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In: " Forbidden Kingdom " - we learn that Sun Wukong Is The Son Of Goodness; and that He Is Aware Of The Spiritual Emptiness!

Forbidden Kingdom - 2008.
In The Popular 2008 Movie: " The Forbidden Kingdom " - directed by Rob Minkoff [ which means: " The Bright And Famous One And The One Named Michael " ] - we are witnessing A Prophetical Allegory about Michael, The Archangel!  After all, He's: " The True Monkey King ", and " The Real 10,000 Pound Gorilla - Currently In The Room " - isn't that, honestly, so... why don't you tell me, after all You Have Studied Those Scriptures [ or, Haven't You ]?

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
But, in the meantime, why not watch The Following 6 Minute Trailer for: " The Forbidden Kingdom " - starring Michael Angarano [ " The Voice Of God And The One Who Punishes " ] - to see exactly what I'm talking about. After all, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....
America In Prophecy

Forbidden Kingdom [ 2008 ] - by: Rob Minkoff.

{ *** NOTE: The Original Movie Trailer is no longer available, due to no fault of my own... and, consequently, the following trailer explanation will no longer match the current video. Nor, do I honestly have time to explain this new one! There are literally thousands of other allegories to explain yet. Please, forgive me.... }

Forbidden Kingdom: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Adam / Michael - Two Natures One Person.
As strange as it might [ honestly ] seem: I Have Already Read Thousands Of These Stories and They're All Written About One Single Man - The Physical One [ known as: " Adam " ] and The Spiritual One [ called: " Michael " ]. But, let's not actually forget, There's Always A Third Person [ who is simply described as: " The Seeker " ]! In fact, He's The One Link Who Binds Them Together - The Very Last Prophet [ who is known, scripturally, as: " Jeshurun " ]... and, while: " Martial Art May, Indeed, Be Based Upon Based Upon Deception " - please pay attention, my dearest brothers and sisters - It Is Equally Important To Remember, that: " Only The Truth Can Set You Free "....

The Characters Of Forbidden Kingdom [ include ]:
Lu Yan [ " The Famous Warrior Of Light - Yahweh's Own Graciousness " ].
Sun Wukong [ " The Son Of Goodness Who Is Aware Of The Spiritual Emptiness " ].
Ni Chang [ " The Raiment Of Rainbows, Or Multi-Colored Cloak " ].
Jason Tripitikas [ " The Healer And Son Of The Scriptures " ].
The Jade Warlord [ " The Warlord Of: Beauty, Grace, And Purity " ].
The Golden Sparrow [ " That Man Of Considerable Value " ].
Lupo [ " The Wolf " ].

The Cast Of Forbidden Kingdom [ includes ]:
    Jackie Chan [ " The Supplanter Whom God Has Provided - His Own Endearing Child " ]
    Jet Li [ " The Powerful Black Gemstone " ]
    Li Bingbing [ " The Powerful Soldier Of Ice "  ]
    Michael Angarano [ " The Voice Of God And The One Who Punishes " ]
    Collin Chou [ " The Dark And Virile Jew " ]
    Liu Yifei [ " The Flowering And Harmonious Faith " ]
    Morgan Benoit [ " The Blessed One Of The Sea " ]

    The Son is now ' One '....
    And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:

    " The Famous Warrior Of Light [  Yahweh's Own Graciousness ] is: The Supplanter Whom God Has Provided and His Own Gracious Child... for, He Is The Son Of Goodness - who is aware of the spiritual emptiness... and, The Powerful Black Gemstone!

    The Raiment Of Rainbows [ or, multi-colored cloak ] belongs to The Powerful Soldier Of Ice. He is: The Healer and That Son Of The ScripturesThe True Voice Of God and The One Who Punishes!

    The Warlord Of: Beauty, Grace, and Purity - is that dark and virile Jew... that: Man Of Considerable Value and His Flowering Or Harmonious Faith... and, that one known as: ' The Wolf '! After all, He Is The Blessed One Of The Sea.... "

    Isn't that, what it says? You tell me... after all, It Has Certainly Been Written, that: 
    " YOU, Can Strain Knowledge From A Gnat! "
    But, let's now examine it's movie trailer....

    Forbidden Kingdom: The Movie Trailer

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Jackie Chan

    Jet Li

    The Forbidden Kingdom

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It's Long Been Foretold [ Within All Of The Books Of Prophecy ],
    That A Seeker Would Come [ The Mighty One's Own Final Prophet ]...
    To Return The Staff [ That Magical Instrument Of Truth ],
    And, To End The Reign Of The Jade Warlord [ And, Herald The Eclipse Of The Sun ]!
    Return The Staff To Who [ Because, I'm Now Pretty Sure That I Have It ]...?

    The Monkey King [ That Original Man, Named Adam ]....
    Born Of Stone [ He Was Created From The Earth ],
    On The Mountain: Of Fruit And Flowers [ In The Garden Of Eden - On Mount Zion ].
    With His Weapon In Hand [ Michael, The True Voice Of Yahweh ]...
    His Ch'i Became, Like Fire [ He Was The Most Powerful In All Of Creation ]...
    His Stick Fighting, Like Magic [ And, No Deception Could Ever Distract Him ]...
    He Defied The Order Of The Land [ His Own Life Was Factually Eternal ] -
    But, The Jade Army Could Not Defeat Him [ There Was Nothing, That Lucifer Could Do ]!

    The Monkey King [ Our Own Great Ancestor Of Adam ],
    Crushed Every Soldier [ Every Angel From Heaven ]
    That Was Sent To Stop Him [ By The Order Of Lucifer Himself ]!
    With His Magical Staff [ Known As, The Archangel Michael ],
    He Was Unbeatable [ Nothing At All, Could Harm Him ]....

