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There are, actually, Two Messages found within the film: " I Am " - by director John Ward... and, The Mighty One [ Himself ] is only one of them!

I Am ( 2010 ) - movie poster.
In The Non-Linear Drama: " I Am " - directed by John Ward [ which, actually, means: " God Has Graciously Provided The One Being Placed Into Your Custody " ] - we have been provided Two Entirely Different Spiritual Messages. In fact, there's The More Obvious One, that is being factually portrayed within this great story... and, The Entirely Hidden One, that has been so carefully concealed within its own [ highly-unique ]: Characters and Cast... and yet, believe it or not, They Both Came From Yahweh!

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' When The Mighty One Speaks, His Own Words Must Always Be Confirmed '; and The Prophet Isaiah [ very clearly ] wrote:
" Listen, O Coastlands [ O American Bible Belt ], to Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Final Prophet ], ' And Take Heed, You Peoples From Afar ' [ Wherever You, Factually, Are ]! The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Eywa, or ] has called Me from the womb [ At This, Precise, Appointed Time ]; from The Matrix Of My Mother [ All Of Her: Illusions, Allegories, And Dreams ] He has made mention of My Name [ Alluded To, Precisely, Who I Am ]
And He has made My Mouth [ My Own Personal Writings ] like a sharp sword [ For This Very Day ]; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me [ So That, Babylon Couldn't Stop Me ], And made Me [ Michael, The Archangel ] a polished shaft [ To Strike Deeply Into Her Own Heart ]; In His Quiver [ His Vast Arsenal ] He has hidden Me [ Until The Day Of This Upcoming Battle ]. " - Isaiah 49:1-2.

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
And, consequently therefore, ' Even A Movie About Yahweh Himself Had To Include This Very Same Message ' - since, " The Word Of Yahweh Cannot Be Broken "! If you don't believe me, then just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " I Am " - and then, we can examine Its Own Hidden Messages to truthfully confirm it. After all, it has been long ago written: " And, You Shall Know ' The Truth '; And The Truth Shall Set You Free "....

America In Prophecy

I Am [ 2010 ] - by: John Ward.

I Am: Is A Prophetical Allegory

I Am - The: Existent and Eternal One!
The whole purpose of this movie is ' To Get You Thinking Outside Of The Box '; since The Mighty One [ Himself ] isn't just another man... and, in fact, Even The Greatest Of All Angels Are All Paled By Comparison. To put it quite bluntly, ' If The Angels Are Those Literal Stars, Then They Are Merely Flecks Of His Own Dust In Reality '! Do you finally get it, now? That's Who, Lucifer Is So Ignorantly Fighting Against....

The Characters Of I Am [ include ]:
I Am [ " The Mighty One, And The Eternal One " ]
Lance Vita [ " The: Territory, Or Geographical Region - Of All Existence And Life " ]
Aaron Rossdale [ " A Mountain Of Strength - The: Little Red One And Bluff Overlooking The Meadow " ]
Trevor Evans [ " The Great Settlement That Watches Over My Son " ]
 Jake Russell [ " My Little Red One Within Israel " ]
Alice Bordeaux [ " The Noble And Exalted One Is An Exceptionally Fine Vintage Of Wine " ]
Elaine [ " The Torch, Or Exceptionally Bright Light " ]
Doctor Otis [ " The Healer Is One Who Honestly Listens Very Well " ]
Angelica Vita [ " From The Angels Who Watch Over Your Lives " ]
Selani [ " The One Who Worships The Rock " ]
Eva [ " The Long Living One And The Source Of Your Own Lives " ]
Lt. Everett [ " The Army Commander Is As Strong As A Boar " ]
Spenser Hamilton [ " The Dispenser Of Provisions For The City Upon My Own Hill " ]
Liz [ " God's Own Promise Of The One Pledge To God " ]
Will Evans [ " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - Is The Son Gifted From God " ]
Sarah Russell [ " The Princess [ Or Wife ] Of My Little Red One " ]
Officer Allegro [ " My Executive Who Is: A Quick, Lively, And Cheerful One " ]
Doctor Carmichael [ " Your Healer Is The Perpetual Friend Of Michael " ]

