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The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011 was prophesied in The Book of Isaiah.

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The Historic 2011Mississippi Flood.

While it may not seem politically correct to say it, The 2011 Mississippi Flood - which is still currently ongoing - is clearly referenced in The Biblical Scriptures! Moreover, it is only one of many prophesied events to have come to pass this year. These other historical events, include: The Current Difficulties Surrounding Egypt, The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami, The Storms Across America's Bible Belt, and The Unseasonable Natural Devastation Throughout America In General.

In Isaiah Chapter 23, It Says:
"Overflow through your land like The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ], O daughter of Tarshish [ O Nation Of Tyre ]; There is no more strength." - Isaiah 23:10.

America In Prophecy

Historic Flooding all along The Mississippi River - Heartland News.

The Flooding In America's Heartland is already far beyond any previously recorded historical records. America's Most Productive Farmland is now being flooded - along its million of square acres - as The Army Corps Of Engineers has begun dynamiting many of Its Pre-Existent Levees. The hope is to reduce the apparent destruction in its centers of highest population... and yet, The World's Number 1 Exporter Of Grain - will [ likely ] be importing almost all of its food from elsewhere, for at least an entire year!

Meanwhile, This Historic Flooding Event, is only one of many prophesied proclamations [ or plagues ] made against The United States of America - for this particular time period! All of which, are fully intended to ' Break The Grip Of America ' - in preparation, for its long awaited downfall... and although none of them are individual death blows, this combined sequence of Natural Occurring Events will undoubtedly accomplish His Fully-Intended Effect.

Being An American, myself, I take no great pleasure in relating These Prophesied Events. However, " The Truth, is what it is ", and I - His True Watchman - can neither: modify, mitigate, nor change it. The Scriptures are what they are; and Yahweh Himself has provided them! Undoubtedly, there are many False Prophets who'll prophesy: "Those Smooth Things, of which Yahweh has not truly spoken". Therefore, a solitary man - such as I - shouldn't be too much of a burden....

If you desire to follow ' The Majority ' - to your own Physical and Spiritual Destruction - then, by all means, feel free to do so.... Each man must be convicted in his own heart, regarding the path that he himself will ultimately follow! The Prophesies weren't written to be burdensome for anyone; but were motivated entirely by Yahweh's own love - for His True Spiritual Children. As the scriptures so clearly state:
"Surely Yahweh The Mighty One does nothing, Unless He first reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? Yahweh The Mighty One has spoken! Who can but prophesy?" - Amos 3:7-8.
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{ *** Note: Bear in mind, that these are all prophesies against: " The Latter Day Nation Of Tyre "; and not ' Babylon The Great '! While a few others are [ in fact ] predicting The Downfall Of America, they are foolishly doing so - based upon their own entirely erroneous conclusions... and that is why, they have consistently missed all of these Preliminary Judgments from Yahweh. I, on the other hand, am explaining what I have been [ personally ] shown - in both: Vision and Scripture. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!
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