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In The 2005 Movie: " Lord Of War " - directed by Andrew Niccol - Yuri Orlov is the new and improved Angel Of Death!

The Lord Of War - 2005.
In The Popular 2005 Movie: " Lord Of War " - directed by Andrew Niccol [ which means: " The Man/Warrior Who Provides Victory To The People " ] - we have been provided an excellent: Spiritual Allegory and Dissertation Upon War! In fact, if our own eyes were opened, we might even comprehend ' The Exceptional Wisdom ' of its own main character, Yuri Orlov [ " The: Worker Upon Earth and Son Of The Eagle " ]... since, The Guns Aren't Actually The Problem - The Problem Is Who's Currently Holding Them.
It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Biblical Scriptures plainly state: " Those Who Live By The Sword, Shall Die By The Sword "... and, The Angel Of Death has finally come here To Expedite This Necessary Process! What, don't believe me? Then why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Lord Of War " - starring Nicholas Cage [ which means: " A Victory To The People Over Their Prison House " ] - after all, you just might be glad that you did....

America In Prophecy

Lord Of War [ 2005 ] - by: Andrew Niccol.

Lord Of War: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Yuri Orlov - is The Angel Of Death!
While none of us ever want to die, " The Lord Of War " - must always be ' The Prince Of The Covenant '. In fact, it was completely inevitable. After all, The Angel Of Death Is The Final Arbiter Of All Disputes... and, there is no pathway forward without Him! Fortunately, for the loving ones, however, He's Already Sided With His Own Father... and, that's why, he so plainly says: " We Need To Arm The Other Eleven "!

Harry Potter - is The Angel Of Death!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, It's Michael Who Truly Understands Human Nature... because, Good And Evil Cannot Coexist Together... one side, or the other, must win! And, let's just face it: If The Good Side Wins, He Can Finally Retire... but, you know what they always say:
" If You Want A Job Done Right, Then [ Let's Face It ] You'll Just Have To Do It Yourself! "

The Characters In Lord Of War [ include ]:
Yuri Orlov [ " The Worker Upon Earth And Son Of The Eagle " ]
Vitaly Orlov [ " The Life Giving Son Of The Eagle " ]
Ava Fontaine Orlov [ " The Fountain Of Life And Son Of The Eagle " ]
Jack Valentine [ " God Has Provided His Own Token Of Love " ]
Andre Baptiste Sr. [ " The Manly And Courageous One - Your Baptism By Fire " ]
Simeon Weisz [ " The Obedient Listener Among The Whites " ]
Candy [ " The Honest And Truthful One " ]
Colonel Oliver Southern [ " The Commander Of The Elven Army In The South " ]
Andre Baptiste Jr. [ " The Manly And Courageous One - Your Baptism In Spirit " ]
General Dimitri Orlov [ " The Commander Is God Of The Harvest And Son Of The Eagle " ]
Boris [ " The Warrior " ]

The Cast In Lord Of War [ includes ]:
Nicholas Cage [ " A Victory To The People Over The Prison House " ].
Jared Leto [ " He Who Has Descended - The: Hidden, Or Forgotten One " ]
Bridget Moynahan [ " The Virtuous And Exalted One - A: Holy Man, Or Priest " ]
Ethan Hawke [ " The: Strong, Firm, And Impetuous One - A Bird Of Prey " ]
Eamonn Walker [ " A Prosperous Protector - The: Inspector And Traveler " ]
Ian Holm [ " God Is Gracious To The Dweller At The River " ]
Tanit Phoenix [ " The Estate Holder Who Emerges From The Fire " ]
Donald Sutherland [ " The World Ruler From The Southern Land " ]
Sammi Rotibi [ " The One Who Listens To God - Two Forms Of Bread " ]
Eugene Lazarev [ " The Wellborn Man - God Shall Assist Him " ]
Kobus Marx [ " The Second Son And Supplanter - The One Known As Mars " ]

" Some call him preacher... others, call him gunfighter. "
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Worker Upon Earth And Son Of The Eagle is a victory for my people over their prison house. He is the life-giving son of the eagle; and the one who has descended [ The: Hidden, or Forgotten One ]. The Fountain Of Life And Son Of The Eagle [ this virtuous and exalted one ] is: A Holy Man, or Priest; and The Token Of Love That God Has Provided!  

The: Strong, Firm, and Impetuous One - is [ also ] My Own Bird Of Prey. This: Manly and Courageous One - is Your Baptism By Fire! The prosperous protector is My Own: Inspector and Traveler... and, he is the obedient listener among the whites. God Is Gracious To The Dweller By The River....

