longer anonymous. as to get your facts straight.i enjoy reading thesis which are in their source correct.but make stupid mistakes as mixing up the roman and greek gods names puts me off reading it till the end. i'm not saying i know everything but something i know i hold to it and i just got to the matrix movie because i'm starting to put the pieces together and simple mistakes like that don't help. i like to hold onto little things have a happy new year

      1. Oh, I see.... Well, I did make a mistake - indeed: A Very Stupid and Careless One - since, I know exactly what you're now truthfully talking about. I wrote: " Zeus [ The Romans ], Jupiter [ The Greeks ] " - when, in fact, it should have been: " Zeus [ The Greeks ], Jupiter [ The Romans ] ".....

        Please forgive, my own personal error! In fact, I admit, that it is a particularly egregious one. However:
        - It Was Very Late In The Night...
        - I Was Undoubtedly Tired, As Always...
        - And, I Sometimes Get Mixed Up When I'm Sleepy...

        But, please explain: " How Does That Alter The Overall Truth Within This Particular Article? " You see, dear brothers and sisters, I don't have any budget for an editor... ergo, ' You Are The Editors ' - through the comments that you make... and, I am only as good as you may assist me in being!

        Tragically, upon your own part, it took exactly one year for you to spot this one singular trifle... in, an otherwise impeccable article.

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      1. I do, in fact, get a lot of spam responses... as well as: The Occasional Nasty Response, Personal Attacks (or, Character Assassination ), and A Whole Lot Of Repetitive Non-Scripturally Verifiable Statements . But, I take this all in stride, since What Else Can You Do!

        My own solution, has been to ( factually ): Read All Of Them, Respond When Appropriate, and Publish The Ones That Are Socially Acceptable. However, if something doesn't pertain to my own writings or articles, then it simply doesn't get published.

        For Instance:

        " Believe it or not, I read your blog quite frequently... and, that's why I'm so interested in Home Remodeling. You see, in New Construction, it is extremely important to make the right choices the first time! Yada... yada... yada....

        Now, call me crazy... but, what does that have to do with: Biblical Prophecy, Analyzing Our Own Popular Stories, or Seeking Out The Truth Before Its Too Late? Absolutely Nothing! so, I just delete it....

        Meanwhile, of course, I published this one for several reasons.
        #1 - This is a common problem in blogging.
        #2 - It is obvious, that you are very sincere.
        #3 - And, others might benefit from this knowledge.


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