    Word Of His Disobedience [ To The Shining One, Known As Lucifer ],
    Traveled  Deep Within The Forbidden Kingdom [ And, It Frustrated Him Immensely ]....
    To The Five Elements Mountain [ Where The Mighty One Sits In His Own Judgement ] -
    The Land Of The Immortals [ That Heavenly City ].

    Once, Every 500 Years [ At The Midpoint Of Life ],
    The Jade Emperor [ The True Mighty One Of Heaven ]
    Hosts The Peach Banquet [ The Time Of True Spiritual Refreshening ] -
    It Is Here [ Upon The Highest Sides Of The North ],
    That The Heavenly Ministers Gather [ As Commanded By YAO ]
    To Celebrate Their Longevity [ To Renew Their Own Power ]...
    And, To Drink The Elixir Of Immortality [ And, To Prolong Their Own Lives ]!
    One Sip, Of This Heavenly Brew [ As, Lovingly, Provided By The Mighty One ],
    Will Give Everlasting Life [ It: Restores All Of Your Own Ch'i ] -
    Free From Mortal Suffering [ Heals Up The Physical Body ]
    And Desire [ And, Clarifies The Mind ].... 

    Into The Banquet [ During, This Solemn Spiritual Festival ],
    The Monkey King Crashed [ Seeking His Own Personal Enjoyment ],
    Uninvited [ After All, He Had Discovered It Anyway ].... 
    The Jade Emperor [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ],
    Was Enchanted By The Monkey King [ What An Interesting New Creature ]...
    But, The Jade Warlord Was Not Amused [ It Angered Him, Beyond Reasonable Measure ]!
    As Master Of The Army [ Over The Entire Heavenly Kingdom ],
    The Warlord Demanded [ Put His Own: Respect And Authority - Upon The Line ],
    That The Monkey King Bow Down To Him He, Honestly, Expected To Be Obeyed ].
    *** But, The Monkey Just Mocked Him!

    He's A Bit Un-Refined, That's All [ Give Him Time To Grow Up ],
    Give The Naughty Monkey A Title [ Place Him Under Authority, To Help Him Grow Up ]...
    And, Let Him Go [ After All, He Might Just Surprise You ]!

    Satisfied, That All Was Well [ Since Creation Was Factually Peaceful ]:
    In Heaven And In Earth [ And, No Real Strife Was To Be Found ] -
    The Supremely High Emperor [ The Creator Of Everyone ],
    Left, To Begin His 500 Years Of Meditation [ He Returned To His Own Job Of Creation ]...
    Leaving, The Jade Warlord [ Lucifer, The Shining One ]
    In Charge [ As He Had Always Done Before ] -
    By Mandate Of Heaven [ And, Nothing Could Alter That Circumstance ]

    But [ Lucifer Had His Own Ideas ],
    Rather Than, Obey The Jade Emperor's Command [ He Chose To Disobey It  ].
    He Challenged The Monkey King To A Duel [ Which He Had No Intentions Of Losing ]!

    High Atop 5 Elements Mountain [ In The Garden Of Eden ],
    In The Warlord's Palace [ In The Midst Of That Garden ], 
    The Battle Of Immortals Was Fought [ Lucifer Against Adam ]...
    To Prove, Once And For All, Whose Skills Were Supreme [ Lucifer's, Or Adam's ]!
    *** And, The Battle Is Fought To A Standstill!

    Most Excellent Stick Fighting, Sun Kong [ You Are Very Powerful With Michael Assisting You ]...
    But, Without Your Weapon [ That Angel, Now Watching Over You ],
    You Are Nothing, But Lowly Hermit [ You're Still Just A Stupid Monkey, Who Nobody Even Cares About ]!
    No More Weapons [ We Shall Set Aside Our Own Spirit Beings ]...
    No More Ch'i Magic [ We Won't Utilize, Any Of Their Abilities ]...
    Fist Against Fist [ Man Against Man ]?

    The Monkey King Was Too Trusting [ And, He Fell Into Lucifer's Own Trap ]...
    He Believed, The Warlord's Own Words [ After All, He'd Never Been Lied To Before ]...
    Laying Down His Own Magic Weapon [ So, He Set Aside The True Voice Of Yahweh ]
    Now Realizing, He'd Been Tricked [ With Too Little Time, In Which To React ]...
    The Monkey King Cast The Staff [ Michael, His Own Angelic Being ],
    Out Into The Middle Kingdom [ That Continent, Known As North America ].
    Hmmm [ I See, That You Actually Fell For It ]... 
    Martial Art [ The Strategy Of War ]
    Is Based Upon Deception [ A True Man Would Already Know That ],
    My Friend [ As Your Own Master, I Shall Now Become Your Teacher ]!

    Being Immortal [ By His Own True Nature ],
    The Monkey King Could Not Be Killed [ After All, He's The True Son Of God ]...
    Only Trapped In Stone [ Just, Think Of It As Actually Sleeping ],
    Where He Waits For The Seeker Of The Prophecy [ The One Mentioned In All Of Our Prophecies ] -
    To Return To Him His Great Weapon [ By Figuring Out How To Rejoin Them ] 
    And, Finally, Free Him [ To Restore The Proper Spiritual Order ]!

    That's What I Heard, Anyway....

    Ahava and Shalom.

    May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be always upon you!


    1. Nice work. Wukong > Adam, Staff > Scepter (right to rule), turned to stone > Adam's fall (dust to dust), the Seeker > Jesus (Y'shua) > returns Staff > Mankind restored. That's what I heard anyway.

      1. BTW, that 'Star of David' is the star of Remphan. Surely you know this.


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