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Isaiah Chapter 10 - speaks about The End Time Restoration of Israel.

Israel Shall Be Restored as promised!
In my last posting, entitled: " Isaiah Chapter 10 - The Judgment Against The Aryans within The Fourth Seal Of Revelation. " - I wrote about ' The Impending Judgments Upon Assyria [ The Aryan Nations Of The West ] '; among whom, " The Ten Tribes Of Israel " - had been previously scattered, approximately 2600 years before. Therefore, when discussing The Destruction Of The Aryans, we shouldn't be surprised that fully one half of Isaiah Chapter 10 [ also ] discusses these very same Ten Tribes Of Israel; and The Holy Remnant that shall then be regathered from among them, at that particular time. In fact, if The Prophet Isaiah had [ actually ] not referenced them within These End Time Prophecies, then that would have been the true oddity!

{ *** NOTE: For further insight into ' The Proclamation Made Against The Aryans ', be sure and read the first article upon Isaiah Chapter 10 - referenced above. And, for even more insight into: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation " - you can also read, the following related articles: 

Therefore, continuing where we [ actually ] left off, in the very last posting, let's now read about The End Time Restoration Of Israel....

Isaiah Chapter 10, Then Says:
" And it shall come to pass In That Day [ The Time Of Assyria's Own Judgment ] That The Remnant Of Israel [ The Ten Tribes In North America and The House Of Joseph In Egypt ], And such as have escaped [ The Latter Day Destruction Of Jerusalem ] of The House Of Jacob [ The Tribe Of Judah ], Will never again depend upon him [ The Aryans ] who defeated them [ Throughout Earth's Overall History ], But will depend upon The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Himself ], The Holy One of Israel [ Known As Yahweh-Hushua ], In Truth [ Without Any Spiritual Duplicity ].
The Remnant [ Those Who Understand And Obey Him ] will return [ To The Promised Land ], The Remnant Of Jacob [ All Of His Own Genetic Children ], To Yahweh The Mighty One.
For though Your People [ Those Who Claim To Follow Me ], O Israel [ You Who Call Yourselves: Christians, Coptics, And Jews ], be as the sand of the sea [ Numbering Around 2.5 Billion Individuals ], Yet A Remnant Of Them [ A Very Small Portion ] will return [ For Many Of You Shall Be Violently Destroyed ]; The Destruction Decreed [ My Own Judgment Being Poured Out ] shall overflow [ Against You ] with righteousness [ Based Upon Your: Overall Knowledge And Spiritual Obedience ].
For Yahweh The Mighty One of Heaven [ Means Exactly What He Says ], And He will make A Determined End [ For All Of The Transgressors ] In the midst of the land [ Upon The Earth Where You Live ]. " - Isaiah 10:20-23.

Brothers and sisters, if you get nothing else from reading this particular posting - upon The End Time Restoration from Isaiah Chapter 10 - then clearly understand this: " Yahweh Has Always Meant [ Exactly ] What He Has Said - Through His Scriptures! "... and that's why, He has consistently commanded us:
  1. Neither Add, Nor Take Away From My Scriptures!
  2. Utilize Them As A Lamp To Your Feet, And As A Light To Your Path!
  3. Teach Them To Your Children Faithfully!
  4. Trust No One Else With Your Salvation!
  5. Do Not Trust In Those: Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, And Empty Oracles!
  6. Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues!
  7. Make All Of Your Paths Straight For Yahweh!
  8. And Look To Yahweh, Alone, For Your Own Salvation!

What kind of sheep are you?
Meanwhile, most of us haven't been really listening to ' These Highly-Important Messages '... thinking, perhaps, He doesn't truly mean them. And upon what, can any of us base such a foolish presumption? Certainly not, The Scriptures that are found within The Bible! No, we have based these idiotic misconceptions upon: The Humanly Devised Traditions and False Teachings Of Others - those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, And Empty Oracles of Spiritual Babylon " - despite all of the countless scriptural warnings to the contrary!

And why have we [ honestly ] done this?
  • Because, like ' The Sheep ' that He [ Himself ] called us, we're naturally: very stupid, almost completely blind, and quite honestly lazy
  • Because, we never [ even ] cared enough to study The Scriptures for ourselves!
  • Because, we don't truly perceive The Reality Completely Surrounding Us!
  • Because, we are naturally: Disobedient, Self-Centered, and Stubborn!
  • And Because, honestly, We Don't Truly Believe!

Doesn't that, just about sum it up? Why don't You tell me.... Or, at the very least, Be Truthful With Yourself! Because, when you lie to yourself, the only ' True Victim ' is you... and, that's a real shame. Everyone should [ actually ] love their-own-selves, enough to fully embrace honesty - at the very least - when they're alone with themselves. If you can't [ even ] do that, then what love have you, at all?

The End Time Restoration Of Israel will be both: Spiritual [ In Holy Preparation For The Return ] and Physical [ In Obedience To Yahweh By Actually Returning ]... and anyone who believes otherwise, will sadly mistaken, at that time. If you're: Looking for Babylon to spiritually save you, or Its False Rapture to physically regather you, then you had better wake up! Let's continue....

