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In The Australian Movie: " Tomorrow, When The War Began " - by John Marsden - we are witnessing Future Events, before they actually happen!

Tomorrow - When The War Began.
While The Hidden Messages found within them are always: Accurate, Verifiable, and Scriptural - we will often find that, The Allegories [ themselves ] can be either: Metaphorical, Figurative, or [ even ] Quite Literal... and, such is the case with The Popular Australian Movie: " Tomorrow, When The War Began " as directed by John Marsden [ which means: " God Has Graciously Provided: The Valley Of The Marsh And The Dwelling Place Of Mars " ]. In the meantime, As Your Own Watchman, I Would Be Very Negligent To Fail In Pointing These Things Out....

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
While you probably won't believe me, since: I'm Only One Voice In The Desert and I Have No Scholarly Credentials - I [ factually ] Know What I Know... and, you would be very wise to honestly listen to me! For those of you Now Living In Australia, I present you The Following True Messages from within: " Tomorrow, When The War Began ". After all, believe it or not, It Might Just Save Your Own Lives....

America In Prophecy

Tomorrow, When The War Began - by: John Marsden.

Tomorrow: When The War Began

Wake Up and Keep Your Own Heads Down!
There are actually Two Messages to be found within The Prophetical Film of: " Tomorrow, When The War Began "... and, while The First One can be found from within the screen play itself; The Second One is actually hidden away, from your own prying eyes, Within It's Own Characters And Cast! Meanwhile, however, I Shall Present Them In The Opposite Order - for, the overall benefit of: My Own Necessary Formatting and Ongoing Consistency... and, hopefully, you'll take the necessary time - to quite honestly read both of them.

The Characters [ include ]:

Ellie Linton" The Shining Light Or Famous Warrior - From The Old Town Of Lyme " ]
Corrie MacKenzie [ " From The Round Hill  - The Favored Son Of The Fair One " ]
Kevin Holmes [ " The One Beautiful At Birth: From The Midst Of The Marsh And A Very Safe Haven " ]
Homer Yannos" The One To Be: Pledged Or Held Hostage - The Gift From God " ]
Fiona Maxwell [ " The Fair, White, And Beautiful One - From The Great: River Or Stream " ]
Lee Takkam [ " The Broad Clearing Or Meadow - The Thirsty One Who Craves Knowledge " ]
Robyn Mathers [ " The Bright And Famous One - The Son Who Is: A Scythe Or Grass Cutter " ]
Chris Lang [ " The Bearer Of Christ And The Long Suffering One " ]
Dr. Clements [ " The Healer And Son Who Is Merciful " ]
Mr. Linton [ " The Man - From The Old Town Of Lyme " ]
Mrs. Linton [ " The Wife - Of The One From Old Lyme " ]
Police Officer [ " The Justice Of The Peace, Or Peace Officer " ]
Mrs. Maxwell [ " The Wife - Of The Favored Son Of The Fair One " ]
Mrs. Takkam [ " The Wife - Of The Thirsty One Who Craves Knowledge " ]
Mr. Mathers [ " The Man - Who Is: That Scythe Or Grass Cutter " ]

  The Cast [ includes ]:
Caitlin Stasey [ " The Pure One - Who Has Been Reborn Or Resurrected " ]
Rachel Hurd-Wood [ " An Innocent Ewe Lamb - The Shepherd Over The Forest " ]
Lincoln Lewis [ " The One Famous In Battle - From Lincoln In Wales " ]
Deniz Akdeniz [ To The Mediterranean Sea " ]
Phoebe Tonkin [ " The Bright And Shining Light Of The Moon - Son Of: The Priceless And Praiseworthy One "
Chris Pang [ " The Burden Bearer Of Christ - A Sudden, Sharp, And Intense Pain " ]

Ashleigh Cummings" The Meadow Of Ashes And Son Of The Cummin Plant " ]

Andrew Ryan [ " The Man/Warrior And: The Prince Or Little King " ]

Colin Friels [ " The Young Wolf And Victory To My People:  The One To Fear And The Gallant Man " ]

Don Halbert [ " The Head Of The Family - A Warrior Of Both: Sword And Axe " ]
Olivia Pigeot [ " The Peace Of The Olive Tree And Elven Army  - The Gryphon " ]
Stephen Bourke [ " The Crowned One And Dweller: At The Hill Or Within The Fortress " ]
Kelly Butler [ " A Son Of Strife And Contention - The One Who Supplies You The Wine "
Julia Yon [ " The Child Of Jove Or Down Bearded One - The Gracious Gift Of Yahweh " ]
Dane Carson [ " God Is His Judge - The Son Of The Marsh Dwellers " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
The Shining Light, or Famous Warrior From The Old Town Of Lyme, is the pure one who has now been: Reborn, or Resurrected. He is from ' The Round Hill '; and is [ quite truthfully ] The Favored Son Of The Fair One... An Innocent Ewe Lamb, and The Shepherd Over The Forest!
He Is The One Beautiful At Birth From The Midst Of The Marsh; A Very Safe Haven and The One Famous In Battle [ a physical descendant of, Lincoln In Wales ]. He is the one: To Be Pledged and Held As The Hostage - Your Own Gift From God, to The Mediterranean Sea.
This: Fair, White, and Beautiful One - from The Great River [ or stream ] - is: The Bright And Shining Light Of The Moon and The True Son Of The Priceless And Praiseworthy One! He is [ also ]: The Bright Clearing Or Meadow and The Thirsty One Who Craves Knowledge - The Burden Bearer Of Christ; and the spiritual cause of your own: Sudden, Sharp, and Intense Pains.... 
After all, he is: The Bright And Famous One and The Son - who is: A Scythe, or Grass Cutter! In fact, he shall arise in The Meadow Of Your Own Ashes... since, he is A Son Of The Cummin Plant. You see, My dear children, he truly is: The Burden Bearer Of Christ, and The Long Suffering One - The Man/Warrior and Crowned Prince [ or, little king ]!
But, he is [ also ]: Your Own Healer and The Son Who Is Merciful... the young wolf shall provide ' A Victory For All Of My Own People '... and yet, for those others: He Is The Real One To Fear and The Gallant Man Whom I Have Provided! This Man From The Town Of Old Lyme is the head of your own family; A Warrior Of Both: The Sword [ My Own Biblical Scriptures ] and The Axe [ Your Own Weapons Of War ].
The New Wife [ of this one from: Old, Lyme ] is ' My Own Peace Of The Olive Tree '; That Powerful Army Of Elves - which, You Know As Gryffindor... and, he is: The Justice Of The Peace [ My Very Own Peace Officer ] - The Crowned One Who Dwells At The Hill [ within, The Strong Fortress ]!
She Is The Wife Of My Own Favored Son - that, Son Of: Strife and Contention - who shall supply you The Wine [ My Own True Teachings ]... since, She Is That Prophesied Bride - to, the thirsty one who truly does crave knowledge - That Child Of Jove [ or, down bearded one ] The Most Precious Gift Of Yahweh!
But, don't ever forget, He Is My Own Scythe And Grass Cutter - while, ' I Am His Judge ' and ' The One Amidst Your Own Marsh '! "

Isn't that, what it [ truthfully ] says? You tell me... after all, you can look up All Of These Things, for your-own-selves! Can You, Not? But, now, let's get on to The Movie Trailer for: " Tomorrow, When The War Began "....

Tomorrow, When The War Began:

{ *** NOTE: I didn't have the time to complete it today... however, I shall finish it very soon. My own apologies for any personal inconveniences that this may have truthfully caused you! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continuously upon you!


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