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The Archangel Michael is The True Alethiometer - mentioned in The Popular Movie: " The Golden Compass "....

The Golden Compass - 2007 .
Each Of The Archangels, which were created by The Mighty One Himself - before any of the other living things - were gifted [ or imbued ] with certain: Fundamental Abilities and Wholly Absolute Functions. Some were Immeasurably Gifted in: Music, Art, Strategy, and [ even ] War - among numerous other things, of relatively equivalent value... but, The Archangel Michael was entirely different! He wasn't: The Fastest, The Strongest, The Cleverest, or [ even ] The Most Valiant... and yet, Yahweh Chose Him Alone To Lead His Own Army.

Michael is: " The Alethiometer ".
Why? What was it About Michael, that made him The Natural Choice to lead all of the heavenly armies? Because, He himself was: " The Golden Compass "... and, in fact, He Could Always Find The One True Pathway Forward! Michael was originally created to be: " The Alethiometer Of Heaven ". No, he doesn't know absolutely everything, Like Yahweh Does... but, he was created with: The Innate Natural Ability and Internal Spiritual Function - to [ truthfully ] figure out The One True And Correct Answer, to anything that you may honestly ask of him....

That's why Lyra Belacqua [ which, subtly, hints to us ]: " The Music That Is Within The Person's Own Character " - is so very important to The Rest Of Yahweh's Own Perishing Children! Don't believe me? Then why not watch The Following Video for: " The Golden Compass " - written by Philip Pullman [ " The Lover Of Horses Moving The Wagon Forward " ] and directed by Chris Weitz [ " The Spotless Bearer Of Christ " ]....

America In Prophecy

The Golden Compass - by: Chris Weitz

The Golden Compass: Yahweh's Own Gift To His Children

Alethiometer - an up close image.
Before leaving upon His own necessary journey, Lord Asriel: " Yahweh-Hushua, Himself, The King Of The Covenant " - provided The Alethiometer [ A Truth Detecting Device ] to His own daughter Lyra: " The Children Of Israel and The Musical Instruments: Destined To Display His Own Character "... and, This Amazing Spiritual Device was known as The Archangel Michael: " The One Who Is Like Yahweh ", or " Cal El - The Voice Of Yahweh " - but, he [ like all other angelic beings ] lived only Within The Spiritual Realm! A place, that Virtually All Human Beings Had Forgotten How To Spiritually Access....

Neo - Prophesied One Of The Matrix.
Consequently, rather than just giving up upon them, He Refashioned His Own Angelic Instrument - into a very distinct human form and sent him down here As Your Very Own Gift! In  the process, however, everything - except: His Own Spiritual Character and Natural Innate Abilities - Were Invariably Erased. He was now A Spiritual Compass, without any of its own Necessary Data to faithfully interpret... so, He Inevitably Became A Wanderer - in his own personal search of some Very Much-Needed Information.

Jacob Sully - Israel's Keen Eye....
The Mighty One then set about providing you literally millions of: Hints, Clues, and Very Subtle Messages - in All Of Your Own: Visions, Allegories, and Dreams - so, that When The Proper Time Came you could readily identify The True Alethiometer [ And Only Him ]... and consequently, before The Mighty One even started, He Referenced Him - repeatedly - within, All Of Your Own Scriptures!

