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The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Black Magic Woman " - by Carlos Santana - is all about The Mother Of Harlots.

Ultimate Santana - Black Magic Woman.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Black Magic Woman " - by Santana - we are being provided a Hip Hop Prophecy about the growing spiritual influence, and political power, of Modern Day Satanism... the very real product of Its Mother's Own Spiritual Cultivation! In fact, That Great City Of Confusion is now bearing Its Own Fruitful Crop.

Don't believe it, then why not listen to The Popular Hit: " Black Magic Woman " - by the legendary musician Carlos Santana - in preparation for studying its own lyrics. You might just be surprised by what you'll [ honestly ] learn....

America In Prophecy

Black Magic Woman - by: Santana

Black Magic Woman
- Lyrics By: Santana

Carlos Santana:
Got a Black Magic Woman [ My Own Church Is Pure Evil ]
Got a Black Magic Woman [ It Serves Lucifer Himself ].

Yes [ Indeed ],
I got a Black Magic Woman [ She Herself Controls All Of The Satanists ],
Got me so blind [ She Manipulates Everything Else All Around Her ]
I can't see [ To Hide Her Own True Nature ]
That she's a Black Magic Woman [ She Is The Center Of Pure Evil ]
And she's trying [ And Her Only True Purpose ]
to make a devil out of me [ Is To Convert Us All To Satanism ].

The Mother Of Harlots:
Don't turn your back on me [ Don't Ever Leave Me ]
baby [ My Child ]
Don't turn your back on me [ Don't Ever Leave Me ]
baby [ My Children ].

Yes [ Indeed ],
don't turn your back on me [ Don't You Dare Ever Leave Me ]
baby [ My Own Evil Children ]
Stop messing round with your tricks [ Stop Studying Those Scriptures ].
Don't turn your back on me [ Or, I'll Have To Punish You ]
baby [ My Dear Children ]
'Cause you just might [ Because, You Just Might Figure Out ]
pick up my magic sticks [ How I Have: Manipulated And Controlled You ].

Carlos Santana:
You got your spell on me [ Don't Worry About It ]
baby [ My Mother ]
You got your spell on me [ Don't Let It Bother You ]
baby [ Dear Mother ].

Yes [ Indeed ]
you got your spell on me [ I'm Not Studying Those Scriptures ]
baby [ My Own Dearest Mother ]
Turning my heart into stone [ In Fact, I'm Becoming - Even More - Like You ].
I need you so much [ You're Everything To Me ]
Magic Woman [ O Mother Of Harlots ]
I can't leave you alone [ I've Been Studying, To Make You Proud Of Me ].

Yes [ Indeed ]
I need you so much [ You're Everything To Me ],
I need you darling [ You Are, Indeed, My Own Mother ],
I need you darling [ You Are, Indeed, My Own Wife ]

Yes [ Indeed ]
I want you to love me [ I Will Finally Make You Proud Of Me ],
I want you to love me [ And Give You All Of My Own Love ],
I want you to love me [ I'm Going To Physically Sacrifice You ],
Oh Yeah [ I'm Now Truly Evil ]
Ooh Ooh [ You Understood Me All Wrong ].

Santana: " Oh Black Magic Woman.... "
As you can see from the Hip Hop Prophecy: " Black Magic Woman " - by Santana - The Mother Of Harlots has done an exceptionally good job in raising Her Own Spiritual Children. By boldly Teaching Them Her Own Paganism: she fully intended in keeping them away from The Mighty One, and thereby exerting her own Ever-Growing Political Influence... but, as it frequently goes with such Nefarious Human Plans, it indeed backfired... since, now Lucifer [ himself ] completely controls them... and, he's up to his own Devilish Schemes!

The: Purple and Scarlett - Of Rome....
Meanwhile, The Spirit That Has Provided This Song: " Black Magic Woman " - is [ merely ] telling us what is now coming... and the popular song by Carlos Santana, is merely the medium that he has chosen to use. But, of course, The Scriptures [ themselves ] have long ago warned us of these very same spiritual things... and, even provided us A Much-Needed Message.

Revelation Chapter 18, Says:

Come Out Of Babylon [ That Fallen Religious System ],  
My People [ Who Still Remain In Her ],  
Lest You [ All Of You: Very Foolish And Ignorant Ones ]  
Share In Her Sins [ The Cup Of Her Own Personal Abominations ],
And Lest You Receive Of Her Plagues [ For I Shall Not Protect Her ].  

For Her Own Sins [ Against Me And My Own People ]
Have Reached Up Unto To Heaven [ In The Prayers Of My Own Saints ]
And The Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ]
Has Remembered Her Iniquities [ Shall Not Factually Forgive Her ].
- Revelation 18:4-5.

Perhaps, you should honestly heed it? After all, though you might not truly understand them, it's The Scriptures [ themselves ] that are factually ' True '... and, not The False Teachings of her own: " Harlot Churches "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Interesting theory and interpretation. I just wanted to mention that the song Black Magic Woman was written by Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, but I find it telling that a person from the UK wrote it and an American re-interpreted it, in itself an east to west voicing of a "satanic parable".

  2. And, your own point is? Because, I never stated anywhere in this article who originally wrote it... nor, is who wrote it relevant to the article.

    The article is about the meaning of it!

    In fact, The Bible Itself had 66 different authors; and yet ( remarkably ) the message is consistent throughout!

    1. There are 66 books in the bible,less authors.
      Just for an example, Paul wrote more than one book of the new testament.

  3. To Frank Barbour; The bible has less than 66 authors, but 66 books.
    For example; Paul wrote most of the books of the new testament.
    JESUS is Lord.


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