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In the popular movie: " Highlander " - we find out that Connor MacLeod is [ both ]: The Man From Conn and The Son Of The Clouds!

Highlander - " There can be only one! "
In The Popular 1986 Movie: " Highlander " - directed by Russell Mulcahy [ which means: " The Little Red One And The Chief One Now In The Battle " ] - we have been truthfully provided Some Necessary Spiritual Keys into unlocking our own future. After all, if: " There Can Be Only One " - then the wisest ones will undoubtedly choose ' The Winning Side In The Battle '! Wouldn't you, truthfully, think? Let's just honestly face it, it only stands to logical reason....

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
But, of course, where could someone [ actually ] find: Such Highly-Valuable and Inside Information? In fact, why not just try The Movie called: " Highlander " - starring Christopher Lambert [ which simply means: " The Bearer Of Christ And The Brightness Of The Land " ] - after all, it's A Prophetical Allegory... and, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Highlander [ 1986 ] - by: Russell Mulcahy.

Highlander: A Prophetical Allegory

Yin and Yang - The Sun or The Moon.
Let's just be honest with ourselves, ' There's Going To Be A One World Government '... the real question that we should be truthfully asking ourselves is: " Whether We Want: Lucifer Or Michael - To Be Factually Running It ". You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Choice Is Actually Quite Simple - it's either: The Sun or The Moon! And, while you're thinking about it, why not honestly ask yourselves: " Which One Of Them, Truthfully, Loves Me? "

The Characters Of Highlander [ include ]:
Connor MacLeod [ " The One From Conn - The Son Of The Clouds " ]
Russel Nash [ " The Little Red One At The Mountain Or Cliff " ]
Brenda Wyatt [ " A Sword Who Is Hardy In War And The Bearer Of The Torch " ]
The Kurgan [ " The Massive Fortification Upon The Steppes " ]
Victor Kruger [ " The One Who Conquers - A Potter " ]
Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez [ " God Has Provided - The Son From The City Of Wolves - The Army Commander Who Is Unstoppable In Battle " ]
Heather MacLeod [ " The Flowering Plant - The Son Of The Clouds " ]
Lieut. Frank Moran [ " The Commander - Free Man - And: Teacher Or Guide " ]
Det. Walter Bedsoe [ " The Investigator - Army Commander - The Beautiful High Ground " ]
Rachel Ellenstein [ " A Little Ewe Lamb - The Bearer Of: The Torch And The Cup " ]
Sunda Kastagir [ " The: Very Tender Or Loving - Chastiser " ]
Kirk Matunas [ " The Torch-Bearer To The Church " ]
Iman Fasil [ " The Holy Man And The One Who Judges " ]
Dugal MacLeod [ " The Dark Stranger - The Son Of The Clouds " ]
Angus MacLeod [ " The One True Choice - The Son Of The Clouds " ]
Candy [ " The Lady Who Is Honest And Truthful " ]
Kate MacLeod [ " The Pure One - The Son Of The Clouds " ]

The Cast Of Highlander [ includes ]:
Christopher Lambert [ " The Bearer Of Christ And Brightness Of The Land " ]
Roxanne Hart [ " The New Breaking Dawn Of The Red Stag " ]
Clancy Brown [ " The Red Warrior Of The: Darkened Ones Or Outcasts " ]
Sean Connery [ " God Is Gracious To The Lord Of War " ]
Beatie Edney [ " The Blessed Voyager Of: Rejuvenation, Pleasure, and Delight " ]
Alan North [ " The Harmonious And Noble Stone - Of The North " ]
Jon Polito [ " God Has Provided: The Refined, Burnished, And Polished One " ]
Sheila Gish [ " The Once Blinded One - A Wizard Or Magician - Who Is Skilled In Combat " ]
Hugh Quarshie [ " A: Mind, Heart, And Spirit - That Is Extremely Alluring Or Compelling " ]
Christopher Malcolm [ " The Bearer Of Christ - Son Of: The Servant And Peaceful One " ]
Peter Diamond [ " The Unyielding Stone - An Indestructible And Extremely Valuable Gemstone " ]
Billy Hartmann [ "  The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - A Man With A Heart " ]
James Cosmo [ " The Supplanter - Of: Universal Order And Societal Harmony " ]
Corinne Russell [ " The Beautiful Maiden Of The Little Red One " ]
Celia Imrie [ " The One Struck By Heaven And Moonlight - My Own Eloquent Voice " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:

" The One From Conn Is The Son Of The Cloudshe is: The Bearer Of Christ and The Brightness In Your Own Land - The Little Red One at: The Mountain and Cliff. In fact, he is: A Sword Who Is Hardy In War and The Bearer Of The Torch - for The New Breaking Dawn, you'll need this red stag. He is: The Massive Fortification Upon The Steppes and The Red Warrior Of The Darkened Ones Or Outcasts - you see, my own dear children, The One Who Shall Conquer Is Also A Potter!

God has provided: ' The Son From The City Of Wolves '; and The Army Commander Who Is Unstoppable In Battle! You see, God is gracious to The Lord Of War. After all, he is: The Flowering Plant and The Son Of The Clouds - The Blessed Voyager Of: Rejuvenation, Pleasure, and Delight

The: Commander, Free Man, and Teacher [ or, Guide ] is The Harmonious And Noble Stone From The North. He is: The Investigator, Army Commander, and Beautiful High Ground - since God has provided: The Refined, Burnished, and Polished One! He is: My Little Ewe Lamb and My Own Torch Or Cup Bearer. The Once Blinded One is [ actually ]: A Wizard or Magician - who is extensively skilled in combat!

But, he is also: A Very Tender and Loving Chastiser -  with a mind, heart, and spirit [ that is both ]: extremely alluring and compelling to experience. He is My: Torch Bearer To The Church and Burden Bearer Of Christ - The Son Of: The Servant and The Peaceful One! He is: The One True Holy Man and The One Who Judges - The Unyielding Stone [ the indestructible and extremely valuable gemstone ]. 

The Dark Stranger Is The Son Of The Clouds - the one with: The Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection - but, also, A Man With A Heart. He was: The One True Choice [ My Own Son From The Clouds ] - The Supplanter Of Universal Order And Harmony
That Lady Who Is Honest And Truthful shall be ' A Beautiful Maiden For My Little Red One ' - since: He Is The Pure One and My Son From The Clouds. She is: The One Struck By Heaven and Moonlight - that [ truly is ]: My Own Eloquent Voice! "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continuously upon you!


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