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Does Lucifer Communicate Through Music... and, why would The Illuminati follow his own leading?

Why would Satan utilize Music?
A little over a month ago, a reader of mine brought up Some Very Good Questions, that I fully intend to address within this posting. The First Of Which: " If Lucifer And His Fallen Angels Are Real, Then Why Would They Choose To Communicate Through Music? "... and, along that same vein, The Second Of Which: " Why Would Their Own Followers Do The Very Same Thing? ". After all, the logical reasoning goes, don't they Risk Possible Detection, by doing so? 

And, indeed, it goes without saying, that they do... but, what of it? Let's just be honest with ourselves....
  • How Many People Are Actually Listening Critically?
  • If They Don't, They Won't Notice The Messages!
  • If They Do, What Can They Actually Prove?
  • And Who Would Honestly Believe Them?
  • The Messages Are Always Given Far In Advance Of Actual Events!
  • Where's The Cause And Effect Relationship, Then?
  • It's Just More Conspiracy Theories - Created By Whackos!

Does Lucifer Communicate Through Music?

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Have you ever noticed that: " Music Has Always Played A Part In Religious Observance And Worship "? Why is that, do you think? What is it about Music, that has always associated it with Openly Spiritual Applications? Aside from [ obviously ] Affecting Our Own Human Emotions, music imparts cleverly encoded messages to The Subconscious Mind of its highly-receptive listeners... which, over a period of time, may actually inspire: New Thought, Altered Perception, Greater Understanding, and/or [ even ] Physical Action - more in line with whoever encoded The Actual Messages!

It is for these very reasons, that ' Music Has Always Played A Part In Religious Observance '. Whether we examine: Baptist Congregations, Jewish Synagogues, Catholic Monasteries, Buddhist Temples, Muslim Mosques, or Any Other Places Of Worship - we'll find that Some Form Of Music is woven throughout all of their services! Everyone both: Thoroughly Enjoys and Effectively Utilizes Music - for such spiritual purposes... even The Transcendentalists, utilize a simple variant of it - for their own useful purposes of: Self-Hypnosis, Meditation, and De-Cluttering The Mind.

A Monastic Choir - in a cathedral.
In essence, Every Human Being Alive: Regardless Of Language, Societal Culture, or Religious Affiliation - recognizes The Important Role Of Music, as ' A Spiritual Medium '... and yet, most of them can somehow [ simultaneously ] believe, that Spirits Don't Use It To Communicate. Who is truly suffering from The Real Logical Disconnect here? What better method could Any Spirit utilize to communicate? Remember, they are not normally a part of Our Own Physical Realm... and Music is truthfully a very effective form of Mass Communication... particularly, among: Entirely Separate, Highly Competitive, and [ frequently ] Divergent Groups Of Individuals - that [ just as often ] Don't Even Know Each Other Personally!

A Russian Tour, during The Cold War.
These Messages can go out to Highly Specific Entities... or, Be Disseminated To The Whole... Cross Guarded Political Boundaries, without ever being intercepted... and Be Readily Explained Away, by a well thought of professional musician. After all, he's just Painting Pictures With Words; and most people, aren't Actively Listening To Those Words anyway. In fact, they're just enjoying the musical: Melodies, Rhythms, and Beats!

If The Spirit Of Yahweh utilizes music to communicate, then why wouldn't Lucifer also be doing so? After all, Every Child Learns how to effectively communicate through Watching His Own Parents... and, wouldn't this also be true for The Angelic Beings, as well? I would, honestly, think so! But, what do you think? In the end, that's what it all boils down to.... What do you [ truthfully ] think?

The Spirits Provide Us Human Inspiration!

 Despite: " Our Own Double-Minded Thinking " - the entire world recognizes, that Spirits Do Inspire Us!
  • The Spirit Of Love - exhibits: Liberty, Order, Brotherhood, Compassion, and Mercy.
  • The Spirit Of Hatred - exhibits: Slavery, Chaos, OppressionContempt, and Destruction.
  • The Spirit Of Industriousness - exhibits: Hard Work, Punctuality, and Resourcefulness.
Everything that humanity does is Inspired By Something - whether: Good or Evil. Why, therefore, is it so difficult to believe that:  The Technologies We Create, The Images That We Draw, The Stories That We Write, The Motion Pictures That We Produce, and The Song Lyrics That We Sing - have Their Own External and Spiritually Provided Sources?

John Chapter 16, Plainly Says:
" However, when He [ Yahweh's Own Spirit ], The Spirit Of Truth, has come, He will guide you Into All Truth; for He will not speak upon His Own Authority, but whatever He hears He will speak [ To Those Who Are Listening ]; and He [ The Mighty One ] will tell you of things to come [ By Teaching You New Things ].
He will glorify Me [ Yahweh-Hushua ], for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.
All things that The Father [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] has are Mine. Therefore, I said that He [ Yahweh's True Spirit ] will take of Mine and declare it to you. "  - John 16:13-15.
Brothers and sisters, Those Evil Spirits Have Been Teaching Us Things Too... don't, fool yourselves! All Human Inspiration is spiritually derived....

Why Would ' The Illuminated Ones ' Utilize Music?

" Walk Like, An Egyptian.... "
First of all, " The Illuminated Ones " - are Lucifer's Children... and, they [ too ] learn by observing Their Own Spiritual Parent! Their own human logic is quite inescapable: " If it works for him, then why wouldn't it work - also - for us ". Second of all, it's far safer to work under Different Physical Umbrellas. That way, The Entire Organization can never be jeopardized by The Occasional Error In Judgment, which does invariably happen... don't, kid yourself. For instance, in The Hip Hop Prophecy: " Walk Like An Egyptian " - we can clearly read...
" All the old paintings on the tombs
   [ Since The Beginning Of Human History ]

  They do the sand dance don't you know
   [ They Have Been Effectively Controlling You ]

  If they move too quick 
   [ Then, Sometimes, You'll Actually Wake Up ]

(oh whey oh)
   [ Uh Oh, We Must Have Screwed Up Again.... ]
  They're falling down like a domino
   [ You Topple Them, For Their Utter Incompetence]

" Hey, Hey Hey, we're The Monkeys! "
Or, do you [ honestly ] think, that ' These Professional Musicians ' are [ merely ]: " Highly Trained Monkeys, Just Randomly Stringing Words Together " - and then, coincidentally, arriving at some Previously Undetermined Meaning? Come on folks, give them a little human credit. After all, Such Intelligent Monkeys [ as these ]: Created The Atomic Bomb, Set Their Nest Among The Stars, and Simultaneously Bankrupted Hundreds Of Nations ! Don't you think, that They Could Intentionally Write Something, besides unintelligible gibberish?

Are All Musicians: Illuminati And Satanists?

No... in fact, I never said that they were. However, The Majority Of Them Are... since, The Satanists themselves directly control Most Of The Music Industry... and if you want to get recorded, They're The Ones That Are Doing It! That's why so many artists will frequently admit: " I Sold My Soul To The Devil... " - even, if only while laughing, at what they've just openly stated. Surprised? You shouldn't be... Lucifer offered a very similar deal to Yahshua Himself!

Mathew Chapter 4, Says:
" Again, The Devil [ Lucifer ] took Him [ Yahshua ] up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him: ' All these things I will give to You, if You will fall down and worship me. '
Then Yahshua said to him: ' Away with you, Satan! For it is written, " You shall worship Yahweh Your Mighty One, and Him only you shall serve. " ' " - Mathew 4:8-10.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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