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In the violent picture: " Valhalla Rising " - starring Mads Mikkelson - we are witnessing A Spiritual Allegory, from a very darkened perspective.

Valhalla Rising - 2009.
In The Popular European Film: " Valhalla Rising " - directed by Nicholas Winding Refn [ which means: " A Victory To The People Of That Continually Crooked Vine " ] and starring Mads Mikkelson [ that translates: " As The Gift From God - He Sent Michael His Son " ] - we witness a prophetical allegory of The Archangel Michael, in his own eventual quest for The Holy Land! Meanwhile, of course, this: " One-Eyed Warrior " - is completely unstoppable upon the military battlefield; and powerfully driven, by his own overriding desire for some personally necessary vengeance. In fact, this movie isn't at all for the timid - despite its overall theme of Eventual Human Redemption.

Maarten Stevenson plays: " The Boy ".
Of course, The Number Two Character - known simply as: " The Boy "; and played by Maarten Stevenson [ which means: " From The Angel Of Mars - The Son, Who Wears The Crown " ] - is escorted, quite safely, upon His Own Journey To The Holy Land... while, The Experience Has Only Perfected His Own Character! You see, dear brothers and sisters: " Valhalla Rising " - is yet another Interesting Prophetical Movie - along the very same spiritual lines, as Solomon Kane. Just watch the following trailer; and see....

America In Prophecy

Valhalla Rising [ 2009 ] - by: Nicholas Winding Refn.

Valhalla Rising: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Valhalla Rising - The Priest upon The Mountain Top.
While most of you cannot seem to perceive it, You're Completely Surrounded By All Of These Scriptural Truths! When The Mighty One, Himself, truthfully stated: " The Entire Earth Testifies To These Ongoing Truths Of His Own Story " - He wasn't lying to you... even, The Satanists themselves have been revealing His Own Magnificent Glories - since, it's the only way, that they can effectively communicate with one another! Otherwise, you could [ quite honestly ] Tie Them All Together....

Why not, Open Your Spiritual Eyes? What are you, honestly, afraid of? They can't possibly hurt you, if you're actively watching them! The Biblical Scriptures clearly state, for everyone to read:
" Behold, I Send You Out As Sheep [ Those: Truly Innocent And Docile Creatures ] In The Midst Of Wolves [ But, You Are Surrounded By Others, Who Will Very-Gladly Kill You ]. Therefore [ Do Not Be Ignorant ], Be Wise As Serpents [ Those Children Of Satan ]; And Harmless As Doves [ By: Observing And Learning From Them - As You Go ]! " - Mathew 10:16.

Harry Potter - is The Army Commander!
 And yet, rather than heeding Yahshua's Intelligent Advice, the vast majority of you will just repeatedly ignore Their Own Highly-Useful Information - that is, so readily, available to you. And while, they study your own particular knowledge, You Very Foolishly Ignore All Of Theirs. It's really no wonder, that They Continually Enslave You. In fact, You Are [ quite honestly ]: " The Spiritually Retarded Ones " - while, continually, remaining ever quite boastful - in: Your Ongoing and Utter Spiritual Ignorance!

And, Thus, It Was Clearly Written Of You:
" My Own People [ The Ones Who Always Claim To Follow Me ] Perish [ Are Counted As Sheep For The Slaughter ], For Their Own Lack Of Knowledge [ Because, They Truthfully Don't Listen To Me ]! " - Hosea 4:6.

Valhalla Rising: The True Hidden Message

The Characters Of Valhalla Rising [ include ]:
One Eye [ " The One With Singularity Of Vision " ]
The Boy [ " The Young Man Who Embodies His Spirit " ]
The General [ " The Leader Over The Army " ]
The Priest [ " Their Spiritual Leader " ]
The Chieftan [ " The Ruler Over You All " ]
The Son [ " The One Who Comes From The Father " ]
The First Viking [ " The First Raider Along The River " ]
The Second Viking [ " The Second Raider Along The River " ]

The Cast Of Valhalla Rising [ includes ]:
Mads Mikkelson [ " As The Gift From God - He Sent Michael His Son " ]
Maarten Stevenson [ " The Lord Of War And The Son Who Is Crowned " ]
Ewan Stewart [ " The: Yew Tree And Prophesied Steward " ]
Gary Lewis [ " The Son - Who Is Famous In War " ]
Alexander Morton [ " The Defender Of Man And The City Beside The River " ]
Jamie Sives [ " The Supplanter Who Sifts " ]
Gordon Brown [ " The: Large Fortification, Or Hill Near The Meadow " ]
Gary McCormack [ " The Son - Who Is The Harbinger Of Death " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:

" The One With Singularity Of Vision is The Gift From God.... since, He sent ' Michael ' - his own son. The young man, who embodies his own spirit, is: The Lord Of War and The Son Who Is Crowned!

The Leader Over The Army is: The Yew Tree [ The Tree Of Immortality And Spiritual Renewal ] and The Prophesied Steward [ The Prince Of The Covenant ]. He is: The Spiritual Leader [ The One Who Shall Officiate Before You ] and The Son Famous In War [ My Own Military Commander ]. He is ' The Ruler Set Over All Of You ' - The Defender Of Man and The City Beside The River!

The One Who Comes From The Father is ' The Supplanter Who Sifts ' [ The Wheat From The Chaff ]. The First Raider Along The River is: The Large Fortification [ Or, The Hill Near The Meadow ] - for, those of you who will listen... and, The Second Raider Along The River is: The Raven [ Or, My Own Harbinger Of Death ] - for, those of you who ultimately won't! "
Isn't that, what it says? You tell me! After all, it's actually quite easy to look all of these things up upon the internet....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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