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The False Doctrine of: " Once Saved, Always Saved " - is very dangerous to everyone.

A "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" from Monopoly.
Among the most dangerous of All ' False Doctrines ',  is the incorrect teaching of: " Once Saved, Always Saved. " Although it sounds great, to those who have no real intentions toward Spiritual Repentance, it is a worthless teaching; and founded upon a multitude of Scriptural Errors, or Outright Lies! Even before, we begin this scriptural study [ in our own hearts ] we already know this to be true... and yet, we'll grasp at anything to continue believing in it. For, as The Scriptures clearly relate: " The heart is deceitful above all things; and who can honestly know it? "

In Truth, ' Once Saved, Always Saved ' is The Spiritual Doctrine of: " Unrestrained Licentiousness " - acting within our physical bodies; while subduing our own Spiritual Conscience - through the blatant misuse of emotional sophistry. Otherwise, such critical scriptures - as, The Following One - wouldn't make any sense....

In Revelation 3, It Says:
" He Who Overcomes [ He Who Completes The Race For Spiritual Salvation ] shall be clothed In White Garments [ The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua ], and I will Not Blot Out his name from The Book Of Life [ Which Is Always Within The Sight Of My Father ]; but I will confess his name [ Assigning Him Spiritual Kinship ] before My Father [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] and before His angels. " - Revelation 3:5.

The Backwater Gospel - illustrates This Truth!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, we are at war ' With Our-Own-Selves ' - even as much, if not more, than those: " Principalities And Powers ", and their, " Forces Of Spiritual Darkness ". Remember: The Greatest, Most Destructive, and Original Sin - was, in fact: " Personal Selfishness "... and it has been The Very Same Spiritual Problem, for: Lucifer, His Fallen Angels, Our Two Original Parents, and All Of Our Ancestors - since then... and [ now ] it's vying for us, as well!

After all, ' The Accuser ' has clearly spoken out against us: " Who of you, can be made perfect - in Yahweh's own eyes? " Isn't that what he so deceptively says, every single day of our entire lives? Sure, it is!

In contrast, however, consider The Words Of Yahweh....

In Isaiah Chapter 29, We Read:
" Is it not yet a very little while until Lebanon [ The Full House Of Israel ] shall be turned into A Fruitful Field [ Shall Gain A True Understanding ], And the fruitful field be esteemed As A Forest [ The Entire Earth Will Also Know Yahweh ]?
In that day, The Deaf [ Those Who Will Not Listen ] shall hear the words of The Book [ Shall Hear Them Wherever They Go ], And the eyes of The Blind [ Those Who Refuse To See ] shall see Out Of Obscurity [ That Which Has Been Previously Hidden From Them ] and Out Of Darkness [ The Darkness Of Man's Own Clever Devising ]. The Humble [ Those Who've Submitted To My Own Spiritual Authority ] shall increase their joy in The Mighty One, And The Poor Among Them [ Those Who Have Suffered, So Severely, At The Hands Of The Wicked ] shall rejoice in The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahweh-Hushua ].
For The Terrible One [ Lucifer, The Accuser Of Humanity ] is brought to nothing, The Scornful One [ He Who Mocks At What He Doesn't Understand ] is consumed, And All Who Watch For Iniquity [ Those Who Have Encouraged Your Own Physical Destruction ] are cut off - Who make a man an offender by a word [ Through Twisting My Own Scriptures ], And lay a snare for him who reproves in the gate [ That The World Might Ignore His Proper Instruction ], And turn aside the just for a thing of naught [ Substitute Their Own False Teachings To The Masses ].
Therefore thus says The Mighty One, who redeemed Abraham, concerning The House Of Jacob:
Jacob shall not now be ashamed, Nor shall his face now grow pale; But when he sees his children, The work of My hands, in his midst, They will hallow My Name [ Yahweh ], And hallow The Holy One Of Jacob [ Yahweh-Hushua ], And fear The Mighty One Of Israel. These also who Erred In Spirit [ Those Under Babylon's Own Spell ] will come to Understanding [ Their Own Knowledge Of The Truth ], And Those Who Murmured [ All Of Those Against Me ] will learn Doctrine [ For They Shall Experience My Own Judgments Personally ]. " - Isaiah 29:17-24.

Tony Liar - is The End Time Prophet Of Yahweh!
You see, dear friends, The False Doctrine of: " Once Saved, Always Saved " - is quite a dangerous teaching. In fact, billions of: Unique and Valuable Individuals - are now perishing, because of this Clearly Non-Scriptural Teaching! Not just, because it entraps them through their own shackles of sin; but also, because their own examples have sadly tarnished: " The True Messages Of Yahweh ", and " That Of His Own End Time Prophet " - in other highly observant eyes....

The false teaching of: "Once Saved, Always Saved " - is also a blatant violation of ' His Third Commandment ' - which states:
" You shall not take the name of Yahweh Your Mighty One in vain, for The Mighty One will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain. " - Exodus 20:7.

By falsely claiming ' A Spiritual Relationship To Yahweh ' - while ignoring His: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes [ under the ever watchful eyes of others ] - we treat His Name as just another ' Common Thing ', to drag along with us, into the mire and muck... and, according to The Scriptures, this disingenuous spiritual action [ based upon such False Doctrines ]: " Shall Not Go Unpunished! "

One need not even know, " The True Name Of The Mighty One " - to violate This Highly-Important Commandment. The merest act of falsely implying ' Such A Spiritual Relationship To Others ' and thus: " Muddying The Crystal Clear Waters With Our Own Spiritual Feet " - is all that such a violation [ honestly ] requires.... Just, something for all of us to prayerfully think upon.

Ahava and Shalom.


  1. Very true stuff. Around here I quite often hear the call of "Accept Jesus into your heart" or "I am saved because I accepted Jesus"... and yet how can you truly have accepted Jesus if you continue to act in an un-christian manner?

    The Vintage Recipe Blog

  2. The Reason that so many: " Act in an un-christian like manner " - is because [ as the scriptures clearly say ] most of them: " Never Knew Him At All"!

    For instance, the name: " Jesus " is a Greek translation which literally means: " He-Is-Zeus "... and, indeed, He [ in fact ] isn't Zeus at all. He is: " Yahweh-Hushua " - or, Yahshua!


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