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Common Illuminati Or Satanic Symbology

A common Dictionary, or Index.
In the hopes of ' Educating My Own Readership ', I have created this: Index Of Common Illuminati And/Or Satanic Symbology. There is [ honestly ]  no possible way, that I can interpret every single: Nursery Rhyme, Song, Movie, Book, etc... that these Satanic People have already voluminously produced! However, I can - and [ factually ] will - update this list quite frequently from here on out... and, hopefully, it will assist you in Your Own Spiritual Studies.

You will honestly find that: Illuminati and Satanic Symbolism - is being commonly utilized all around you, every single day. In fact, much of it is being so commonly used as to be factually understood by most of us already. But, of course, there are numerous different levels of Perceptual Human Understanding; that most of us have never even honestly considered! However, they know it all quite well... after all, they're: " The Illuminated Ones " - whose own eyes have been Opened By Lucifer Himself....

A reminder of their own Illuminati/Satanic Creed that is found within The Book Of Genesis [ chapter 3 verse 22 ].
 " Then The Mighty One said, ' Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know Good and Evil [ Possessing The Previously Hidden Knowledge - Upon Which It All Works ]. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of The Tree Of Life, and eat, and live forever - " - Genesis 3:22.
 Architect [ The, The Great, or The Master ]:
The Grand Architect of The Matrix.
A proper title for Lucifer [ The Sun God ], the true creator of Babylon [ Confusion ] - also known as, The Matrix [ The World Placed Over Your Eyes ]. The Architect is also known by a wide variety of: Other Names and Titles - under both descriptive sexes - since Angelic Beings are factually neither.
Since True Knowledge is indeed power, the purpose of: " The Matrix [ aka, Babylon The Great ] " - is to both: Instruct His Own Children and [ simultaneously ] Confuse The Children Of Yahweh.
Black Magic Woman:
Any Fallen Church, that participates in The Occult... and, most particularly, in: Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Necromancy, Numerology, and Sorcery. Meanwhile, The Black Magic Woman specifically references The Mother Of Harlots [ or, Roman Catholic Church ] herself - who masquerades as The Mighty One's Own Servant, while secretly providing All Of The World's Spiritual Leaven.
Black Money:
According to these satanists, Black Money is the preferred medium of barter and exchange within The Kingdom Of Lucifer [ aka, " Hades ", " Hell ", or " Sin City " ]. *** SEE: Sin City below.
Charles Francis Xavier [ or, Free Man / Francis / The Savior ]:
Charles F. Xavier - from XMEN
Charles Xavier is the fictitious name given to The Leader Of The XMEN - in their own Satanic Allegory by the very same name. While these Illuminati Movies never explain precisely: Who Charles Xavier Is, How He Became Their True Leader, or Who Actually Appointed Him - The Biblical Scriptures [ themselves ] actually do provide all of these answers! After all, the: " XMEN " - are Yahweh's Spiritual Children - whom The Illuminati and Other Satanists are now preparing to kill... before, Their Own Spiritual Birth!
The Sole Purpose of: " Charles Xavier [ or, Jeshurun The Prophet ] " - is to honestly: Wake Them Up and Then Lead Them! This long prophesied End Time Prophet [ or, True Watchman ] is referenced in numerous of their other Visionary Allegories - such as: Gandolf [ Lord Of The Rings ], Harry Potter [ The Harry Potter Series ], Neo [ The Matrix ], Luke Skywalker [ Star Wars ], Francis Moses [ Red ], etc... in fact, he seems to be A Very Important Prophetical Character [ ***SEE: Isaiah 44:2 ] - due to: what he can factually teach them. Sadly, however, Few Of Them Are - Yet - Truly Listening....
December 21st 2012:
The All Seeing Eye Of Lucifer....
December 21st, 2012 is The Same Pre-Planned Day - within all: Masonic, Illuminati, Satanic, and Pagan Calendars [ whether: Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Incan, Mayan, Aztec, etc... ] - To Rise Up Against Yahweh's Own Children; and factually to murder them... and to, thus, usher in their own Long Prophesied Reign Of Lucifer: " The All Seeing Eye " - that they themselves all truly worship!
Lucifer's Ultimate Recruitment Plan.
Bear in mind, however, that like all other liars: Lucifer has his own personal agenda in mind; irrespective of all the: Highly Numerous and Entirely Divergent Promises - that he has made with all of these different peoples. While each of them thoroughly believes that, ' They Themselves Shall Be The Ones Coming To Power [ as Satan has clearly promised to each of them ] '; in fact, none of them shall; and he already fully knows it. In fact, His True Purpose has always been to Set Them Against One Another [ aka, World War III ] - immediately afterward!
Who Gets To The Top?
