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In the popular movie: " The Lion King " - Simba represents, The Very Next Lion... and, he's [ actually ] That Original Man - known by everyone, as Adam!

The Lion King - 1997.
In The Popular 1997 Movie: " The Lion King " - directed by: Roger Allers [ which means: " The One Famous With The Spear Is The Son Who Is An Alder Or Yew Tree " ] and Rob Minkoff [ that means: " The Bright And Famous One; And One Called Michael " ] - we have been provided An Exceptionally Good Prophetical Allegory, into our own Upcoming End Time Events! After all, " The Lion Is The King Of The Jungle " - and, His own son Simba is [ actually ]: " The Very Next Lion ". In fact, believe it or not, ' He's, Quite Honestly, The Prince Of The Covenant '.... 

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
I know, you probably don't believe me. So, why not take the necessary time to watch The Following Movie Trailer to: " The Lion King " - and, see exactly what it is, that I'm honestly talking about... after all, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did!

America In Prophecy

The Lion King [ 1994 ] - by: 
Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff.

The Lion King: Is A Prophetical Film

Simba and Nala - were A Match Made In Heaven.
But, just in case you still don't believe me, then ' Why Not Examine It's Own Cast And Characters ' - for yourselves? After all, I'm not the one who created this Interesting Spiritual Allegory... but rather, It Was You Guys, Who Did! In fact, I've merely studied it to see what it all [ actually ] means....

The Characters Of Lion King [ include ]:
Simba [ " The Next Lion " ]
Mufasa [ " The King " ]
Scar [ " The Lingering Sign Of Damage Or Injury " ]
Nala [ " The Stem, Or Hollow Reed, And The Successful One " ]
Timon [ " The One Worthy Of Respect, Who Is Noted For Wisdom, And The Respecter Of God " ]
Pumbaa [ " The: Idiot Or Mere Simpleton " ]
Rafiki [ " My Own Friend " ]
Zazu [ " The Traveler " ]
Sarabi [ " He Has Been: The Mirage, Or Illusion " ]
Shenzi [ " The Brutish, Or Uncivilized One " ]
Banzai [ " The Tree Of LifeA Call To Singular Nationhood, And Happiness With Long-Life To His Friends " ]
Ed [ " The Protector Of Wealth " ]
Sarafina [ " Of The Seraphim, Or The Fiery Stones " ]
Gopher [ " The: Head Errand Boy And Chief Messenger " ]

The Cast Of Lion King [ includes ]:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas ( as, Young Simba ) [ " The Avatar Or Twin Who Works At The Cloth; And Whom God Has Provided " ]
Matthew Broderick ( as, Adult Simba ) [ " The Gift From God Is The Very Broad Ridge " ]
Jason Weaver ( as, Young Simba's Singing Voice ) [ " Yah's Own Son And The Healer Who Arranges The Threads  " ]
Joseph Williams ( as, Adult Simba's Singing Voice ) [ " The Son With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Prtoection - Who Shall Enlargen The Kingdom " ]
James Earl Jones [ " The: Original Supplanter, First Nobleman, And One Whom God Has Provided " ]
Jeremy Irons [ " The Son Of Iron: Whom God Shall Raise Up And God Shall Set Free " ]
Niketa Calame ( as Young Nala ) [ " The: Unconquered And Unconquerable - Reed Amidst The River " ]
Moira Kelly ( as, Adult Nala ) [ " The Pre-Destined: Warrior And Defender " ]
Sally Dworsky ( as, Young Nala's Singing Voice ) [ " The Princess Who Sallies Forth And The Dwelling Of Heaven " ]
Laura Williams ( as, Adult Nala's Singing Voice ) [ " The One Wrapped In Laurel; A Wife To My Son With: The Will, Desire, And Helemet Of Protection " ]
Nathan Lane [ " The One Whom God Has Provided Is The Only True Pathway " ]
Ernie Sabella [ " The: Earnest And Serious One - For Whom God Is The Vow " ]
Robert Guillaume [ " The Bright And Famous One - With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]
Rowan Atkinson [ " The Little Red One And My Own Son Of Adam " ]
Madge Sinclair [ " The Precious Pearl And Holy Light; Or: The Purified, Renknowned, And Illustrious One " ]
Whoopi Goldberg [ " The Happy And Joyful Mountain Of Gold " ]
Richard Anthony Marin [ " The Strong And Powerful One; The Priceless And Highly Praiseworthy One; And The Angel Of Mars " ]
Jim Cummings [ " The Supplanter And Son - Who Shall Be Exalted " ]
Zoe Leader [ " The Ruler Over All Of Life " ]
Jim Cummings [ " The Supplanter And Son - Who Shall Be Exalted " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Very Next Lion is: The Avatar Or Twin Who Works At The Cloth; The Very Broad Ridge; Yah's Own Son; The Healer Who Arranges The Threads; and The Son With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection Who Shall Enlargen The Kingdom... but, The King is: The Original Supplanter, The First Nobleman, and The One Provided By God [ whom, you call: Yahweh-Hushua]!  

The Lingering Sign Of Damage Or Injury is ' The Son Of Iron ' - whom: God Shall Raise Up and He Shall Set Free.

Meanwhile, dear children, The Stem Or Hollow Reed [ and, The Only Successful One ] is: The Unconquered Or Unconquerable Reed Amidst The River; That Pre-Destined Warrior And Defender; The Princess Who Sallies Forth; The Dwelling Of Heaven; The One Wrapped In Laurel; and The New Wife For My Son [ with: The Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection ]! 

After all, He is ' The One ' - who is: Worthy Of Respect, Noted For Wisdom, and The Respecter Of God. In fact, He Whom God Has Provided is ' The Only True Pathway '! Believe it or not, This So-Called Idiot [ or, seeming simpleton ] is: The Earnest, or Serious One - for whom, God Is The Vow. My Own Friend is: The Bright and Famous One - with: The Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection!

You see, dear children, The Traveler is: The Little Red One, and My Own Son Of Adam. He has been The Mirage, or Illusion... since, He has always been: ' The Precious Pearl And Your Own Holy Light '... only, now, He isFully Purified, Truly Reknowned, and An Illustrious One - ' A Happy And Joyful Mountain Of Gold '!

In fact, He is: The Tree Of Life [ which, has been promised to all of you ], The Call To A Singular Nationhood [ which, has now been proven so necessary ], and Happiness With Long Life For His Friends [ but, of course, his own enemies won't be nearly so fortunate ] - since, He is [ also ]: The Strong And Powerful One [ being spoken of, by Daniel ], The Priceless And Highly Praiseworthy One [ who does, his father's own bidding ], and The Angel Of Mars [ who has already defeated Lucifer, before ]!

The Protector Of Wealth is ' The Supplanter, And Son, Who Shall Be Exalted '! You see, dear children, He is: One Of The Seraphim [ or, those: Fiery Stones ] and The Ruler Over All Of Life. In fact, He is [ quite honestly ]: The Head Errand Boy and Chief Messenger... and that's, precisely, why: ' The Supplanter, And Son, Is The One Who Shall Be Exalted '! "

But, Don't Take My Word For It... just, Study All Of Those Names For Yourselves! After all, that's what I did....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continuously, upon you!


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