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The True Meaning of: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - is that, Charlie Bucket has been selected as The Prince Of His Covenant!

Willie Wonka - 1971.
In The Popular 1971 Film: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - written by Roald Dahl and directed by Mel Stuart - we are being provided a glimpse into far more than just An Imaginary Chocolate Factory... and, indeed, we are witnessing A Spectacular And Historic Event! Because, Charlie Bucket - which literally means: " The Free Man Who Was An Empty And Highly-Useful Vessel " - Passed The Real Test; that was so craftily administered by Mr. Willie Wonka... and, he has [ factually ] won, The Entire Chocolate Factory....

Peter Ostrum - " The Stone From Austria ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, Willie Wonka [ actually ] refers to: " The Very Astute And Hardworking One - Who Possesses: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection ", or " The True Candy Man " - Our Own Human Creator...  and, The Real Competition was over precisely who would get to physically inherit All Of His Numerous Creations. Consequently: The Sole Remaining Child, with A Golden Ticket - will, ultimately, inherit everything... for, He has been [ very-carefully ] chosen - by The One True Mighty One - as: " The Prince Of His Covenant "!

If you don't believe me, then why not watch The Final Few Minutes from within: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - starring: Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, and Peter Ostrum... and then, we'll prove it, from The Biblical Scriptures....

America In Prophecy

Wille Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - by: Mel Stuart.

{ *** NOTE: Please forgive me, that this video clip no longer matches all of the following text! I had to use a slightly different one, since the one previous is no longer currently available. The text, however, is still entirely accurate. }

Willie Wonka: A Prophetical Allegory

In fact, even at - An Entirely Secular Resource - we can, very clearly, read:
The meaning behind willy wonka is religion. Wonka is seen as a God among the rest, inside of his "gates" of the Wonka Factory which no one can willingly enter. Even at the beginning song they say, "The world tastes good because the candy man thinks it should", inferring the Wonka is the sole provider of happiness and good within the world.
All of the kids besides Charlie represent the deadly sins. Augustus is gluttony, Mike TV is sloth, Veruca is greed and Violet wants others to envy her. Wonka goes on this journey with the kids, each one causing the end of their journey through their own sin (kinda like saw). At the end, Charlie is first told he will not get the prize because he stole fizzy lifting drinks.
Charlie repents by giving Wonka his gobstopper and is then forgiven and rewarded by receiving the factory. Wonka says to Charlie, "I knew you could do it my boy, I just knew you would, I'm sorry i put you through this, I just had to test you", showing wonka's power over all situations.

Because, this particular Prophetical Allegory isn't really that complicated to, quite honestly, perceive... and yet, very few people actually understand It's True Hidden Meaning. On the other hand, however, Charlie Bucket [ factually ] knows it... because, He Alone Truly Understands Willie Wonka! Remember, " It Has All Been, Clearly, Spelled Out In His Own Contract "....

Mathew Chapter 24, Clearly States:
“ Who then is: A Faithful and Wise Servant - whom his master Made Ruler Over His Household, to give them their food in due season? Blessed is That Servant whom his master, when he comes, Will Find Him So Doing. Assuredly, I say to you that:
But if That Evil Servant says in his heart, My Master Is Delaying His Coming, and begins to: Beat His Fellow Servants, and to Eat And Drink With The Drunkards - then The Master Of That Servant Will Come On A Day When He Is Not Looking For Him and at an hour that he is not aware of, and Will Cut Him In Two And Appoint Him His Portion With The Hypocrites. There shall be: Weeping and Gnashing Of Teeth. [ As Willie Himself Would Say: " Etc... Etc... Etc... Incendia, Gloria, Culpem *** Shall Be Consumed, Praise To Yahweh, For Their Sins! *** Etc... Etc... Etc.... " ] " - Mathew 24:45-51.

In fact, this is exactly where the common expression: " Betting The Entire Chocolate Factory " - honestly, comes from... He has [ factually ] ' Invested Everything In One Very Special Human Being '!

