Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love is An Action... it isn't An Emotion, like so many of us foolishly think!

What Is Love... and, how do we practice it?
One of the things that trips many believers up, is The Concept Of True Love... mainly, because they have No Real Idea of [ exactly ] What It Is! In fact, there are currently Two Very Distinct Ideas About It. While one group: Observes The Letter Of The Law and Totally Ignores The Spirit [ in which it was written ] - the other group: Completely Disregards It and Presumptively Relies Upon Grace [ after all, Yahweh loves everyone; and, therefore, He certainly wouldn't judge them ]. But, Are Either Of These Groups Actually Right?

In fact, What Is Love... and, what does keeping A Set Of Arbitrary Rules - honestly - have to do with it? Take, for instance, the very simple commandment of: " Thou Shalt Not Kill ". Can such a commandment [ truthfully ] be kept?

What If: 
  • Someone Is Trying To Kill You?
  • Or, Even, Threatening To Kill Others?
Now, some people will honestly state: " It's Always Wrong To Kill Another Human Being "... but, is it really? And, What's Their Own Argument Based Upon?  Of course, they'll always state: " You Cannot Kill Someone If You Truly Do Love Them "! But, is this True? Can you kill someone, that You Honestly Do Love? That's a very interesting question; and, if you'll truthfully stick with me, I'll Provide You The Correct Answer - from A Purely Logical Standpoint....

Love Is An Action, Not An Emotion

True Love: Never Fails!
The first thing to know about love, is that Love Isn't An Emotion at all... nor, could it ever be! If Love were an emotion, then it would be totally predicated upon Your Own Momentary And Transitory Feelings... and, be strictly Conditional Based Upon Them. But, True Love can only be given; and not earned; no matter how much, that we may factually desire it. You Cannot Make Another Human Being Love You... and, likewise, They Can't Make You Love Them! In all reality, Love: Either Exists, or It Doesn't... it cannot be forcefully coerced.

But, If Love Is An Action, then it logically requires A Totally Arbitrary Decision Process - upon the part of: Each and Every Participant Involved! For instance: I Must Choose Whether Or Not To Love Someone, I Must Choose How To Properly Display It, and I Must Follow It Through - with real human actions. Otherwise, It Isn't Really Love... now, is it?

The Act Of Love, Requires A True Effort!

We cannot [ truly ] Love Someone, without honestly displaying it to them! If we love someone, then: We Will Want What's Best For Them, Will Actively Attempt To Promote It, and Will Seek Out Their Own Best Possible Resolution.

For Instance:
  • We'll Physically Attempt To Protect Them...
  • We'll Provide For Their Own Needs...
  • And, We'll Display Our Own Interest In Thousands Of Real Ways....
If they're hungry, then We'll Feed Them... if they're poorly attired, then We'll Clothe Them... if they're drowning, then We'll Save Them... and, if they're dying, then We'll Help Them Get Through It! That's just the way, that True Love is Honestly Expressed... is it not? Once again, I will remind you, that Love Is An Action... and, All Actions absolutely require: Arbitrary, Decisive, and Conscious Human Effort!

What If, Someone Is Trying To Kill Them?

Whom Do We: Choose To Love?
Do we: Just Stand By and Let It Happen? After all, Evil People Deserve Love Too... don't they? And, How Can We Love Them, without displaying some sort of: Lawful Deference, and/or Spiritual Preference - to our own personal loved one? But, of course, in such an instance Someone Is Going To Die - either way - whether we like it, or not... and, more importantly, we're going to [ seemingly ]: " Love One Person Over The Other ".

Therefore, do we display our own love to:  " The Evil Person [ by allowing it to factually happen ] ", or " Our Own Loved One [ by attempting to truthfully stop it ] "... or, do we simply take The Easy Way Out; and, therefore, do absolutely nothing Out Of Our Own Overriding Fear... and, if we do, Can We Just Blame It Upon Love? You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Mere Presence Of Evil [ actually ] forces us To Make An Actual Decision! Because, someone is going to die; and we're going to factually choose: One Side, or The Other....

What Should We Base, That Decision Upon?

Whose Body Was Lying Here?
Do We Choose: The Defenseless Person, The Colored Person, The Spiritual Person, The Homeless Person, or The Poor Person - over: The Rapist, The Racist, The Zealot, The Powerful, and The Wealthy? Because, We'll Honestly Have To Choose. In all reality, The Only Right Answer Is Founded Upon Love... you see, dear brothers and sisters, True Love Can Only Choose To Serve Justice - because: True Love Promotes Social Harmony and The Evil Person Stands Squarely Against It! In essence, All Forms Of Love are founded upon The Inerrant Principles Of True Societal Harmony....

Thus, It Was Written:
" How long will you [ My Own Children ] judge unjustly [ Ignore My Own Proper Example ], And show partiality [ Undue Deference, Or Outright Favoritism ] to the wicked [ Those Who Practice: Selfishness, Disharmony, Hatred, and Lawlessness ]?
Defend the poor [ those who are honestly needy ] and the fatherless [ those who have no one else to protect them ]; Do justice to [ look out for ] the afflicted [ the socially downtrodden ] and the needy [ those who have nothing else to fall back upon ].
Deliver [ rescue from their trouble ] the poor [ those who can't provide any benefit to you ] and the needy [ those who are in true need of justice ]; Free them [ or release them ] from the hand [ the physical powers and constraints ] of the wicked [ the ones who unjustly dominate them ]. " - Psalm 82:2-4.
In fact, We're Factually Required To Intervene! We cannot practice either: True Love, Lawful Obedience, or Spiritual Harmony - by: Our Own Indecision, or Human Gutlessness - while, Allowing Others To Come To Harm. That isn't, what Yahweh-Hushua - Himself - actually died for....

