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Hosea Chapter 4 prophetically documents The Results Of Your Own Spiritual Rejection!

The Follies Of Both: Israel and Judah....
In Hosea Chapter 4 [ verses 4-6 ], we read about The Very Real Consequences of: Israel's Ongoing Spiritual Rebellion... and, thus it was invariably written: 
" Now let no man contend [ Start Quarrels ], or reprove another [ Based Upon Your Continuing Spiritual Ignorance ], For your people [ O, You, Constantly: Rebellious And Insolent Ones ] are like those who contend with [ Or: Continually Argue With, Repeatedly Insult, And Earnestly Strive Against ] The Priest [ The One Whom I Have Factually Chosen  ].
Therefore [ Because, You Have Rejected Him ], You Shall Stumble [ Face Your Own Troubling Difficulties ] In The Day [ The Time Of Jacob's Prophesied Trouble ]; The Prophet [ The One Whom I Have Set Over You ] Shall Also Stumble [ Facing His Own Spiritual Difficulties ] with you In The Night [ While, Faithfully, Reasoning With You ]; And I Will Destroy Your Mother [ That Spiritual Abomination Before Me ]
My Own People [ The Ones Whom I Have Planted ] are destroyed [ Among All Of Their Paganized Churches ] for The Lack Of Knowledge [ Being Provided By My Own Servant ]. Because You Have Rejected Knowledge [ That I, Myself, Have Painstakingly Given You ], I Will Also Reject You [ The Spiritually Ignorant Ones ] From Being Priest For Me [ In Sharing My Own Truths To The World ]; Because You Have Forgotten The Law Of Your Mighty One [ That Has Been So Carefully Written Down ], I Also Will Forget Your Children [ Blot Them Out Of My Own Book Of Life ]. " - Hosea 4:4-6.

Being Human, Has Its Drawbacks.
Indeed, even as I type this, I Am Spiritually Stumbling... in fact, while I am talking to you, My Own New Wife has finally walked out the door - based upon Your Own Stubborn Hard-Heartedness! You see, brothers and sisters, she's no different than the rest of you. She simply believes, as the rest of you do, that The Truth is somehow contingent upon how many people are honestly listening... and, You Have Neither: Supported This Ministry [ through your own financial donations ], Provided The Much-Needed Links [ to get the message out to so many others ], or Even Left The Occasional Encouraging Comment [ to justify my own gargantuan physical and spiritual efforts ].

What Can I Say, It Happens....
Meanwhile, of course: I Am Currently Unemployed, Our Home Is In Substantial Need Of Repair, The Truth Has To Rapidly Get Out, Real Preparations Have To Be Made, and [ indeed ] My Own Wife Concentrates Far Too Much Upon Our Transitioning World [ as do the vast majority of you ]... and, consequently, She Vehemently Resents All That I Have Done For You! And, while I can truthfully understand the future, I can equally relate to her own personal feelings of righteous resentment. Ultimately, you have forced me to choose: Between Serving Yahweh Himself, and The Wife Whom I Love! And, since The Scripture very plainly states:
" Assuredly I say to you [ This Is A Verifiable Truth ], that in The Regeneration [ When The Earth Is Completely Renewed ], and when The Son Of Man [ Yahweh-Hushua ] sits upon The Throne Of His Glory [ The Mercy Seat In The Restored Temple Of Jerusalem ], you who have followed Me [ Rather Than, The Mere Follies Of Men ] will also sit upon Twelve Thrones [ As The True Elders Of Israel ], judging The Twelve Tribes Of Israel [ Who Lack Such Necessary Wisdom ].
And everyone who has left: Houses [ Such As My Own, In Its Poor State Of Repair ], or Brothers [ The One Who Currently Rejects Me ], or Sisters, or Father, or Mother, or Wife [ The One Who Walked Out Today ], or Children [ The Ones Who've Long Ago Rejected Me ], or Lands [ Like The Properties In Arkansas, Now Going Into Final Default ] - For My Name's Sake [ In Serving After The One True Kingdom Of Yahweh ] - shall receive A Hundred Fold [ Far Greater Earthly Rewards ], and Inherit Everlasting Life [ Just As I Have, Always, Promised To You ].
But [ Because Of Your Own Continual Hard-Heartedness ], many Who Are First [ The Genetically Born Children Of Abraham ] will be Last [ In Receiving Virtually No Earthly Reward ], and The Last [ Those Spiritually Observant Children Of Babylon ] shall be First [ Dispensing Their Own Judgments Upon Them ]. " - Mathew 19:28-30
Only One Hand, can start The Reaction....
In The End, therefore, I have No Viable Alternative... after all: I Am The Sole True Watchman, and You Are His Own Disinterested Sheep! Though it costs me everything, that I personally possess, I cannot factually do otherwise... because, There Is No One Else that can honestly do it. The Spiritual Reactor just wasn't [ truthfully ] designed for any other hand... and, the inescapable alternative is Our Eventual Human Extinction!

