Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harry Potter is: " The Army Commander Of Yahweh "; and he's looking for Dumbledore's Army. Are you out there, or not?

Harry Potter - is The Army Cmdr Of Yahweh!
While it's glaringly obvious, that Few Of You Have Actually Found Him... the following musical tributes to Harry Potter [ which means: " The Army Commander Of Yahweh " ] are proof positive, that At Least Some Of You Are Now Factually Looking. And, that being the case, I might [ quite honestly ] recommend studying A Few More Of Those Allegories... after all, The Answers That You Seek May Be Found Within All Of Them!

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
In the meantime, however, why not enjoy some of these excellent tributes to Harry Potter? After all, something may be factually learned from within any of them... and, who knows, you might just be somewhat wiser for having [ truthfully ] done so? In all reality, however,  Every Human Mind Operates Very Differently... so, there's no real guarantee!

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ This Is War ] - uploaded by: 
Othfangirl2 .

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A Tribute To Harry Potter

Since: " Every Girl Needs A Hero " - here's to you Harry Potter!

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Girls Need A Hero ] - uploaded by: 
Potter4ever1551 .

And, since: " Whatever Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger " - why not enjoy this one, also about Harry Potter?

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Whatever Doesn't Kill You ] - uploaded by: 

And, let's not forget that Harry Potter was sent here by The Mighty One [ Himself ]... a fact, So Truthfully Scriptural, that you can now very safely: " Bet On It "!

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Bet On It ] - uploaded by: 

More importantly, however, Harry Potter Is Now Also One Of You... and, in the song: " Son Of Man " - it teaches us that very same important lesson!

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ Son Of Man ] - uploaded by: 

But, The Most Important Message Of All may be found in Harry Potter's last musical tribute. He Didn't Come Here To Just Fight Alone... after all, whether you realize it or not, The Army Commander Needs His Army; and " You're All In Dumbledore's Army "!

America In Prophecy

Harry Potter [ We Are Dumbledore's Army ] - uploaded by: 

Douglas Quaid - is, also, The Army Commander!
Thanks, for actually watching these videos... after all, This Thoroughly Confused Planet already has far too many: Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies - for Harry Potter to deal with alone! In fact, you might want to: Spiritually or [ even ] Physically Join Him - if you're, honestly, not too busy that is....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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