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Jerusalem is The City Of The Future... and, Zechariah Chapter 8 [ among numerous others ] actually proves it!

Jerusalem - The City Of The Future.
While most of you are [ factually ]: Still Looking For Your Own Rapture, and then, Immediately Going Up To Heaven - The Scriptures, themselves, are Very Clear Upon The Whole Subject... and, neither of these things are: Honestly Biblical, or even Prophetically Supportable. In fact, despite all of: " Those Evil Shepherds "- that, are currently endorsing it - The Entire Book Refutes That Erroneous Concept! For instance, just consider Zechariah Chapter 8 - which [ in, The New King James Version ]  is simply entitled: " Jerusalem, The Holy City Of The Future ".

And, why does Zechariah Chapter 8, factually, bear such an interesting title? Because, according to these scriptures, It's Honestly True! In fact, let's just read it for ourselves....

Zechariah Chapter 8: Is About The City Of The Future

In Zechariah Chapter 8, It Plainly Says:
" Again The Word Of The Mighty One [ Yahweh-Himself ] among all of those other mighty ones [ Those Angelic Beings Of Heaven ] came [ To Me, Your Prophet ], saying [ The Following Spiritual Information ], Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
 ' I am zealous for Zion [ The Land That I Have Promised To You ] with great zeal; With great fervor I am zealous for Her [ Israel - The Daughter Of My Promises ]. '
Thus says Yahweh:
' I will return to Zion [ In The Earth's Latter Days ], And dwell in the midst of Jerusalem [ As In Times, Long Ago, Past ]. Jerusalem shall be called The City Of Truth [ Once I Have Finished With It ], The Mountain Of The Mighty One Of Heaven [ Wherein He Factually Dwells ], The Holy Mountain [ And, Entirely Set Apart - From The Rest Of The Earth ]. '
Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' Old Men and Old Women [ That Are Far Advanced In Their Years ] shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem [ As, They Once Did ], Each one with his staff [ His: Walking Stick, Or Cane ] in his hand because of great age [ Not: Measured In Decades, But In Centuries ].
The streets of the city [ At The Very Same Time ] shall be full of Boys and Girls [ Numerous Little Children ] playing in the streets [ Quite Safely, When All This Shall Happen ]. '
Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
 ' If it is marvelous in the eyes of The Remnant Of This People in these days [ Who Have, Not Yet, Witnessed Such Things ], Will it also be marvelous in My eyes? '
 Says The Mighty One Of Heaven.
Thus says, The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' Behold [ I Have Fully Promised To You ], I will save My People [ The Entire House Of Israel ] from: The Land Of The East [ Those Kingdoms Of Egypt ] and The Land Of The West [ That Latter Day Nation Of Canaan ]; I will bring them back [ Just As, I Have Always Assured Them ], And They [ These Blessed Descendants Of Jacob ] shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. They [ These Sanctified Ones ] shall be My People And I will be Their Mighty One: In Truth [ In Point Of Actual Fact ] and Righteousness [ Through The Honest Indwelling, Of Their Own True Love ]. ' " - Zechariah 8:1-8.

Truman Burbank - is, eventually, leaving The Matrix!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, We're Not Going Up To Heaven... at any point, Prior To The Day Of Our Own Judgment... and then, Only The Loving Ones Shall Move On From There. Because, Michael [ The True Son Of Yahweh ] has been provided The Only True Key to His Own Father's Matrix; and The Mighty One Is Staying Behind - to, Seal That Solitary Doorway Forever - Lest, Any Evil Be Factually Allowed To Escape!

Sam and Kora - are leaving at The Judgment.
Meanwhile, of course: The Millennial Reign Of Yahshua [ Your Own: Very Peaceful And Eternal King ], and Of His Own Son Michael [ The Prince Of His Own Pre-Ordained Covenant ] - shall honestly provide you, 1000 Years Of Useful Spiritual Instruction - in honest preparation for That Fantastical Future Event... and, those who will: Diligently Listen and [ then ] Lovingly Apply It - Will Be Going With Him When He Eventually Leaves!

But, let's now continue with Zechariah Chapter 8....

