Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of Humor? Of course, He does....

Many people often wonder, " Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of humor? "... and, it's quite obvious that ' Hollywood ' honestly thinks so... but, does He really? Certainly, He does! Take for instance, the following photograph, that fully demonstrates The Awesome Military Power wielded by The United States of America.

Original Defense Dept. Photo of: A Nuclear Demonstration.

Be Sure and Examine It Very Closely - for what I am about to Spiritually Show You - regarding Yahweh's own Sense Of Humor... and then, proceed to the very next page.

The United States of America has built ' Its Entire Military Defense ' around Its Own Nuclear Arsenal; and believing that - in doing so - it would remain Forever Safe from the rest of the world... and yet, Nuclear Weapons are entirely worthless, if the other side has just as many to destroy you! What if Your Own Military Allies - that share all of your own secrets - are Actually Your Enemies? Wouldn't that, in itself, make you look like ' A Clown '... or, as it were, just another: " Bozo "! Let's see, for ourselves....

A Highlighted Version of: the very same photograph!

Who is That Clown laughing at? Could it be, The Very Nation that has: Unleashed and Fully Trusted - in this Truly Pathetic Form of Military Power? Bear in mind, that I didn't doctor The Original Picture at all... everything within it, is just as it was Originally Photographed - by Our Very Own Defense Department! Feel free, to scroll up, and [ actually ] look at it again.... Indeed, Yahweh Himself has a very good Sense Of Humor.

Although few of us, living today, actually grew up around Chicago, Illinois... virtually all of us grew up watching WGN's: " BOZO - The Clown Show ". Do any of you remember, exactly what he - The Original BOZO - actually looked like? I, certainly, do... and so does Yahweh, The Mighty One, who's been attempting to send you This Message. If you think that, The United States of America cannot be militarily defeated, then you are indeed ' A Clown '... and, Yahweh Himself has been clearly warning you already. 

" A Weapon, That Cannot Be Used... "

" Is No Real Weapon, At All! "

I believe, that by using America's Own Childhood Icon to send us This End Time Message Of Warning, it clearly establishes His Own Sense Of The Ironic - for everyone, worldwide, to honestly see! In fact, He's saying: " Trust In All Of That Modern Technology, if you think you must; but, In The End, it won't do you any good... because, I Myself control all of the nations of this earth - whether they [ in fact ] realize it, or not! " and that, dear brothers and sisters, is [ actually ] the true sign of ' An Extremely Good Sense Of Humor '....

{ *** NOTE: By the way, if you think that this is Some Sort Of Freak Occurrence, then you are [ indeed ] quite wrong. I, personally, see these sorts of things - all around me - every single day! The only reason why, I don't actually point out more of them, is The Very Precious Time that it [ quite honestly ] takes, for me, to: Personally Highlight and Upload Them Again.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!