Amazingly however, as that day is now factually drawing near, They're Beginning To Figure This Out; and many of them are growing increasingly uneasy at The Very Real Probability... after all, nobody said anything about: " Everyone Dying In One Big Human Sacrifice To Satan "... they all thought, that they were just going to be killing someone else!
Meanwhile, The Scriptures had already clearly warned them, when it told everyone: " A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand ", and [ once again ] " In That Day, I Shall Nullify Your Own Covenant With Death ". Let's face it, life is precious - even to them... and, don't fool yourselves, they know Those Scriptures far better than you do!
Eclipse [ Great, or Solar ]:
The Coming Solar Eclipse.
The 1000 Year, Or Millennial Reign, Of Yahweh-Hushua - during which: Lucifer, The Fallen Angels, and Their Followers are safely locked away in their own graves - prior to The Second Resurrection - for The Coming: Revolution / Judgment.
Emperor Palpatine [ aka, Senator From Naboo ]:
Emperor Palpatine - Ruler Of The Empire.
Emperor Palpatine is the fictitious name given to The Leader Of The Galactic Republic - a republican collection of no longer sovereign Democracies and Monarchies, under just one political umbrella - in their Illuminated Allegory: " Star Wars ". As The Senator From Naboo and also Lord Of The Sith - he was both: A Political and Spiritual Leader... simultaneously: Plotting The Takeover Of The Republic [ Rome itself ] and Secretly Fighting Against The Jedi [ The True Prophets Of Yahweh ].
Pope Ratzinger / Emperor Palpatine.
By Manipulating All Of Their Political And Spiritual Forces, against one another, he is able to Re-Create The Galactic Empire [ The Roman Empire ] - into his very own Instrument Of Evil [ known as, Babylon The Great ].
In fact, he even twists and reshapes the virgin born Anakin Skywalker [ The Story's Messiah; and Most Powerful Of All The Jedi ] into The Greatest Force Of All Evil Within The Known Universe. You see, dear brothers and sisters, Emperor Palpatine is the long prophesied: " Anti-Christ Of The Galactic Empire ".
Evil Woman:
Any of the numerous Fallen Churches found within Spiritual Babylon. Meanwhile, The Evil Woman specifically references The Mother Of Harlots [ or, Roman Catholic Church ] herself - who masquerades as The Mighty One's Own Servant, while secretly providing All Of The World's Spiritual Leaven.
Fool(s) On The Hill [ Satan's Own Hill Of Sun Worship ]:
Notice Those Suns?
Any individual, or group of believers, that ignorantly attends one of Satan's Own: Churches, Fellowships, Synagogues, Mosques, or Temples. While differing somewhat in outward appearance, due to their own particular denominational fabrications, they usually possess certain key characteristics - such as: Their Notable Sun Worship Symbolism and an Obvious Trinitarian Doctrine.
Forrest Gump:
The Direct Translation is: " The Idiot [ The Fool ] Among The Forrest [ Those Perishing People Of Babylon ] "; and it alludes to: " The Fool On The Hill " - being sung about by The Beatles. { *** SEE: Fool On The Hill.... }
Gandolf - The Wand Elf Of Valinor.
The Literal Translation is: " The Wand Elf Of Valinor " - which, simply, tells us that he is [ in fact ]: The Archangel Michael and Chosen Military Commander Of Yahweh. In the prophetical allegory: " Lord Of The Rings " - Gandolf offers highly sought after: Advice and Assistance to The People Of Middle Earth; and those who'll factually listen to him are [ indeed ] very wise! His own predetermined roles are as both: The Great Wizard and Spiritual Prophet... and, he [ always ] seems to come through....
Harry James Potter:
Harry Potter - Army Cmdr Of Yahweh.
The Exact Translation is: " The Army Commander Of The Usurper Of Yahweh " - and since, Yahshua [ Himself ] was The Usurper Of Yahweh [ or, The James Potter ] - then Harry Potter can only be: " The Archangel Michael ". In the prophetical allegories of: " The Harry Potter Series " - we witness the unfolding life of The Archangel Michael living down here as a very real human being.
House Of The Rising Sun:
Solar Wheel at St. Peters Basillica.
The Ever-Growing Kingdom Of Lucifer - that is fully behind all of the: Sun-Worshiping Religions [ or, Spiritual Abominations ] and Utterly Depraved Wickedness [ or, Other Sinful Human Activities ] of The Entire Earth. Also known as: " The Matrix ", " The Land Of Confusion ", and/or " Babylon The Great ".
Jacob Sully:
Jacob Sully - Israel's Keen Eye.
The Proper Translation is: " Israel's Keen Eye " - which refers to The Archangel Michael who, as The Scriptures instruct us: " Continually Watches Over Both The Houses Of Israel "! However, as the prophetical allegory: " Avatar " - clearly demonstrates for everyone to see - he has [ factually ] become A Human Avatar, for the sole spiritual purpose of Leading Israel Back To Their Own Father Yahweh....