In, Willie Wonka Terminology:
  • The Chocolate - is: " His Own Holy Spirit " - that, truthfully, makes: ' The World Taste Good '!
  • The Chocolate Factory - is: " The Promised Land " - that, the entire world has been fighting over, since the very beginning.
  • The Glass Ceiling - is:  " What Prevents Others From Truly Understanding Mr. Willie Wonka " - and, it must be shattered, before anyone will truly understand Him.
  • The Great Glass Elevator - is: " Yahweh's Method Of Revealing Himself, To The Oompa Lumpas, Throughout The Factory " - at various: Necessary Times and Important Places.
  • The Oompa Loompas - are: " The Priesthood Of Judah " - that, are destined to [ once again ] work in His Own Temple.
  • The Red Button - is: " The One Button That Can Openly Reveal Wonka, Outside Of His Own Factory "; and, it has been specifically saved for His Own Son Charlie To Press.
  • And, The Members Of Charlie's Own Family - are: " The People Of: Israel, Joseph, and The Remainder Of Judah [ To Include: Those Prophesied Wild Olive Branches ] " - who are, once again, restored to properly live among them.

The Great Wonka-Vator....
By: " Pressing The Red Button " - Charlie Bucket [ The Free Man Who Is An Empty And Highly Useful Vessel ] - Has been given the privilege To Openly Reveal Willie To The World for the very first time... you see, up until this point, no one has ever truly understood Mr. Wonka - since, He has never actually left the golden gates of his own personal factory! Meanwhile, of course, Charlie Bucket Is Now His Very Own Son and The True Heir To All That He Owns... and, as such, he has become The One True Prophet Of Yahweh. Therefore, it is Charlie alone who [ finally ] gets to shatter: " The Proverbial Glass Ceiling "....

The Prince's Gate in Jerusalem....
Meanwhile, of course, Charlie's Own Job is to: Take Care Of The Chocolate Factory, Protect The Oompa Lumpas, and Ensure That Everything Runs Smoothly - for, Willie Himself... and, when necessary, To Protect His Own Factory! Meanwhile, in exchange for performing these duties, " Charlie Gets To Learn All Of His Precious Candy Making Secrets " - after all, He has fully become: " The Long Prophesied Son Of The Eternal Covenant ".

Consequently, that's honestly why: " The Prince's Gate Shall Be Opened To The Sanctuary - For His Own Exclusive Use - Forever Afterward " - since, He [ alone ] shall get to: Dine and Commune - with The Mighty One! While Yahshua [ The One True King ] will be: Walking Around Among You and Teaching You Many Things - there shall still be many other things, That Only The True Prince Shall Ever Know... and, " The Prince's Gate " - is their very own Private Meeting Place.

Just Consider, The Following Snippet

Mr. Wonka [ Can I, Please, Speak With You ]?
I'm Extraordinarily Busy Sir [ Please, Go Away Now ]....
I Just Wanted, To Ask About The Chocolate [ Can't You Spare Me The Time, To Discuss It ]...?
The Lifetime Supply Of Chocolate For Charlie [ Since, He Didn't Screw Up - Like The Rest Of Them ]!
When Does He Get It [ He's Certainly Better Than All Those Other Kids ]?

He Doesn't Get It [ Now, Please Leave ]....
But, Why [ Charlie, Was The Best Kid In The Whole Bunch Of Them ]...?
Because, He Broke The Rules [ He Never - Factually - Obeyed Me ].
What Rules [ You Never Provided Us Any Rules ]?
We Didn't See Any Rules [ Where Were They Located, Then ],
Did We Charlie [ Did You See Any Rules, Charlie ]?

