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Who is Molech from the movie: " Watchmen "... and, what do those FEMA Deathcamps [ honestly ] have to do with it?

Edward Morgan Blake - is: " The Comedian ".
In my previous review of The Popular 2009 Movie: " Watchmen " - directed by Zachary Snyder [ which simply means: " The Lord Remembers - The Tailor Of His Cloth " ] - I, factually, pointed out The Hidden Meanings Behind Many Of Its Main Characters. However, for several important reasons, I Avoided Any Actual Discussion Of Molech. After all, that particular [ and, very sensitive ] topic requires An Entire Posting Of Its Own!

So, Who [ or, more precisely, what ] Is Poor Molech? Let's simply consider, What Ozymandius Factually Told Us....
" Blake [ America ] Figured It Out First! Nixon [ The Executive Branch Of Their Own Puppet Government ] had him keeping tabs on us [ The Nations Of Europe ]; and making sure that we weren't rocking the boat.
Blake [ The American Government ] found out what I [ The World's Actual Antichrist ] was doing... Here [ In My Own Babylonian Kingdom Of The North ], and In Karnak [ In That Egyptian Kingdom To Our Own South ]... and, By The Time He Visited Poor Molech [ By Opening His Own FEMA Deathcamps ], He Was Already Cracking Badly [ His Own Nation Was Coming Apart At The Seams ]!
Even I [ The Wisest Watchman Among All Of Us ] couldn't predict, that He [ The One Who Thinks, That Everything Is A Joke ] would be the one to have a change of heart [ And To Not Fully Go Through, With My Own Carefully Orchestrated Plans ]. So, I [ The True Ruler Over Babylon The Great ] Had To Kill Him [ Since, He Himself Posed: A Very Real And Ongoing Threat ]! "

Just, See It For Yourself - by watching, this very short video clip....

America In Prophecy

Ozymandius Explains Himself [ 2009 ] - from: 

Molech Means: To Sacrifice Your Own Children In The Fire

The Jester is also: " The Comedian "!
And, believe it or not, in The Popular 1972 Hit: " Bye Bye American Pie " - by legendary musician Don McLean - we can [ once again] witness This Very Same Prophetical Symbolism! So, let's examine its own lyrics - to see what we might find....
" Oh, and there we were all in one place [ None Of Us Had Our Own Eyes Open ]... a generation lost in space [ We Were Oblivious To Everything Going On Around Us ] - with no time left to start again [ While America Was Running Out Of Time ].
So come on: Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick [ You Had Better Wake Up Very Quick ] - Jack Flash Sat On A Candlestick [ The Majority Of You Will Honestly Get Burned ]... cause fire is the devil's only friend [ Lucifer Doesn't Protect His Own Servants ]!
And as I watched him [ Lucifer ] on the stage [ And, As I Saw These Events Then Unfolding ], My Hands Were Clenched In Fists Of Rage [ I Was Angry, At Myself, For Having So Faithfully Served Him ]! No Angel Born In Hell [ None Of Our Own Sun-Worshiping Religions ] could break that Satan's spell [ For They, Too, Served Satan Himself ]... and, as the flames climbed high into the night [ Our Own Destruction Grew More Fierce Each And Every Day ], To Light The Sacrificial Rite [ As The Entire World Paid Its Own Homage To Satan ], I saw Satan laughing with delight [ Lucifer Was Well-Pleased With His Own Plans ]... The day the music died [ As America Was Completely Destroyed ]! "

America - is the nation that was: " Born To Die "!
It's Simply Amazing, how all of that honestly fits together... Now, Isn't It? But, do you factually know why... because, It's Honestly The Truth. You see, dear brothers and sisters, those: " FEMA Deathcamps " - that you are continuously hearing about - are Poor Old Molech... and: " The United States Of America " - is [ honestly ] Edward Morgan Blake! Just, honestly listen to it, for yourselves....

America In Prophecy

Bye Bye American Pie [ 1972 ] - by: 
Don Mclean.

Ford Prefect - is getting extremely exasperated!
And, that's why, In The 2004 Movie: " Hellboy " - which is puportedly about ' The Bureau Of Paranormal Research And Defense ' - you [ so painfully ] hear....
" What The Hell Is That [ What Created All Of This Carnage ]? Something, Big [ I'm Not Sure Yet, But It Definitely Means Trouble ]!
In The Absence Of Light [ When The Truth Isn't Shared Openly With Everyone ], Darkness Prevails [ Evil Grows, Totally Out Of Control ]....
Sixty Years Ago [ During The Second World War ],
They Tried To Destroy The World [ The Forces Of The Antichrist In Rome ]...
Oh, My God [ How Are We Going Survive - What's, Definitely, Now Coming ]...?
Behind This Door [ Is Our Own Baptism By Fire ], Ancient Evil [ And, That Flood Of Evil - Promised By Lucifer ]....
Oh, Well [ I Expected, As Much ], Let Me Go In; And Say Hi [ That, Ought To Straighten Them All Out ]! "

Don't take my word for it, Watch It For Yourselves....

America In Prophecy

Hellboy Movie Trailer [ 2004 ] - by: 
Guillermo Del Toro.

Molech - yesterday and today....
But, of course, You All Want To Visit Molech - like, Your Own Brothers And Sisters In Germany - now, don't you? After all, With All That Accumulating Anecdotal Evidence, you've done absolutely nothing to: Verify, Prevent, or Condemn It... and, when the time comes, You'll Be Far Too Gutless To Stop It... Just Like, Those Germans Before You!

Hey, Whatever Floats Your Own Boat... but, you can certainly bet upon one thing: " The Archangel Michael, Himself, Isn't Going... " and, whether you believe it or not, He's Gonna Make Them Pay - Quite Dearly!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!


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