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Where In The Scriptures can we find: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

A statue of Julius Caesar.
Are Julius Caesar [ the very first emperor of Rome ] and Princess Cleopatra [ the daughter of Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes ] mentioned within The Sacred Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, the attempted marital alliance between: Egypt and Rome - the two greatest kingdoms of their time - should have clearly been recorded  within its pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

So, Where In The Scriptures does it mention: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

In Daniel Chapter 11, We Can Factually Read:
" Then a mighty king [ Alexander Of Macedonia ] shall arise, who shall rule with a very great dominion [ Stretching From Europe, To The Middle-East And Africa; All The Way To India ], and do according to his will [ For No One Can Stand Against Him In Battle ].
And when he [ Alexander The Great ] has arisen [ Reached The Height Of His Own Political Power ], his kingdom [ The Macedonian Empire ] shall be broken up and divided toward the four winds of heaven [ It Shall Become Four Kingdoms: North, South, East, and West ], but not among his posterity [ After All, Alexander Was A Well-Known Homosexual And Had No Children ] nor according to his dominion with which he ruled [ The Kingdom Of Macedon ]; for his kingdom shall be uprooted [ By His Own Military Generals - The Ptolemies ] even for others besides these [ The Seleucid Rulers ]. " - Daniel 11:3-4.

Alexander The Great of Macedonia.
Since this article is actually about: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra - you are probably wondering why I have recounted these first two passages of scripture. After all, what could: " Alexander The Great " - have to do with: Caesar and Cleopatra? Actually, quite alot, since: Julius Caesar ultimately became the very first: " King Of The North [ The Empire Of Rome ] "; and Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes became the very first: " The King Of The South [ The Caliphate Of Egypt ] "; and both of them arose from within the very same Seleucid Dynasty. But, let's read onward....

Daniel Chapter 11, Then Continues:
" Then The King Of The South [ Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes ] shall become strong [ Both: Politically and Militarily ], as well as one his [ Alexander The Great's ] princes [ Known As Julius Caesar ]; and he [ Julius Caesar From Rome ] shall gain power over him [ The Pharoah Within Egypt ] and have dominion [ Exclusive Political Control ]. His [ Julius Caesar's ] dominion [ New World Empire ] shall be a great dominion [ And Include Numerous Sovereign Nations ].
And at the end of some years [ Of Jockeying For: Political Control And Beneficial Military Position ] they [ Julius Caesar and The Pharoah Within Egypt ] shall join forces [ By Forming A Marital Alliance Between Them ], for the daughter of The King Of The South [ Princess Cleopatra VII Philopator ] shall go to The King Of The North [ Emperor Julius Caesar ] to make an agreement [ The Political Marriage Between Them ]; but she [ Roman Empress Cleopatra ] shall not retain the the power of her authority [ Among The Romans ], and neither he [ Emperor Julius Caesar ] nor his authority [ Over The Roman Empire ] shall stand [ For He Is Murdered Upon The Steps Of The Roman Senate ]; but she [ Now, Queen Cleopatra ] shall be given up [ By The Egyptians, Her Own Subjects ], with those who brought her [ Caesar's Own Praetorian Guards ], and with him who begot her [ Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes ], and with him who strengthened her in those time [ Marcus Antonius ]. " - Daniel 11:5-6.

The Prophet Daniel in the lion's den.
Now bear in mind, that this prophecy being related to The Prophet Daniel - by The Archangel Gabriel - is being told to him in the time of King Darius I Of Medo-Persia... which makes this: Complete Accuracy and Amazing Detail - all the more startling. Not only are these prophecies being written over 400 years well in advance, but one of these stated empires - being so: Clearly and Carefully Referenced - doesn't even exist yet, in any form. Without Divine Foreknowledge and True Understanding, there is absolutely no way - for anyone - to predict these complicated circumstances surrounding: Julius Caesar [ The King Of The North ] and Princess Cleopatra [ The King Of The South's Daughter ]!

But then again, Daniel The Prophet was well-loved by Yahweh. In fact, The Archangel Gabriel actually confirmed this, when he himself stated: " O Daniel, man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak to you, and stand upright, for I have been sent to you. *** Daniel 10:11. ] " Moreover, The Writings Of Daniel Chapter 11 contain more than 2500 Years Of Documented Human History from: Darius I Of Medo-Persia, to The Fourth Seal Of Revelation - that is [ now ] so rapidly approaching! Perhaps, you should read it....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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