*** The Free Man Shakes His Head No. ***

Wrong Sir... Wrong [ I, Clearly, Provided Everyone The Rules - From The Very Beginning ]...!
Under Section 37B, By A Contract Signed By Him, It States Very Clearly, That All Offers Shall Become Null And Void - Etc, Etc, Etc [ The Letter Of My Own Law, Must Be Kept By Everyone ]...
Etc, Etc, Etc - Fax Mentis Incendia Gloria Culpem [ Otherwise, You Shall Be Consumed For The Sins Originating In Your Own Mind ]...
Etc.. Etc... Etc [ Do You - Finally - Get It Now, Grandpa ]...?
So, You Get Nothing [ There Shall Be No Prize, For Your Own Personal Wickedness ]...
You Lose [ I Have No Intention Of Rewarding Your Sins ]!
Good Day, Sir [ Now, Please Leave ]

You're A Crook [ You've Swindled All Of Us... Who Can, Honestly, Keep Such Rules ]...!
You're A Thief And A Swindler [ What's The Point, In Serving You ]...
How Can You Do A Thing Like This... Building Up A Little Boy's Hopes And Then Smashing Them? You're An Inhuman Monster [ We Never Should Have Trusted You ]!
I Said: Good Day - Sir [ Leave Now, Before I Throw You Out ]!

Come On Charlie, Let's Get Out Of Here [ He's Not Worth Our Own Efforts ]....
I'll Get Even With Him [ For The Both Of Us ]... 
If, It's The Last Thing, I Ever Do [ I Don't Care About Any Judgment ]...
If Slugworth Wants A Gobbstopper, Then He'll Get A Gobbstopper [ I'll Serve The Other Guy ]!

*** Charlie Pulls Away From Grandpa And Re-Enters The Room. ***

Mr. Wonka [ Here's Your Gobbstopper, It's Only Right That You Have It ]...?
You Did It... You Did It... I Always Knew You Would... I Just Knew You Would [ You Loved Me: Totally And Unconditionally ]...! 
Oh Charlie, Forgive Me - For Putting You Through This... Please Forgive Me [ But, I Had To Test You; Because, It Was Very Important ]!
Come In, Mr. Wilkerson [ Which Simply Means: " A Son Of William " ]. 

*** Mr. Wilkerson: Enters, Gives A Thumbs Up, And Congratulates Charlie***
Charlie [ Free Man ], Meet Mr. Wilkerson [ My Other Son, Lucifer ].
Slugworth [ The One With No Value ]....
I Had To Test You Charlie [ To See Whether You Truly Understand Love, Or Not ]...
You've Won [ I'm, So Very, Ecstatic ]!

Won, What [ What Did Charlie Win, Mr. Wonka ]?
The Jackpot, My Good Sir, The Jackpot [ He's Won, The Greatest Prize Ever Given To Anyone ]!
The Chocolate [ Your Own Holy Spirit ]?
But, That's Just The Beginning [ But, You're Going To Get Far More Than That ]!
Come On... Come On... We've Got So Much Time, And So Little To Do...
This Way, Please... We'll Take The Wankavator [ My Own, Special Glass Elevator ].

Hop In Charlie, And Granpa Joe Sir [ We're Going To Take A Very Special Trip ].
This Is The Great Glass Wankavator [ There's Absolutely Nothing Like It Anywhere ]...
It's An Elevator [ What's So Special About It ]?
It's A Wankavator... An Elevator Can Only Go Up And Down... But, A Wankavator Can Go Anywhere That I - Personally - Want To Go [ There Are Absolutely No Boundaries, Or Limitations, To Inhibit It ]!
But, Up Until Now, There's Actually One Button, Which I've Never Pressed [ The One That Smashes Through The Glass Ceiling; And Reveals The Whole Truth About Me To The World ]...
Go Ahead, Charlie, Press The Red Button [ After All, You've Actually Won The Privilege To Do It ]!

*** Charlie, Then Presses The Red Button, And The Final Process Begins! ***

You see, dear brothers and sisters, Charlie Bucket [ Jeshurun, The Prophet ] is just the human form of Michael, The Archangel... and, Willie Wonka [ Your Own Mighty One ] has chosen Him to be your own: Political and Spiritual Leader - forever. After all, Michael Is A True Immortal... and, He Understands The True Nature Of Love: " It's Always Provided Unconditionally; To Those Who'll Freely Return It "... The Mighty One Could Never Be An Absolute Legalist! After all, would we - who are predominantly evil - treat our own children that way? No. Even we're: Forgiving and Merciful. How much more then, Our Father In Heaven?

If Yahweh wanted mindless robots, then He would have made us that way... after all, He knew exactly, what He was doing!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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