Isaiah Chapter 10, Then Continues:
" Therefore [ Understanding These Things ], thus says Yahweh The Mighty One of Heaven:
 ' O My People, who dwell in Zion [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ], do not be [ unduly ] afraid of The Assyrian [ That Invading Aryan Army ]. He shall strike you with a rod [ A Highly Precise Instrument Of Correction ] and lift up his staff [ A Tool Of Understanding And Individual Guidance ] against you [ Like A Human Shepherd ], in the manner of Egypt [ Do You Remember How I Utilized Them? ].
For yet a very little while [ Only A Short Period Of Time ] and the indignation will cease [ For I Will Then Remove Them For One Very Last Time ], As will My Anger [ That I Have Against Those Living Among You ] in their destruction [ I Fully Intend To Remove These Kabbalists ].
And The Mighty One of Heaven will stir up a scourge for him [ The Aryan ] like the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb [ Where Midian Was Decisively Defeated ]; as His rod was upon the sea [ Held By The Hand Of The Prophet Moses ], so will He [ Yahweh Your Mighty One ] lift it up [ Yet Once Again ] in the manner of Egypt [ By Providing You My Own Anointed Servant ].
It shall come to pass In That Day [ This Time Of Your Own Trouble ], That his burden [ The Aryan Dominance Of The Earth ] will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck [ For I Shall Finally Set You Free From Him ], And the yoke will be destroyed [ Completely Shattered ] because of The Anointing Oil [ Poured Upon My Servant ]. " - Isaiah 10:24-27.

While The Aryans are then go about conquering the people living within ' The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ' [ The House Of Judah ], Yahweh Himself shall be regathering and transporting His Holy Remnant of Israel to: " The Promised Land " - upon those long prophesied: " Ships Of Tarshish [ *** See: Isaiah 60:9 ] " - to join with and militarily reinforce their very own genetic brothers... and, the prophesied ' Anointed One ' will be coming upon one of those very same ships! For, this will be The End Time Restoration Of Israel.
{ *** NOTE: For those of you: " Self-Proclaimed Christians " - out there; ' An Anointing ' doesn't necessarily denote any form of messiah-ship. All of Israel's True: Watchmen, Judges, Prophets, and Kings - have always received a spiritual anointing from Yahweh... as did, The Prophet Moses. Moreover, Yahshua shall not return to the Earth - until The Nations Within Israel have been completely subdued [ *** SEE: Psalm 110:1-7 ].
Moreover: The Nation Must Be Factually Secured, The Wedding Feast Prepared, and The Rest Of The Guests [ Those Wild Olive Branches Of Israel ] Openly Invited To The Wedding [ *** SEE: Isaiah 60:8 ]. }

Meanwhile, the following verses, then describe: This Final Battle Against The Aryans - that occurs in ' The End Time Restoration Of Israel '.

Isaiah Chapter 10, Then Concludes:
" He has come Aiath, He has passed Migron; At Michmash he has attended to his equipment.
They have gone along the ridge, They have taken lodging at Geba. Ramah is afraid. Gibeah of Saul has fled.
Lift up your voice, O daughter of Gallim! Cause it to be heard as far as Laish - O poor Anathoth!
Madmenah has fled, The inhabitants of Gebim seek refuge.
As yet [ At This Point ], he will remain in Nob that day; He will shake his fist at the mount of the daughter of Zion, The hill of Jerusalem.
Behold [ And Then ], Yahweh, The Mighty One of Heaven, Will lop off The Bough [ The Aryan Branch ] with terror [ They Shall Struck With Great Devastation ]; Those of high stature [ The Mighty Men Of The Earth ] will be hewn down [ Like Trees In The Forest ], And the haughty [ Those Who Believe That They Can't Be Beaten ] will be humbled [ As I Shall Completely Annihilate Them ].
He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will cut down The Thickets Of The Forest [ The Armies Of Babylon ] with iron [ And None Shall Escape ], And Lebanon [ The Armies Of Aria ] will fall by The Mighty One [ Just As So Long Ago Prophesied ]. " - Isaiah 10:28-34.

A Booth, or tent, during The Holy Feast.
At this point, The Regathered Nation Of Israel [ All Three Houses: Judah, Israel, and Joseph ] will begin their preparations for the long-prophesied ' Wedding Feast Of The Lamb '; and The Wild Olive Branches will be tearing down Their Own Houses To Spiritual Babylon - in their own preparations to leave! The Servant Of Yahweh will give the command to tear down All Of Israel's High Places... and Every Idol throughout the land shall be completely removed... and All Of Israel Shall Dwell In Tents [ or booths ] - for construction of human habitations shall not be allowed, until every stumbling block has been thoroughly destroyed! An Inspection Shall Be Called Throughout The Land, and everything and everyone that offends shall be completely removed....

Then, and only then, shall: " The Wedding Feast " be declared; and its numerous guests [ Those Wild Olive Branches From The Other Nations ] be invited to attend this holy celebration. Nor, shall anyone enter The Holy Congregation without: " The Proper Wedding Garment " - spoken of by Yahshua Himself... and if they do not know this, then they shall be cast from among us out at that time! For, this is The Commandment Of Yahweh... and, ' His Anointed Servant ' shall [ faithfully ] carry it out. The End Time Restoration Of Israel will be taken very seriously, I can absolutely assure you!
{ *** NOTE: For those of you, who do not know what The Wedding Garment [ actually ] is, now might be a very good time to get some ' Oil ' for your ' Lamp '. The Restoration Of Israel is fully predicated upon their Spiritual Atonement with The Mighty One. Meanwhile, the meaning of Atonement is: " To Become Of-One-Mind "... and The Mighty One Never Changes. Have you, gotten it yet? }
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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