Zechariah 8: The Millennial Restoration Of Jerusalem

Zechariah Chapter 8, Then Continues:
" Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' Let your hands be strong [ Stop Cowering, Before Your Own Enemies ], You who have been hearing in these days [ In This Darkest Of Times ] These words by the mouths of The Prophets [ I Have, Previously, Sent To You ] - Who were in the day that The Foundation Was Laid [ So Long Before ] For the house of The Mighty One Of Heaven [ Its, Now, End Time Establishment ] - That the temple might be built [ Upon All Of Those Promises ].
For Before These Days [ My Own Millennial Reign ], There were no wages for man nor any hire for beast [ Since, The Destroyer Took Everything Away ]; There was no peace from The Enemy [ Who, Continually, Enslaved All Of You ] for whoever went out or came in [ No One Was Free From His Unwarranted Demands ]; For I set all men, everyone, against his neighbor [ In Punishment, For Your Rejection Of My Own Wisdom ].
But Now [ After Having Taught You, The Necessary Lessons ], I will not treat The Remnant Of This People [ Those, Whom I Have Most-Certainly Winnowed ] as in The Former Days [ When Great Evil, Still Existed Among Them ], ' says The Mighty One Of Heaven.
 ' For The Seed [ Once Separated From The Chaff ] shall be prosperpous, The Vine [ Which I Have Spared ] shall give its fruit, The Ground [ From Which, You Have Been Taken ] shall give her increase, And The Heavens [ That Govern These Earthly Events ] shall give their dew. I will cause The Remnant Of This People [ Those, Whom I Have Then Spared ] To possess All Of These Things [ Just As, I Have Long Ago Promised To You ].
And It Shall Come To Pass [ As, So Long Ago, Stated ], That just as you were a curse among the nations [ In Your Own Wanton Disobedience ], O House Of Judah and House Of Israel, So I will save you [ At That Time Of Your Own Physical Destruction ], and You [ My Own, Twin Daughters ] shall be a blessing [ To All Other Nations Surrounding You ]. Do not fear [ No One, Can Possibly Defeat Me ], Let your hands be strong [ Stop Running Away, From Your Own Destiny ]. '
 For thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' Just as I determined to punish you [ For Your Own Spiritual Benefit ] When your fathers provoked Me to wrath [ With No Other Way Forward ], ' says The Mighty One Of Heaven, ' And I would not relent [ Since, You Needed All Of These Lessons ],
So again, In These Days [ My Millennium Of Rest ], I am determined to do good: To Jerusalem [ The City Of Blessed Peace ] and To The House Of Judah [ The Royal Priesthood, That Shall Dwell There ]. Do Not Fear [ Consider, The True Strength Of These Words ]. ' " - Zechariah 8: 9-15.

The Utter Foolishness of: Israel and Judah!
Every Solitary Word Of Yahweh Eventually Comes To Pass, just as He [ Himself ] has - so truthfully - spoken it... and, while the same cannot be said of: " Babylon's Own Evil Shepherds " - They Shall Be Held Accountable, For Their Lies. You see, dear brothers and sisters: Nothing Escapes The Attention Of The Mighty One, and His Own Judgments Are Based Solely Upon Love!

It's all about: Spiritual Balance!
Meanwhile, of course, Love can neither be: Arrogantly Ignored [ Based Upon, Your Own Ignorant Presumptions ], nor Returned As The Basis Of A Reward [ In Half-Heartedly Returning It ] - in the end: Sun Worship and Kabbalism - are both, quite honestly, Equivalent Pathways To Death! After all, The Scriptures have [ very frequently ] warned you:
" There Is A Way, Which Seems Right To A Man, But It's End Is The Pathway To Death! " 

Our Pathway - is based solidly on Love!
It has always been, about: Achieving A Proper Spiritual Balance, that is Based Firmly And Squarely Upon Love - after all, Everything Else Is Just Religious Playacting... or, merely, doing whatever you want; and then, simply justifying it, to everyone else later! In fact, that's why The Scripture so truthfully says: " If You Love Me, Then You'll Keep My Commandments. " - because, If You Honestly Do, then You Factually Will... in the very same way, As You Would Do It For Your Own Human Parents! It's, really, that simple.

Just [ truthfully ] consider, The Simple Requirements - from Zechariah Chapter 8 - They're Actually Not That Complicated....