The Honest And Truthful One is the estate holder who shall emerge from the fire... The Commander Of The Elven Army In The South and The World Ruler From The Southern Land. The manly and courageous one is Your Baptism In Spirit! He is the one who listens to God; and he provides you Two Forms Of Bread. The commander is both: The God Of The Harvest and The Son Of The Eagle. After all, he is The Warrior: My Second Son and The Supplanter - whom you know, as: ' Mars '! "

So, Where Is It Found In The Scriptures?

The Prophet Daniel [ simply ] stated it this way:
" At That Time [ The Time Of The End ], Michael [ The Archangel Himself ] Shall Stand Up [ While Already Living Among You ], The Great Prince [ The One Long Ago Appointed By Yahweh ] who stands watch [ Continuously Down Through The Ages ] over the sons of your people [ The True People Of: Israel and Judah ];
And [ You Can Count Upon This ], There Shall Be A Time Of Trouble, Such As Never Was, Since There Was Any Nation; Even Unto That Time.
And [ Following This Factual Occurrence ] At That Time [ In The Earth's Final Days ] Your People Shall Be Delivered [ From Their Unwarranted Service To Lucifer ], Everyone who is found written in the book [ The Mighty One's Own Book Of Life ]. " - Daniel 12:1-3

While, The Prophet Isaiah explained it this way:
" Listen, O Coastlands [ O American Bible Belt ], to Me [ Jeshurun, Your Own Final Prophet ], ' And Take Heed, You Peoples From Afar ' [ Wherever You, Factually, Are ]! The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Eywa, or Eä ] has called Me from the womb [ At This, Precise, Appointed Time ]; from The Matrix Of My Mother [ All Of Her: Illusions, Allegories, And Dreams ] He has made mention of My Name [ Alluded To, Precisely, Who I Am ]
And He has made My Mouth [ My Own Personal Writings ] like a sharp sword [ For This Very Day ]; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me [ So That, Babylon Couldn't Stop Me ], And made Me [ The Angel Of Death  ] a polished shaft [ To Strike Deeply Into Her Own Heart ]; In His Quiver [ His Vast Arsenal ] He has hidden Me [ Until The Day Of His Upcoming Battle ]. " - Isaiah 49:1-2.

And, Yahweh [ Himself ] just put it quite bluntly:
" Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain [ Since, There Is Nothing That They Can Do ]? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Their Creator ] and against his anointed [ Michael, His Son ], saying:
' Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.'
The One enthroned in heaven laughs [ With Utter Derision ]; The Mighty One scoffs at them [ As They, Previously, Scoffed At Him ]. He [ The Prince Of My Own Spiritual Covenant ] rebukes them in His Anger and terrifies them in His Wrath [ For, He Is Completely Unstoppable ], saying:
' I have installed My King [ Yahshua, The Savior ] upon Zion [ In Jerusalem ], My Holy Mountain [ As, So Long Ago, Prophesied ]. I will proclaim The Mighty One’s Decree:
He [ Yahweh ] said to Me [ Michael, The Archangel ], ' You Are My Son; Today I Have Become Your Father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession [ There Is Absolutely Nothing, That I Will Not Lovingly Provide You ]. You will break them with a rod of iron [ For You Are My Own Physical Hammer ]; you will dash them to pieces like pottery [ Since, None Of Them Could Stand Against You In Battle ]. '
Therefore, you kings, be wise [ Turn Away From Your Own Service To Lucifer ]; be warned [ Michael Is Completely Unstoppable ], you rulers of the earth [ Lest, He Should Grow Angered Against You ]. Serve The Mighty One with fear [ In Proper Spiritual Humility ] and celebrate his rule with trembling [ For, He Is A True God Among Men ].
Kiss The Son [ Whom I Have Provided To You ], Or He Will Be Angry [ And, That Isn't The Wisest Of Options ] and your way will lead to your destruction [ He Is My Own: Military Champion And Army Commander ], for his wrath can flare up in a moment [ And, His Own Patience Isn't Unlimited ]. Blessed are all who take refuge in him [ Since, They Will Never Be Shaken ]. " - Psalm 2:1-12.

Upon this particular subject, what else is there [ truthfully ] to say... except, perhaps, Why You Can't Possibly Defeat Him: " The General, At The Top, Still Honestly Needs Him " - after all, There's A Great Many Battles Still Coming!

America In Prophecy

Lord Of War [ The Interrogation Scene ] - by: Andrew Niccol.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Mighty One is: Your Spiritual Creator and The Origin Of Physical Life... and, just as Yahshua - Himself - has previously told you:
" It Just Isn't Fitting, For Fresh [ Life ] And Salt Water [ Death ] To Come Out Of The Very Same Well! "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continuously upon you!


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