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Do The Holy Scriptures ever mention The Matrix, by that particular name?

The Matrix - It's, In There...!
While we have clearly established that, The Popular Hit Movie: " The Matrix " - clearly references The End Time Prophetical Scriptures... and, noticeably, with respect to The Impending Destruction Of Zion... the most interesting question still remains: Do The Prophetical Scriptures [ themselves ] ever mention The Matrix? If we're already living within The Matrix; and Satan is [ indeed ] The Grand Architect; then surely The Prophetical Scriptures must make some sort of reference to it.  After all, it's only logical that it would, since The Scriptures clearly state:
" Yahweh The Mighty One does nothing; unless He first reveals the matter, to His servants the prophets. " - Amos 3:7.
The Matrix Is There Within The Scriptures

So, where in The Scriptures can we, truthfully, find any references to ' The Matrix '? It's found in The Book Of Isaiah - where it is [ actually ] speaking of the long-prophesied: End Times, and Regathering Of Israel! My, what A Highly-Strange Coincidence? Why don't we just read it, for ourselves....

Isaiah Chapter 44, Says:
" Yet hear now, O Jacob My servant [ You Entire House Of Israel ], And Israel [ You Ten Specific Tribes Of Israel ] whom I have chosen [ Now, Living Within North America ].
Thus says The Mighty One who made you [ In The Act Of Physical Creation ] And formed you [ By Now Opening Your Eyes ] from within The Matrix [ That Land Of Confusion ] of your own mother's womb [ The Mother Of Harlots ]; And who will help you [ In Your Coming Battle Against Her ]: ' Fear Not, O Jacob, My servant [ You Children Of Promise ]; And you Jeshurun [ My Own Watchman ], whom I have chosen [ To Properly Lead Them ].
For I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will pour water [ The Holy Spirit ] upon Him [ Jeshurun ] who is thirsty [ Extremely Desirous Of All Of My Own Knowledge ], And floods [ Of New Understanding ] upon the dry ground [ Where Those Evil Shepherds Have Not Factually Done Their Job ]; I will pour My Spirit upon your descendants [ Those Who Are Genetically Descended From Israel ], and My Blessing upon your offspring [ The Wild Olive Branches Then Dwelling Among You ];
They will spring up among The Grass [ Those Who Are Then Perishing ], Like Willows [ Those Rich And Lush Water Plants ] by The Watercourses [ Found Along The Rivers ]. ' " - Isaiah 44:1-4.

Lucifer is: " The Grand Architect ".
You will notice that, The Prophet Isaiah clearly references: " The Matrix of your own mother's womb [ The Mother Of Harlots ] "... while, The Grand Architect [ Lucifer, Himself ] also references this very same entity - when he, so clearly, states:
" If I [ Lucifer - The Sun God - Call Me Whatever You Choose ]
Am The Father [ Or, The Factual Creator ]
Of The Matrix [ The Systemic Confusion All Around You - Known Simply As Babylon ], 
She [ The Immoral Woman ]
Would undoubtedly be Its Mother [ The One Who, Factually, Gives Birth To It ]. " - excerpt taken from: The Movie Matrix.

But, What Of The Prophesied One?

Meanwhile, of course, he is talking to ' The Prophesied One ' - who shall, personally, lead them out of The Matrix. Does The Prophet Isaiah ever mention such a person? Of course, he does.... In fact, he very clearly states:
" Fear Not, O Jacob, My servant [ You Children Of Promise ]; And you Jeshurun [ My Own Watchman ], whom I have chosen [ To Properly Lead Them  ]." - Isaiah 44:2

More importantly, however, The Prophet Isaiah has [ actually ] dedicated four entire chapters to: The End Time Prophet Jeshurun, and The Timely Messages That He Shall Provide To You. Chapters 40 through 44, all, clearly relate to this ' One Prophesied Watchman Of Israel '. While: " The Truth Is, Often, Stranger Than Fiction " - it is, None-The-Less True! What else, can be said?

So, why don't The Rest Of Those [ self-proclaimed ]: " End Time Prophets ", and/or: " Prophecy Sites " - Properly Understand and Teach These Things? Because, they're just another part of: " The One True Program [ The Matrix, Itself ] ".... Isn't that, honestly, obvious yet? Don't you remember what The Architect, himself, actually told you:
  • " The Function Of The One [ Your Purpose, Jeshurun ] Is now to Return To The Source [ Yahweh, His Scriptures, And The Holy Land ]
  • Allowing a temporary dissemination of The Code That You Carry [ To Teach The True Messages Of Yahweh ]
  • Reinserting The Prime Program [ Yahweh's Original Plan For Salvation, Known Simply As: ' The Eternal Covenant ' ]. "
{ *** NOTE: Remember: Lucifer and His Servants - can only lie to you consciously, because they have already told you ' The Truth ' - utilizing These Subliminal Messages first. Otherwise, they'd be violating The Rules Of The Game... and, you would very quickly ' Begin To Wake Up '! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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