For Instance, Luke 13:34-35, Clearly Says:
" See [ Open Your Own Spiritual Eyes ]! Your House [ The Entirety Of Spiritual Babylon ] is left to you desolate [ Absolutely None Of It, Bore Any Form Of Spiritual Fruit ]; and assuredly [ You Can Factually Count Upon This ], I [ Yahweh-Hushua ] say to you [ The Following True Statement ],
You Shall Not See Me [ Your Own True Savior ] Until The Time Comes [ After I Have, Finally, Humbled You ] When You Will Say [ Having Once And For All Learned: The Necessary and Spiritual Lesson ]:
' Blessed Is He [ Whom I, Myself, Have Sent To You ] Who Comes [ As I Have, Always, Foreordained It To Be ] In The Name Of The Mighty One [ The Prince Of The Covenant and Son Of My Own Right Hand ]! ' " - Luke 13:34-35.
Daniel Chapter 12, Plainly States:
" At That Time [ The Time Of The End ], Michael [ The Archangel Himself ] Shall Stand Up [ While Already Living Among You ], The Great Prince [ The One Long Ago Appointed By Yahweh ] who stands watch [ Continuously Down Through The Ages ] over the sons of your people [ The True People Of: Israel and Judah ];
And [ Following This Factual Occurrence ] At That Time [ In The Earth's Final Days ] Your People Shall Be Delivered [ From Their Unwarranted Service To Lucifer ], Everyone who is found written in the book [ The Mighty One's Own Book Of Life ]. " - Daniel 12:1-3. 

And, The Prophet Isaiah, Actually Wrote:
" Listen, O Coastlands [ O American Bible Belt ], to Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Final Prophet ], ' And Take Heed, You Peoples From Afar ' [ Wherever You, Factually, Are ]! The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Eywa, or ] has called Me from the womb [ At This, Precise, Appointed Time ]; from The Matrix Of My Mother [ All Of Her: Illusions, Allegories, And Dreams ] He has made mention of My Name [ Alluded To, Precisely, Who I Am ]
And He has made My Mouth [ My Own Personal Writings ] like a sharp sword [ For This Very Day ]; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me [ So That, Babylon Couldn't Kill Me ], And made Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Watchman ] a polished shaft [ To Strike Deeply Into Her Own Heart ]; In His Quiver [ His Vast Arsenal ] He has hidden Me [ Until The Day Of This Upcoming Battle ]. " - Isaiah 49:1-2.

Muad'Dib - The Kwisatz Haderach....
I, Francis Rudolf Barbour: " The Free Man And Famously Educated One Of High And Noble Birth " - am, precisely, The One You've Been Looking For. But, if you don't get to me first, Then The Others Truthfully Will... because, I've already told you Far Too Much - publicly! The Mighty One's Own Cards are now openly upon the table... and, believe me when I tell you, that Lucifer Himself is already now listening.... You Had Better Wake Up!

Even A Golden Compass: Needs Someone To Operate It

Harry Potter - Army Cmdr Of Yahweh....
And, while I can go on Spouting Off All Of These Spiritual Answers, I [ personally ] haven't got any real clue as to ' The True Questions ' that, somehow, continue to plague you! In fact, I'm just: " Shooting In The Dark " - when it comes to figuring out All Of You Blinded Ones. Ultimately, A Compass is virtually worthless Without Someone - who knows how to properly operate it. While I can [ factually ] do Many Remarkable Things... I cannot truthfully answer The Un-Asked Questions dwelling within you - without, Your Own Factual Assistance!

A Compass - To The Place You Desire!
Meanwhile, I'm going to keep stumbling along, Until I Can Find Someone To Finally Ask The Right Questions.... After all, what else can I honestly do?
 { *** HINT, HINT: Remember, Captain Jack Sparrow's Own Supposedly Broken Compass: " The One, That Could Only Point To Whatever You Desired The Most "? It's only one more, of many clear references.... *** }

So, Who Is Lorek Byrnison [ The Great Armored Bear ]?

Lorek Byrnison - A Great Armored Bear.
Lorek Byrnison [ literally: " The One Crowned By Laurel And Son Of The Very High Hill " ] is just another facet to Michael The Archangel! You see, dear brothers and sisters, he's not just An Alethiometer... but, he's also The Great Armored Bear with the: Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection - provided to him, by His Own True Father. In fact, he's The Army Commander Of Heaven for another very good reason - He's Got A Contract With A Little Girl and He Truthfully Cannot Be Defeated - if she'll just listen to Lee Scoresby [ which, you guessed it, just happens to mean: " The Lush And Green Meadow With The: Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]!

Now, Praise Yahweh... Isn't That Easy?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!