The Same Principle: Applies To Yourself!

But, What About Martyrdom...?
Believe it, or not, The Same Inerrant Principle Applies To Yourself... you cannot, truly, love others - Without Seeking Your Own Personal Harmony! Why? Because, your own unwarranted Acceptance Of  Disharmony further establishes: Societal Precedence and Openly Invites Future Abuse. By doing so, You're Not Promoting Love; and, in fact, You're Standing Up Against It! Consequently, the real question is essentially When To Stand Up....

Sometimes, Standing Up For Yourself will only serve to increase The Overall Social Disharmony... and, at other times, It Will Be Just The Opposite! Ultimately, you'll [ also ] Have To Make That Decision for yourself - based upon The Inerrant Principles Of Love. Meanwhile, however, True Societal Harmony absolutely requires the exercising of Proper Spiritual Balance in all things.

While One Dignified Death can truthfully provide A Powerful Statement, to those honestly witnessing it... there is no actual requirement, upon anyone, to factually do so! And, particularly, when A More Harmonious Avenue is honestly available [ ie, fewer people would die by factually preventing it ]. In fact, that's why Psalm 82, plainly states:
" I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] said, ' You [ the people of earth ] are mighty ones [ My Own Children ], And all of you [ o people of earth ] are children [ less mature and subservient versions ] of The Most High [ Me ].
But [ Because You Judge Wrongly ] you shall die like men [ mortal creations ], and fall [ be cast downward into the pit ] like one of the princes [ Lucifer and His Own Angels ].
Arise, O Mighty One [ Yahweh ], judge the earth [ and, all who are in it ]; For You [ The High And Mighty One ] shall inherit all nations [ Shall Rule Over Them With A Rod Of Iron ]. " - Psalm 82:6-8.
Praise Yah, someone liberated Dachau!
You are not Under Any Spiritual Compulsion to just merrily March To Your Own Death! To believe otherwise, is utter ignorance.... The Answer is to: Love Everyone, Exercise Proper Judgment, Seek Justice Whenever Humanly Possible, and Promote The Spiritual Harmony Of Everyone... and yes, sometimes, You Will Have To Kill Someone To Factually Achieve It - if, it is truthfully necessary! Indeed, it is just as they all say: " There Is An Exception To Every Rule "....

In the end: The Spiritual, Loving, and Harmonious Path - " Veers neither: To The Left [ Pursuing Absolute Licentiousness ], nor To The Right [ A Strict Form Of Legalism ] "; but rather, It Travels Straight Up The Middle [ And, Promotes True Spiritual Balance ] - just like, Yahweh Himself!

True Harmony: The Purest Expression Of Love!

Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies...?
Meanwhile, By Promoting True Spiritual Harmony, we are essentially Loving Everyone Around Us [ equally ]... even, The Evil Ones - who, themselves, would do harm to all others! While they might not appreciate our own personal decision ' To Finally Stand Up Against Them ', we are actually doing so Out Of Pure Love....

Besides, let's - truthfully - face it: Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies aren't [ actually ] Human anyway... and, any real resemblance Is Purely Illusionary! After all, they're not going to spare us... because, to them, We're Just The Cattle. Ergo, if we can Lovingly Wake Them Up, then we should [ truthfully ] Make Every Spiritual Effort To Do So... but, when they Finally Do Attack Us, then we must [ equally ]: Defend Ourselves and Each-Other With: " Absolute And Total Conviction "!

Do you see, How Simple That Is?
{ *** NOTE: It has been written, that: " The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth "... but, shouldn't we be - honestly - asking ourselves: " Who Are The Meek " - Really?}

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Frank this is jose, i have to say that this article is by far the best ive ever read on your blog or even in my life. You always ask us to sit and read your blogs at home when we visit you and honestly i read them but i dont really understand them so its hard to enjoy them but this one article i enjoyed from begining to end and your 100% right about the matter most people dont know what love really is and most people dont know when someone trully loves them, i guess in this generation its all about who gives you the most gifts or lets you do what you want even if its wrong. Well im still at work but i just had to leave you a comment on this one. Great job on the article and you should get a job writing for people you would make alot of money. One more thing before i say goodbye i just wanted to know what was on your mind when you wrote this because it sounds like you put alot of filings into this....

    1. @ Jose.

      Lt. Col. Robert NeVille is totally immune to The Virus himself; and, he [ alone ] knows that... since, everyone else is already infected and have lost their own individual humanity [ the love inside, that makes them all truly human ].

      And, he takes from what He himself has, attempting over and over - to devise some form of Human Vaccine. But, alas, each of these times he continues to fail... and, The Zombies cannot perceive that: He Alone Truly Loves Them!

      But, never fear, He will find The Cure... after all, He Is Legend!


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