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The World Of Null-A absolutely requires: Gilbert Gosseyn [ Jeshurun, The Prophet ] and Lavoisseur [ Michael, The Archangel ] - to ultimately assimilate!

Null-A: The Universe Of Gilbert Gosseyn....
No other form of speculative writing has been more deeply influenced by The Spiritual Realm, than The Genre Of Science Fiction... and, no other author has provided us with more of these very subtle clues, than the famed Canadian author A. E. Van Vogt! Meanwhile, His Three Greatest Works of: The World Of Null-A, Pawns Of Null-A, and Null-A Three - all revolve around: The Inherent Overall Nature Of Our Universe and The Mathematically Recursive Nature Of Warped Time And Space - which absolutely requires: An Intelligent God [ The Macroverse, Or Prime Mover ], A Faithful Observer [ The Word - His Own Physical Person ], and One Arbitrary Executor [ The Voice Of God - Or, The Son Whom He Creates For Himself ]....

Lavoisseur - is The Chessmaster's Own Tool.
Meanwhile, The Main Character - equally referred to, as both: " Gilbert Gosseyn [ The Dedicated One And Oath Keeper - Who Has Been Carefully Cultivated By God ] ", and " Lavoisseur [ The Vassal Of The Mighty One Himself ] " - is that ' One Arbitrary Executor ' so long ago created by Yahweh to do His Own Necessary Bidding... and, as such, He Was Created As An Immortal! Nor, as all of these books will plainly tell you, is it [ actually ] advisable to interfere in His Own Personal Mission, since all life within this universe is factually dependent Upon Him Ultimately Completing It.

Meanwhile, in all honest reality, You Should Be Openly Assisting Him... however, the motivation to factually do so Requires Your Own Personal Sanity... which, due to the utter chaos - so fully surrounding you - cannot be honestly achieved, while utilizing Normal Deductive Reasoning [ Those Little: Red And Blue Pills - Provided By Babylon ]. This is most certainly: " A Catch-22 Situation " - if, there ever was one! Which, of course, will - inescapably - lead you to Null-A Logical Thinking....

What, Exactly, Is Null-A?

For those of you, not familiar with this specific philosophical term:
" Null-A, or Non-Aristotelian Logic, refers to the capacity for, and practice of, using Intuitive, Inductive Reasoning ( compare fuzzy logic ), rather than reflexive, or conditioned, Deductive Reasoning. "
- this particular excerpt was provided by Wikipedia.

To Put It, Quite Simply:  

Deductive Reasoning vs. Null-A Logic.
When all currently available information sources have become inescapably corrupted, and Reflexive Deductive Reasoning can no longer properly function, Non-Aristotelian Logic will - of absolute necessity - become The Only True Pathway Forward. Therefore, by carefully utilizing Fuzzy Logic - based upon Multiple Points Of Common Similarity - we can, quite honestly, overcome every single barrier that such Intentionally Inflicted Chaos has [ so amply ] provided to us. Ergo, the actual gaps between The Stepping Stones are functionally irrelevant; and, by the very same logical principles, those carefully crafted: Red and Blue Pills - administered to us from within The Matrix - are no longer a problem, when we are practicing Null-A Logical Thinking.

Sherlock Holmes - uses Null-A Logic?
Even more importantly, however, Under Normative Circumstances: Fuzzy Logic Actually Stimulates The Second Cortical Brain [ Your Currently Stunted One ], Restores Sanity To Its Enlightened Adherents [ By Eliminating Common False To Fact Dilemmas ], and Results In The Development Of Extraordinary New Abilities [ Extra-Sensory: Perceptual And Telekinetic Powers ] - exclusive of The Three Dimensional World, that we currently inhabit [ Our Own Physical Plane Of Existence ]! In essence, therefore, Null-A Thinking is the true foundational basis, which gives rise to The X-Men Of Yahweh. In order to be: " An X-Man " - you have to Properly Exercise Your Secondary Brain... and, all of these articles are my own personal attempts at Stimulating Your Own Personal Awareness to these highly-numerous connections - which can now [ quite honestly ] Be Found All Around You.

Null-A Logic, Isn't Really That Complicated!

Do You Notice: Any True Points Of Similarity?
While all of these: " Null-A Books " - are: Extremely Complicated and Highly Intellectual In Nature - The Logical And Philosophical Concepts, being employed within them, are actually quite easy to comprehend. Moreover, anyone schooled in: Medium-Level Mathematics, or Basic Computer Science - will quickly understand: The Ultimate Necessity Of Time And Space Recursion, The Logical Association With YAO [ Yahweh - The Singular And Collective Intelligence Of All Living Things, Throughout Time And Space ], and The YDD's Ultimate Connection To Lucifer [ The Entity Of Collective: Discontinuity And Dementia - Currently Empowering Enro The Red ] - which is being so effectively cultivated through: " Babylon The Great ".

Points Of Similarity are Always A Red Flag!
You see, dear brothers and sisters: We don't even have to know how Babylon The Great factually relocated to Europe, in order to comprehend Their Own Clever Symbology... the mere fact, That It Honestly Exists, speaks [ very clearly ] for itself! Nor: Do we have to fully understand How The Scriptures Recorded All Of This In Advance, in order to honestly comprehend That They've Truthfully Done It! Meanwhile, of course, Null-A Logical Thinking is the only true method for us to properly utilize - in safely moving forward....

So, Who Is Gilbert Gosseyn?

Harry Potter and " He Who Flees Death "...?
Gilbert Gosseyn [ aka, Lavoisseur ] is: " Michael, The Archangel " - The Arbitrary Executor Of YAO... and, who is continually at war with Enro The Red [ His Own Twin Brother ] known as: " Lucifer, The Shining One " - That Seeks To Dominate All Of The Others! They are both: " Angelic Beings and Primordial Men " - of exceptionally vast: Abilities and Powers; but only one of them can ultimately win....

Charles F. Xavier - Freeman Francis The Savior.
Meanwhile, of course, Null-A Thinking will inevitably lead to: Collective Sanity, Expanded Mental Power, and The Gift Of Eternal Life; while, by this point, Reflexive Deductive Logic can now only lead to: Total Collective Insanity, Individual Helplessness, and Eventual Human Extinction - whichever path, you decide to choose, is Invariably Up To You! So, which way would you [ honestly ] prefer...?

Something, To Think About....

Yin and Yang / Sun and Moon / Lucifer and Michael.
Believe it, or not, I Made My Own Choice - before any of us, living today, were ever factually born. Think about that one! Not only: Is It Verifiably True, but It Will Also Exercise Your Own Mind Considerably. After all, I'm Far Older Than I Currently Appear... while you [ only ] see: " The Younger Gilbert Gosseyn " - I'm still quite inter-connected, throughout all of time and space, with my own far-greater self: " The Very Ancient Lavoisseur ".

{ *** NOTE: Just, so that you know: People Who Die Do Not Ever Become Angels [ Nor, Primordial Men ], they are merely dead; and are simply still awaiting One Of Two Possible Resurrections. After all, The Scriptures Plainly State: " Yahweh Is The God Of The Living; And Not Of The Dead ". In fact, The Angels are All Living Beings [ very much, as you are ]; and, yet, Vastly More Powerful! You should, truthfully, bear that in mind.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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