Sunday, January 8, 2012

A quick reference to The Illuminati Symbolism found within The Matrix movie.

The Matrix Codec....
Having finally written down my own philosophical understanding of The Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - in a previous posting - I thought that, a proper explanation of its Illuminati Inspired Symbolism might factually be in order. After all, Encrypted Messages are always easier to decipher - when its recipients [ actually ] possess The True Cryptographic Keys... and, like all prophecies, The Matrix Allegory has been thoroughly encoded within a: Carefully and Cleverly Prefabricated Story - in order to readily disseminate it to another hopefully unnoticed.

{ *** NOTE: Once you have read these definitions, see the article entitled: " Who [ or what ] Is Neo - The Prophesied One - from The Hit Movie: The Matrix? " - that carefully scrutinizes The Architect Scene from within The Movie Matrix. I will, hopefully, get to explain still other scenes in the future... but, I have other things to write upon first. }

Symbolism From The Matrix

The Architect: 
Also known as: " The Grand Architect [ Illuminati ], The Master Builder [ Freemasons ], Satan [ The Holy Bible ], Ba'al [ The Babylonian Empire ], Gott [ Germany ], Odin [ The Vikings ], Zeus [ The Romans ], Jupiter [ The Greeks ], etc... " - The Pagan Sun Deity - described within The Sacred Scriptures as: " Lucifer Star Of The Morning ", and " The Bright And Shining Star ". He is actually: ' The One Who Waged War Against The Archangel Michael In Heaven '.
Babylon's name for Yahweh [ The Mighty One ]: " The God Of: Dreams, Visions, Interpretations, and Spiritual Understanding ". Just as, King Nebudchadnezzar renamed Daniel: " Beltashazzar "; he also renamed Yahweh Himself as: " Morpheus ".
Mark III No.11:
A plate on Morpheus's ship The Nebuchadnezzar bears the inscription: " Mark III No. 11 " - an allusion to The Biblical Scriptures.  Meanwhile, Mark 3:11 simply reads, " Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted, ' You are the Son of God! ' ". Thus, reinforcing The True Identity Of Morpheus as: " The Babylonian God Of Dreams ".
Babylon's name for: " Israel, The Children Of Promise, The Everlasting Covenant With Yahweh, and/or The Promised Land [ itself ] "
The Babylonian name for:
  1. " The Spiritually Confused Children Of Yahweh, The Trinitarian Believers Within Babylon, and Those Spiritually-Minded Sun Worshipers ";
  2. And/Or: " Their Collective Understanding, Social Organizations, and Politically Controlled Resources ".
The Keymaker:
The codename for: " The Spirit Of Yahweh that can factually unlock any door [ including ]: The Sacred Scriptures, The Hidden Symbolism Within Babylon, etc... ".
The Matrix:
The Code Name for: " Babylon The Great, The Combination Of Political And Spiritual Babylon, and/or The Composite Nations That Fully Comprise It ".
The Oracle:
The Babylonian name for: " The Protestant Reformation, The Protestant Churches, and/or Its Various Reformative Movements ".
Red Pill:
The Babylonian name for: " The Second Option, The Difficult Path, Secondary Awareness, or Substantial And Directed Understanding - Utilizing Indirect Matrix Controls ". To ' Take The Red Pill ' is to become: " An Illuminated One " - capable of Free Thinking; but to still be manipulated through other indirect means. [ Even The Red Pill, doesn't offer True Understanding. ]
Blue Pill:
The Babylonian name for: " The First Option, The Easy Path, or Tertiary Awareness - Actually Still Within The Matrix Itself ". To ' Take The Blue Pill ' is to choose Operation Under Subconscious Direction; it is analogous to: Mental Hypnosis, Sleep Walking, or Normative Reactive Thinking.
Councillor Hamann:
A minor character within The Matrix, who speaks with NEO and says: " We Need The Machines " - in his open betrayal of Zion. Meanwhile, In The Bible, Haman conspired to exterminate Yahweh's Own People that were living within Babylon.

Notable Quotes From The Matrix 
  • " Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. "
  • " The Matrix is older than you know [ This Isn't The First Nation Of Babylon - Or, Land Of Confusion ]. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is The Sixth Version [ Not Reincarnation; But, Sequential Historical Empires ]. " 
  • She [ The Mother Of Harlots ] Stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99.9% of all test subjects accepted the program [ Thus, Greatly Expediting This Process ]. 
  • You are here because Zion [ The People Of: Israel, Judah, Joseph, And Their Wild Olive Branches ] Is about to be destroyed [ In One Cataclysmic Battle For World Control ]. Its every living inhabitant terminated [ Even My Own Subjects, Who Dwell There ], Its entire existence eradicated [ By The Forces Of Babylon - The European Union ]. 
  • Denial is the most predictable of all human responses [ In Fact, He Counts On It ]. But, rest assured [ You Can Count Upon This Fact ], This will be the sixth time we have destroyed it [ We've Done It, Before, Several Times ], and we have become exceedingly efficient at it [ And, You People, Are Far Too Stupid To Stop Me ].  
  • The function of The One [ Your Purpose, Jeshurun ] Is now to Return To The Source [ Yahweh, His Scriptures, And The Holy Land ], Allowing a temporary dissemination of The Code You Carry [ To Preach The True Messages Of Yahweh ], Reinserting The Prime Program [ Yahweh's Original Plan For Salvation ].

    No, brothers and sisters, these understandings are not: Accidental, or [ merely ] Coincidental. In fact, when considered along side of all my other: Scriptural, Anecdotal, Historical, and Political Research - it merely represents Another Important Confirmation of what's Now Factually Coming. You had better Wake Up!

    Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!