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The Lawnmower Man - by Stephen King - is a prophetical allegory, from The Satanist's Own Twisted Perspective.

Lawnmower Man - 1992.
In The Popular 1992 Movie: " The Lawnmower Man " - written by Stephen King [ that means: " The Crowned One Is Our Own True Ruler " ] and directed by Brett Leonard [ which means: " A Descendant Of Great Britain Who Is As Strong As A Lion " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory, from The Satanist's Own Propagandist Perspective! Fortunately, however, The Mighty One Can Still Utilize Their Own Imaginations Against Them.... 

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
What... you, don't believe me? Then why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " The Lawnmower Man " - to see, exactly, what I'm talking about? Since, their own [ carefully chosen ]: Cast and Characters - actually, ' Refute The Overall Message Of This Story '! You see, dear brothers and sisters, " The Truth Of A Matter Can Always Be Found ".... 

America In Prophecy

The Lawnmower Man [ 1992 ] - by: 
Michael Bay.

Lawnmower Man: Is A Prophetical Film

Jobe Smith - is The Lawnmower Man....
Having now witnessed their own slanderous propaganda, let's just see what the [ actually chosen ]: Cast and Characters - might, honestly, tell us? After all, You Never Really Know What You Might Truthfully Learn! Especially, since ' The Mighty One Pulls Everyone's Strings '... even, Doctor Manhattan's. And, that's why He, so plainly, stated:
" We're All Merely Just Puppets... and yet, I Am The One Puppet: Who Can See All Of Those Strings! "

The Characters Of Lawnmower Man [ include ]:
Jobe Smith [ " The Forger In The Fire Is Both: Hated And Persecuted " ]
Dr. Lawrence Angelo [ " The Healer Wrapped In Laurel Is Actually An Angel " ]
Father Francis McKeen [ " The: Holy Man, Free Man, And Son Of Intelligence "
Terry McKeen [ " The Ruler Of The People Is The Son Of Intelligence " ]
Marnie [ " The: Rejoicing, Shining, Or Sparkling - One From The Sea " ]
Peter Parkette [ " The Stone And A Very Small Garden " ]

The Cast Of Lawnmower Man [ includes ]:
Jeff Fahey [ " The District Traveler Is God's Pledge Of Peace " ]
Pierce Brosnan [ " One Who: Cuts, Penetrates, And Unveils - The Dweller Beside The River " ]
Jeremy Slate [ " God Shall Raise Up And Set Free: The True Record Or The Entire Register " ]
Geoffrey Lewis [ " God's Pledge Of Peace Is The Son Famous In War " ]
Jenny Wright [ " The: White, Fair, And Merciful One - Is The Carpenter " ]
Austin O'Brien [ " The: Ingenious Victorious, And Venerated One - Is The Son Who Is Noble " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Message:
" The Forger In The Fire is both: Hated and Persecuted - but, ' This District Traveler Is God's Pledge Of Peace '! You see, my dearest children, ' The Healer Wrapped In Laurel Is Actually An Angel '... and, ' The One Who: Cuts, Penetrates, And Unveils - My Own Truths All Around You ' - since, He is [ actually ] The Dweller Beside The River.

In fact, He is: The Holy Man, The Free Man, and The Son Of Intelligence - indeed, God shall raise up and set free The True Record; and The Entire Spiritual Register! The ruler of the people shall soon be ' This Son Of Intelligence '... since, God's pledge of peace is The Son Famous In War.

After all, He is ' The: Rejoicing, Shining, And Sparkling - One From The Sea ' - in fact, the: White, Fair, and Merciful One is The Carpenter. Moreover, He is: The Stone and A Very Small Garden... because, the: Ingenious, Victorious, and Venerated One - is, quite honestly, ' The Son Who Is Noble '! "
The Mighty One - controls The Whole Board!
See, what I mean... you might as well just face it, Yahweh is [ actually ] ' Their Own Master At Chess '. In fact, no matter how hard they may earnestly attempt it, They Simply Can't Avoid Revealing The Truth! Leastwise, anyway, to those few who are honestly searching for it. It's just as the old saying goes: " Every Liar Has A Tell, When You Truthfully Know What To Look For "....
So, What Is The True Meaning Of It's Title?
" For behold, the day is coming [ The Threshing Of His Grain ], Burning like an oven [ Their Own Baptism By Fire ], And all the proud [ Those Who'll Refuse His Ruler-Ship ], yes, all who do wickedly [ Choosing, Instead, A Foundation Of Sand ] will be stubble [ Shall Perish Like Grass In The Flames ], And the day which is coming [ His Winnowing Judgment ] shall burn them up [ Effortlessly ], says The Mighty One of Heaven [ Yahweh ], It shall leave them neither: Root, nor Branch [ Since, They Rejected My Eternal Covenant Made With Abraham ]. " - Malachi 4:1.

After all, of The Mighty One's own Spiritual Nature, it is very plainly written [ that ]: " God Is Love! " Now, isn't that what it says?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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