Of course, this particular allegory was geared more towards: The Hindus and [ even ] The Buddhists - who are looking forward to Their Own Prophesied Avatar [ known as ]: " Kalki ", or " Kalaki " - that shall usher in The New Age Of Spiritual Righteousness. You see, Yahweh wants to fully gather All Of His Spiritually-Minded Ones to His own holy mountain; not just, The Natural Branches Of Israel!
Lana Del Rey:
A Direct Translation [ from Spanish ] of: " The Lioness To The King "; and it alludes to her own role as The Satanic High Priestess officiating at the time of America's Impending Destruction.
Little Miss Sunshine:
A pet name for Lucifer [ The Sun God and Deceiver ] usually reserved for times in which his own followers may honestly expect his own personal blessings. Since The Angelic Hosts are actually neither: Male, nor Female - they have been symbolized throughout history as both, in order to simply increase The Level Of External Confusion.
Low Down:
A common Satanic Term meaning: " Inside Information ", " Hidden Knowledge ", or [ frequently ] " Prophetical Vision ". Meanwhile, their other term: ' Down Low ' is merely the inverted form - which means to [ conversely ]: " Keep It Between Us ", " Let It Remain Hidden ", or [ even ] " Perform It Quietly, Just As Instructed ".
Mars [ The Son Of Yahweh-Hushua ]:
The Angel Of War [ aka: Michael, Perseus, Theseus, and Conan The Barbarian ]. Thus, the musical phrase: " I'm Leaving To Mars [ from: It's Not About The Money ]" - simply means that: " I'm Going To Die In The Impending War Most Certainly Now Coming "! Meanwhile, of course, almost all of their Prophetical Movies reference [ either ]: The Planet Mars, One Of His Numerous Pagan Aliases, A Red Desert Planet... or, The Main Character's Name is literally [ some variation of ]: " The: Army Commander, Captain, Wand Holder, Spear Bearer, Steward, Regent, or Chief Magistrate - Of God ".
Some Classic Examples include [ among others ]: Harry Potter, Douglas Quaid, Paul Atreides, Jacob Sully, Peter Parker, Gandolf, Cal El, Mohinder Surresh, etc....
Middle Earth:
An Upcoming Battle For Middle Earth.
Literally: " The Middle Continent Of Earth [ or, North America ] " - where The Pent Up Forces Of Spiritual Darkness will very soon be unleashed, upon a now largely Unsuspecting Human Population living within The Five Great Kingdoms of: Tyre, Edom [ The Land Of Mordor ], Moab, Ammon, and Israel [ The Elven Lands ].
The Elves Leaving Middle Earth....
Oh yes, dear brothers and sisters, Those Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel are actually: " The Elves Who Get On Those Ships For Their Own Homeland Far To The East " - at the end of the movie! Hint, Hint - They: Believe In Magic [ Their Own People Have Performed Miracles ], Come From A Magical Land [ Across The Great Eastern Ocean ], Are Called The Children Of Eä [ Yahweh, The Macroverse Himself ], Possess Exceptionally Long Lives [ Upwards Of 1000 Years ], and Dwell Among The Trees [ Those Long Promised Trees Of Life ]. Does any of that, sound familiar? Well, it definitely should....
The Allegorical: " God Particles " - that order the very structure of Our Own Macroverse! They form the very functional basis for His Active Holy Spirit - known as: " The Ruache HaKodesh "... and, they will gladly do our own bidding, when we are Truly Motivated By Love!
Morpheus, God Of Dreams.
A name of Babylonian origin for The Spirit Of Yahweh Himself... The Mighty One of The Prophet Daniel - who accurately provides The Proper Interpretation of: Riddles, Puzzles, Visions and Dreams. By referring to Him as: " Morpheus " - they can safely discuss Him [ and/or, His Activities ] with their own followers, without tipping off the rest of us as to who is being truthfully referred to.
Morpheus beckoning Neo to instruction.
In fact, in order to further confound us, they have provided subtle indications that Morpheus is in fact ' A Pagan Deity ' - that is being so commonly referred to - while carefully depicting Him, in the proper spiritual positioning, with respect to Their Own Conceptual Allegories. Thus, ensuring that we will ascribe to Him no special significance, or possibly [ even ] scrupulous deference.
Morpheus - God Of Dreams.
In the picture to the left, you can see Their True Spiritual Relationship, by the characters relative positioning. Morpheus is standing Centered To The Front [ Denoting That He, Himself, Is The Mighty One ]... Neo is located Behind Him And To His Left [ the proper positioning for A Prophet ]... and Trinity is standing Behind Him And To His Right [ the proper positioning of A Church - or, Spiritual Body - which is also clearly denoted by her sex ].
Neo [ The Matrix ]:
Neo - The first recipient of His Rain.
NEO is a very simple anagram for: " ONE " - as in: " The Long Prophesied One [ Who Shall Rise Up Against The Matrix ] "... and, Break The Hypnotic Spell - by providing the others ' The True Key '! As The Architect [ himself ] has clearly admitted:
" The Function Of The One
[ Your Own Purpose, O Jeshurun ]

