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In the popular 2008 movie: " Inkheart " - we learn that, Mortimer Silvertongue Folchart can bring those stories to life....

Inkheart 2008 - movie poster.
In The Popular Movie: " Inkheart " - directed by Iain Softley [ which means: " God Has Graciously Provided The One Who Displays Mercy And Compassion - In Respect To The Laws " ] - we learn a great deal about The New Prince Of His Covenant! In fact, we learn that: " Mortimer ' Silver Tongue ' Folchart Can Bring All Of The Stories To Life " - indeed, A Very Interesting Claim - within the overall framework [ or context ] of: A Spiritual or Prophetical Allegory... and, particularly so, since many of those other allegories have been providing us This Very Same Spiritual Message.

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
If you're not sure yet, of what I'm actually talking about; then why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Inkheart ". After all, considering the times that we're now currently living in, you just might be glad that you did....

America In Prophecy

Inkheart [ 2008 ] - by: Iain Softley.

Inkheart: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Mortimer Folchart - brings the stories to life!
Since they claim, that: " Mortimer ' Silver-Tongue ' Folchart Can Bring Those Stories To Life " - why don't we, just put that to the test? After all, The Scriptures have [ undoubtedly ] commanded us to:
" Test All Things, Whether Or Not They Be Of God! "

The Characters Of Inkheart [ include ]:
Mortimer Folchart [ " The Unique One With The True Map To The Dead Sea " ].
Meggie Folchart [ " The Unique One With The True Map To My Own Precious Pearls" ].
Dustfinger [ " The Finger Of Death " ].
Capricorn [ " The Powerful Ram " ].
Fenoglio [ " The Reeds Of The Marsh Are A Hodgepodge: Collection, Medley, Or Mixture " ].
Elinor Loredan [ " My God Is The Light - The Laurel Grove " ].
Farid [ " The Exceptional And Unique One " ].
Teresa Folchart [ " The Reaper Is: The Odd, Or Strange One - With The Map " ].
Mortola [ " The Son Of Death " ].

The Cast Of Inkheart [ includes ]:
Brendan Fraser [ " The Red Headed Prince Has Curly Hair " ].
Eliza Bennett [ " Consecrated To God - The Blessed One " ].
Paul Bettany [ " The Small And Humbled One Is From The House Of Figs " ].
Andy Serkis [ " The Man/Warrior Is The Protector Or Shepherd " ].
Jim Broadbent [ " The Supplanter And Sharp Bend Along The Way " ].
Helen Mirren [ " The Light Of The Moon - The Bitter One Who Is Also A Reflective Mirror " ].
Rafi Gavron [ " The Servant Of Allah, The Exalted One - The: Noble Ram, Or Friend With The Spear " ].
Sienna Guillory [ " The Ruddy Complected One - Is Very Powerful " ].
Lesley Sharp [ " From The Dark Or Grey Fortress - The Blade Suitable For Cutting " ].

And, indeed, by combining them together - By Both: Character and Actor - we can even form A Highly-Accurate Spiritual Message... such as, In The Following:

" The Unique One Who Possesses The Map To The Dead Sea is the red-headed prince with curly hair. It Is He Who Possesses The Map To All Of My Pearls! He is: The One Consecrated To God and The Blessed One - The Finger Of Death and The Humbled One From The House Of Judah.

The Powerful Ram is a: Man, Warrior, Protector, and Shepherd. The Reeds Of The Marsh are: A Hodgepodge, Collection, Medley, or Mixture; and he is: The Supplanter and The Sharp Bend In The Way.
While God Is The Light [ His Own Laurel Grove and The Light Of The Moon ], he is The Bitter One Who Reflects The True Light

The Exceptional And Unique One Is The Servant Of Allah [ The Exalted One ] - he is: The Noble Ram and His Friend With The Spear. The one who is charged with the harvest is The Unique One Who Possesses The True Map! This ruddy complected one is exceptionally powerful. He Is The Son [ Known As Death ] - from the dark or grey fortress; and The Only Blade Suitable For Cutting. "

Isn't that, what it [ truthfully ] says? You tell me... perhaps, I've just read it wrong? Why Not, Look Up Those Names For Yourselves....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continuously upon you!


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