Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the musical hit: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - Simon and Garfunkel - have provided some very useful information.

Musical talent: Simon and Garfunkel.
In their Highly Popular Song: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - Simon and Garfunkel have honestly provided us an excellent Hip Hop Prophecy; and some much needed Spiritual Confirmation to what others have equally told us. But, of course, The Scriptures Will Confirm It as well... if, in fact, You'll Truthfully Study Them. Indeed, we are now living: " In The Time Of The End ". But, don't just take my word for it, ' Start Reading Those Scriptures '!

In the meantime, why not listen to The Popular Hit: " Bridge Over Troubled Water " - produced by Simon and Garfunkel back in 1970... and listen very closely to those interesting lyrics, because we'll be studying them afterward.

America In Prophecy

Bridge Over Troubled Water - by: Simon and Garfunkel

Bridge Over Troubled Water
 - Lyrics By: Simon And Garfunkel

When you're weary [ When Your Own Life Is Simply Too Much ]
Feeling small [ The Events Going On All Around You Are Totally Overwhelming ]
When tears are in your eyes [ When The Real Trouble Comes ]
I will dry them all [ I, Yahweh, Will Be Your Mighty One ]

I'm on your side [ Haven't You Honestly Figured That Out, Yet? ]
When times get rough [ I Have Always Protected You ]
And friends just can't be found [ I Have Been Your Only True Friend ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ I Have Given My Body For You ]
I will lay me down [ To Span The Spiritual Divide Between Us ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ My Physical Body Has Lain In The Tomb ]
I will lay me down [ To Provide You The Necessary Encouragement ]

When you're down and out [ When You Can't Find Any More Employment ]
When you're on the street [ And Those Bankers Finally Take Your Own Home ]
When evening falls [ These Long Prophesied And Final Human Events ]
so hard [ Making Your Own Lives Seem Virtually Impossible ]
I will comfort you [ I Will Provide For You - If You'll Just Trust In Me ]
I'll take your part [ I'll Furnish Your Human Necessities ]
When darkness comes [ When Those Forces Have Finally Risen Up ]
And pain is all around [ And Your Entire World Has Been Plunged Into Turmoil ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ I Will Span The Divide ]
I will ease your mind [ To Provide You The True Pathway Forward ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ I  Will Cross Over The Atlantic Myself ]
I will ease your mind [ To Bring You All Back With Me ]

Sail on Silver Girl [ Begin Your Long Prophesied Eclipse ],
Sail on by [ Conceal The Sun Behind Your Own Physical Shadow ]
Your time has come to shine [ It Is Time, To Reflect My Own True Glory ]
All your dreams are on their way [ The Mighty One's Promises Shall Soon Be Fulfilled ]

See how they shine [ The Stars Of Heaven Have Never Shown Brighter ]
If you need a friend [ If You're In Need Of A Mighty One ]
I'm sailing right behind [ I'm Returning Right After The Prophesied Eclipse ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ I Have Given The True Spiritual Pathway ]
I will ease your mind [ Now, Let My Scriptures Carefully Confirm It ]
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water [ I Have Provided The True Knowledge ]
I will ease your mind [ And Let My Own Spirit, Faithfully, Lead You ]

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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