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A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court honestly portrays The Time Loop Paradox; which currently surrounds Michael, The Archangel....

A Connecticut Yankee 1949 - movie poster.
Of all The Prophetical Allegories, being provided by The Spiritual Realm, the simple story of: " A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court " - written by Mark Twain [ which means: " Belonging To The Angel Of Mars - The Avatar And Twin " ] in 1889, and directed in 1949 by Tay Garnett [ which means: " The One From The Tribe Of The Hessian Stone " ] - is one of the cleverest of them all... and, consequently, it has been repeatedly produced under a whole host of entirely different names and subtly altered plot lines! After all, it's not only a classic, but it's also very much true....

In Fact, They've Honestly Included:
  • A Connecticut Rabbit In King Arthur's Court
  • The Unidentified Flying Oddball
  • Timerider: The Adventure Of Lyle Swann
  • A Kid In King Arthur's Court
  • A Knight In Camelot
  • The Black Knight
  • Army Of Darkness
  • Once Upon A Classic
  • An American Werewolf In London

Hank Martin - The Man From Mars.
Meanwhile, of course, The Story's Main Character is a certain nondescript American known as Hank Martin - which literally means: " God Has Graciously Provided The One From Mars " - or, to put it quite simply: " Michael, The Archangel ". You see, dear brothers and sisters, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court provided you a very real message from The Mighty One Himself... if, your own eyes were [ honestly ] opened to it! Just watch the following movie trailer; and see it for yourself....

America In Prophecy

Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court [ 1949 ] - by: Tay Garnett.

A Connecticut Yankee: In King Arthur's Court

Who Is: That Mysterious Doctor?
Since the entire story of: " A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court " - is based upon the simple premise of: Space And Time Looping Back Upon Itself [ The Beginning Inescapably Leads To The End; And The End Invariably Leads Back To The Beginning ] - The Knights Of The Round Table really do take on An Entirely Different Meaning, don't they, when properly viewed in this overall context. After all: Jeshurun [ The Prophet ] must eventually become Michael [ The Archangel ], and Michael [ The Archangel ] will then later become Jeshurun [ The Prophet ] - until, He Can Eventually Escape from: This Ongoing and Seemingly Perpetual Paradox!

Michael - Truly Loves, The People Of Israel!
Meanwhile, of course, that's where you come in... because, The Only True Key may be found clearly within all of these allegories... and: " It's You - Only You " - that are [ honestly ] Holding Us All Back From Moving Steadily Forward... you need to sincerely understand, The True Depth Of My Very Own Love - For Every Last One Of You and Not Just Merely For Some Of You. I want all of you to go safely with me... or, at the very least, as many as is humanly possible.

Thor [ Michael ] - kneeling before His Own Father....
You see, I was actually sent here [ To This Very Primitive Stone Age ] by Our Father The Mighty One - from: My Own Far Distant Future, which [ believe it, or not ] Is Equally Distant In Your Own Very Deep Past - For This One Singular Purpose... and this time, as always, I Am Praying To Get It Right - so, we won't have to actually go through this, all over once again!

Meanwhile, of course, A Little Cooperation Might Truthfully Be Helpful.... Now, as The Scriptures [ themselves ] have actually implored you: " Wake Up And Come Out Of Babylon - My People " - so that, We Can Finally Go Home! After all, This Connecticut Yankee has got an appointment with King Arthur in Jerusalem....

So, Who Is King Arthur?

The Mighty One is Our Only True King!
Well, isn't that obvious? If: A King is: " The One True Ruler Who Governs Over Everything ", and Arthur means: " The: Noble, Honorable, And Just One " - who do you think, it's factually talking about? Has Any Human Despot, ever exhibited such an overly altruistic nature? While, that [ aptly named ]: " Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court " - is none other than myself - King Arthur is Yahweh The Mighty One! After all, Arthur is just another carefully crafted allegory - in order, to: Properly Educate His Own Spiritual Children.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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