You had better honestly face it, Lucifer isn't playing around, folks... and, neither are His Own Spiritual Children! And, that's why...

We Read So Many Song Lyrics, Like This One: 
" Clash of demonic religions [ You Have Control Of The World's Powerful Religions ]
hatred the human divine [ And Pit Them Against One Another ]
Despotic aggressors [ You Have Control Of All Their Own Governments ]
in triumph they reign [ And The Armies That They Wield ]
Fanatics bring mayhem to life [ You Have Created The Spirits Of Hatred And Chaos ]
War of all wars [ The Fourth Seal Now Swiftly Approaches ],
foreseen before [ Just As The Scriptures Have Truthfully Told Us ]
Freedoms foundations [ The Underpinnings Of Brotherly Law ]
exist no more [ Have Been Cast Completely Aside ]
A genocide nightmare [ Everyone Has Been Set Against One Another ]
the darkest of days [ The Time Of Our Destruction Draws Near ]
Chaos devours all [ Total Confusion Now Reigns ]
as hope and pride fades [ And The Earth Grows Increasingly Desperate ]
Total carnage [ No Mercy Shall Be Exhibited ]
sudden death [ No Protections Shall Stand ]
Sent from a morbid mind possessed [ Your Own Anti-Christ Has Now Spoken ]
A godless mecca now awaits [ The World Is Filled Completely With Darkness ]
as hellish flames desecrates [ As Your Own Sacrifice Of Flesh Is Demanded ] "
- an excerpt from: Enemy Of God by Kreator.

Time Is Running Out, Folks....
Am I Growing Impatient With You? You bet... after all: I've Invested Everything In You, and You Have Yet To Do Anything For Me. While you, continually, claim that: " You Would Do Anything To Meet Yahweh Halfway " - He's already sent His Own Servant, right here, among you... with, Thousands Of Sources To Truthfully Confirm It... and: You Won't Even Open Your Own Eyes, or [ even ] Take The Necessary Time To Confirm It! In the meantime, I'm Growing Exceptionally Weary of continually striving against so many of you - Without Any Real Positive Results....

By this point, I've provided you ' More Valuable Truth ' upon this one simple blog, than could ever be found within The Entire Accumulated Material Of Spiritual Babylon - and, I have done so, without any of: Their Own Repetitive Lies and Abominable Pagan Traditions... and yet, You'll Support All Of Them, quite lavishly... while, equally denying me: The Occasional Uplifting Comment, or [ even ] Some Little Hope - that, I could factually point to!

Babylon Is Real, Folks....
What is it, About The Truth, that you honestly hate? After all, The Truth leads to: Intelligent Preparation, Earnest Repentance, and Eventual Salvation - if, genuinely, understood... while, Your Own Ignorant Lies will Invariably Kill You! Therefore, what is [ honestly ] more depressing: The Painful, But Honest, Truth [ that, can ultimately save you ], or The Happy Little Lies [ that, will momentarily assuage your own feelings of self-doubt, as you head full-speed to your own physical destruction ]? Honestly...?

Having, now, truthfully provided: Two Years Of My Own Life, and Tens Of Thousands Of Hours - to this ongoing spiritual effort - pardon me, if I seem legitimately frustrated over Your Own Underwhelming Responses! After all, I would've happily died, to truthfully know What's Now Up On This Blog - when I, myself, first started... but, then again, I'm not the one who is: " Straddling The Fence, Double-Minded, Hovering Between Two Ongoing Opinions, and Unstable In All Of My Ways " - invariably, dear brothers and sisters, You Yourselves Are!

And, Let Me Refresh Your Own Memories:
“ O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; and assuredly, I say to you, You Shall Not See Me Again Until The Time Comes When You Say, ‘ Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Mighty One! ’ - Luke 13:34-35.

{ *** NOTE: In the meantime: I Sure Hope That You're Truthfully Worth It, and I Pray That My Own Wife Comes Back To Me... because: The Human Half Of Me truthfully resents you [ quite justifiably ] for what you have, so selfishly, done; and The Angelic Half Of Me is the part that will eventually protect you - when that day, finally, does come! Meanwhile, I'm only required to assist Yahweh's Own Spiritual Children... and, The List Sure Seems Pretty Damn Short - from, where I'm standing. Not even a handful, of you, factually understands The Very Real Depth Of Yahweh's Own Love! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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