Zechariah 8: Plainly States His Own Expectations
" These Are The Things You Shall Do:
' Speak Each Man The Truth To His Neighbor [ Stop Lying About Absolutely Everything - And, Especially, Me ]; Give Judgments In Your Gates For: Truth, Justice, And Peace [ As Is Truthfully Befitting, Someone Who Claims To Understand Love ]; Let none of you think evil in your heart against your neighbor [ Because, That Is What Continually Ensnares You ]; And do not love a false oath [ While Believing, That I Shall Allow It To Go Without Punishment ]. For All These Are Things That I Hate. ' Says The Mighty One.
Then The Word Of The Mighty One Of Heaven came to me, saying, Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
 ' The Fast Of The Fourth Month, The Fast Of The Fifth, The Fast Of The Seventh, And The Fast Of The Tenth - Shall Be Joy And Gladness And Cheerful Feasts - For The House Of Judah [ You Shall Celebrate Them With A True Spirit Of Enthusiasm ]. Therefore [ Considering, All Of These Things ], Love: Truth and Peace [ Factually Apply Them, Within Your Own Lives, As I Do ]. '
 Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' Peoples shall yet come [ From Many Other Lands Upon The Earth ], Inhabitants of many cities [ To Seek Out My Own True Knowledge ]; The inhabitants of one city shall go to another [ During The Course Of Their Own Pilgrimages ], saying [ To All Whom They Meet ]: ' Let us continue to go and pray before Yahweh, and seek The Mighty One Of Heaven. I myself will go also. '
Yes [ Indeed, It Shall Happen ], many peoples [ Different Human Families ] and strong nations [ And, Their Own Separate Countries ] Shall come to seek The Mighty One Of Heaven in Jerusalem [ Where My Own Temple, Shall Be Properly Rebuilt ], and pray before Yahweh. '
Thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven:
' In Those Days [ After My Own Judgment, Upon All Of The World's Nations ], ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying: " Let us go with you [ Wherever You Are Honestly Going To ], for we have heard [ From Everyone That We've Talked To ] that The One True God is with you [ And We, Ourselves, Earnestly Desire - Such A Valuable Knowledge ]. " ' " - Zechariah 8:16-23.

It's Love, that leads to Obedience!
Does that, honestly, mean: " We Can Just Ignore, The Rest Of His Spiritual Admonishments "? Of Course, Not! What it means, is that: We'll Factually Obey Them Through Our Own Expression Of Love... without, having to [ actually ] even think about it! After all, We'll Actively Desire To Please Our Own Father... and, when you truthfully desire to please someone: You Go Over and [ most frequently ] Far Above - Any Actual Expected Requirements. Do you, even, remember: Your Very First Date?

Love - is The Only Solution!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, Love Is The Greatest Of All Human Motivators... and, that's what those scriptures have been, so very long, In Attempting To Teach You! Mainly, because: You Simply Won't Listen. Isn't that, Honestly True... why don't you, truthfully, tell me? Let's face it: True Honor, Personal Devotion, Individual Respect, and Highly Reverential Commitment - aren't the results of Zealous Obedience... in fact, They're All The Products Of Love - as is, quite honestly, Obedience itself!

Jerusalem: The Next Stop On Our Journey

The Prince's Gate - in Jerusalem....
Our Very Next Stop Is Actually Jerusalem! So, you may truthfully ask: " Why Are We Going To Jerusalem "? Well, to put it quite bluntly, none of us are actually prepared - for what, invariably, comes next... and, Our Own Mighty One Still Has A Whole Lot To Teach Us! And, while it might hurt our own human feelings to actually know that, it's quite simply ' The Truth '; and, it must be quite honestly stated....

Meanwhile, of course, I've Got An Appointment To Keep with My Own True Father....

America In Prophecy

Tron Legacy [ 2011 ] - The Family Reunion.

{ *** NOTE: The Secret To Success can, most often, be actually found In Following The Right Actual Sequence... but, of course, That Requires Reading The Instructions - for yourself! *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:17

    1. Indeed, I certainly don't deny it... but, That Isn't Your Own Self-Described Rapture - that you are [ so foolishly ] expecting! Read it again, for yourself....

      It, actually, begins with:

      " Then We Which Are Alive And Remain [ After, All Of These End Time Events ] "

      And, indeed: " Meeting Him In The Air " - isn't truthfully the same as: " Going Up Unto Heaven "! Particularly, Since He's Coming Here....


      " All Scripture [ Every Last Single Word Of It ] is inspired by Yahweh; and useful for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, and Instruction In All Righteousness - that the man of Yahweh might be thoroughly equipped for every good work. " - 2nd Timothy 3:16-17.

      You cannot throw out The Rest Of His Own Scriptures - in order to, personally justify your own confused understandings!


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