Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Message from The Watchman....

The New All-Seeing Eye - blog page.
Having not published any more articles upon America In Prophecy, since May 13th of 2014; many of my readers have probably been wondering: " Whatever Truthfully Happened To The Author Of This Blog? ".

Indeed, it just might seem that to many of you, that: " I Am Indeed A Curiously Wandering Vine " - since, for a time, I'll write over here; only to ( much later ) write over there. And, I quite honestly admit it... because, for all practical purposes That Is Actually The Truth About Me!

Oh, we do ( indeed ): " Test All Things " .
However, there are very simple reasons for everything that I do... and, whether you yourselves understand it or not, ' I Needed A Place To More Fully Explore The Biblical Claim That God Himself Has Been Providing Us All Of Our Own Visions And Dreams '... and, in the meantime, a blog about: " America In Prophecy " - at that particular moment, Just Didn't Fit The Bill.

You See: I Just Had To Kick All Of Those Tires....

And, it ( really ) was: " A Magic Carpet Ride "!
In fact, I felt that while it was indeed quite interesting to philosophically ponder All Of Those Spiritual Allegories; I was beginning to stray off my own clearly stated topic considerably.

And, consequently, I was simply compelled to create a new site where I could more closely adhere to that thread! And, while I will ( most certainly ) publish some more upon The All-Seeing Eye going from here and into the future, I am now ready to move on with America In Prophecy.

Have you ever seen: " The Book Of Life "?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' After Examining More Than 1200: Books, Cartoons, Games, LimericksMovies, Nursery Rhymes, Poems, And Songs - I Have Satisfactorily Confirmed What I Already, Quite Honestly, Suspected '... and, any more effort upon my part is ( merely ): " Throwing My Own Most Precious Pearls Before A Now Undeserving Herd Of Swine ".

Are you suffering from: " Arrested Development "?
When The Scripture ( very clearly ) states that: " A Matter May Be Established Through The Testimony Of Two Or More Witnesses "; how can we disregard The Ongoing Testimony Of All Those Millions - who have each possessed their own part in ( either ): Writing, ScriptingStarring In, Acting Upon, Filming, EditingProducing, or Directing - In All Of Our Own Visions And Dreams?

In fact, to simply chalk All Of That up to ( merely ): " An Amazing Coincidence " - is, Beyond Any Description Of Bizarre!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love And Peace - be upon you!


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