The Cast Of I Am [ includes ] :
Tomas Boykin [ " The Avatar Or Twin Is My Own Child " ]
Jay Hindle [ " Yah's Son And The Deer In The Valley " ]
John Ward [ " God Has Provided The One That You Now Have Charge Over " ]
Todd Zeile [ " The Fox Hunter Of My Line " ]
Stephan Hajek [ " The: Crowned One And Weaver Of The Forest " ]
Amy Holland [ " My Beloved One And The Land Upon The Ridge " ]
Kate Bishop [ " The Purified One And The Overseer, Or Guardian " ]
Greg Fisk [ " A Fisherman Who Is Both: Watchful And Vigilant " ]
Christinna Chauncey [ " The Burden Bearer Of Christ; And: Chancellor, Or Supreme Executive " ]
Gary Edward [ " The Spear Holder And The Protector Of Wealth " ]
Laura McHenry [ " The One Wrapped In Laurel Is The Son Who Rules Over My Home " ]
Josie Gammell [ " It Is He Who Shall Enlargen My Kingdom - The: Ancient Or Original One " ]
Clay Randall [ " Earth Shall Be Ruled By The Wolf " ]
Rosalie Autumn Miller [ " My Rose In The Meadow Is: The Harvester And A Refiner Of Grain " ]
Courtney Duckwirth [ " The Lady Of The Court And The Keeper Of Ducklings Within The Enclosure " ]
Ace Marrero [ " The Primary Card In The Game: The Cultivator, Stone Breaker, And Hammer " ]
Erin Stegeman [ " This Irishman Is The Man Who Provides You The Footbridge " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" I Am: The Mighty One and The Eternal One; and The Avatar [ or, Twin ] is My Own Human Child. I Am: The Territory or Geographical Region - Of All Existence And Life... while, He is: Yah's Son and The Deer In The Valley! He is: A Mountain Of Strength, The Little Red One, and The Bluff Over Looking Your Meadow - you see, dear children, God has graciously provided ' The One That You Now Have Charge Over '. I Am The Great Settlement, that watches over The Son; and He is ' The Foxhunter Of My Own Line '.... 

My Little Red One [ now, living within Israel ] is: The Crowned One and The Weaver Of The Forest. This: Noble and Exalted One - is ' An Exceptionally Fine Vintage Of Wine '. After all, He is: My Beloved One and The Land Upon The Ridge! In fact, He is: The Torch or An Exceptionally Bright Light - The Purified One and The Overseer [ or, Guardian ]. You see, dear children, Your Own Healer is: One Who Honestly Listens Well; A Fisherman That Is Both Watchful And Vigilant; and One Of The Angels Who Watch Over Your Lives. Consequently, He is [ also ]: The Burden Bearer Of Christ and My Own Chosen Chancellor [ or, The Supreme Executive ]!

He is: The One Who Worships The Rock, The Spear Holder, and The One Who Protects All Of My Wealth... and yet, He is [ also ]: The Long Living One and The Source Of Your Own Lives. It is He, who shall enlargen My own kingdom - The Ancient Or Original One [ known, by everyone, as Adam ]! The Army Commander is as strong as a boar; and The Earth shall now be ruled by The Wolf... consequently, therefore, He shall be ' The Dispenser Of Provisions For The City Upon My Own Hill '.

My Own Rose In The Meadow is: The Harvester and A Refiner Of Grain... in fact, He is ' My Own Promise Of The One Pledged To God ' - The one with: The Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection - is, The Son Gifted From God!

The Princess [ or, New Wife  ] To My  Little Red One is: The Lady Of The Court and The Keeper Of Ducklings Within The Enclosure... while, My Own Executive - who is: A Quick, Lively, and Cheerful One - is ' The Primary Card In The Game: My Cultivator, Stone Breaker, And Hammer '!

Meanwhile, Your Healer is ' The Perpetual Friend Of Michael '... since, this Irishman is ' The One Who Provides You With The Footbridge '.  "

And that, dear brothers and sisters, is why: ' Lucifer Shall, Indeed, Factually Lose '... because, it can be said of both of us: Yahweh [ Your Own King ] and Michael [ His Own Prince ]...


Like Father, Like Son....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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