Is Now To Return To The Source
[ Yahweh And His Own Scriptures ]

Allowing A Temporary Dissemination
[ To Preach The True Message

Of The Code You Carry
[ For, You - Alone - Possess The Necessary Truth ]

Reinserting The Prime Program
[ Yahweh's Original Plan For Salvation ]

After Which
[ And Prior To Zion's Own Impending Battle ]

You Will Be Required
[ By, Yahweh Himself ]

To Select From The Matrix
[ Those Returning To The Promised Land ]

Individuals: 16 Female and 7 Male
[ 7 Females For Every Individual Male ]

- To Rebuild Zion
That Long Prophesied New Nation Of Israel ]. "
- from: The Movie Matrix.
In fact, The Holy Spirit is The Codec.
As you can see, dear brothers and sisters, Neo is simply ' The End Time Prophet ' - known as: " Jeshurun " - who is charged with awakening His Own Brothers And Sisters... and, as The Scriptures [ themselves ] have already very clearly warned you:
" You shall not see Me [ Yahweh-Hushua ], until the time comes when you say: ' Blessed Is He [ Jeshurun ] Who Comes In The Name Of The Mighty One!' " - Luke 13:35.
- after all, just like myself, You [ Too ] Are Now Being Tested!
The Time When Yahweh Shall Finally Reveal Himself, to all of His Own Children upon the earth - during The Great Solar Eclipse! This little piece of the puzzle comes from The 1941 Illuminati Novel: " Nightfall " - by the writer and noted astrophysicist Isaac Asimov.
Nightfall - Isaac Asimov.
On a far distant world, The People Were Perpetually Subjected To Daylight, and had never seen The Universe [ Himself ] - due to their own multitude of suns. But, every few thousand years, there was A Great Lunar Eclipse... which, finally revealed The True Nature Of Their Universe... due to, The Exceptionally Complex Ordering of their own Unique Celestial Patterns.
Having never beheld The True Glories Of The Universe, it would drive the people totally insane, and they would burn everything in sight - just to make those Infinitely Numerous Stars go away... meanwhile, those that were fully prepared for it [ and, indeed, lovingly welcomed it ] were perfectly fine... and, thus, their own world was being cyclically: Cleansed, Refreshed, and/or Renewed!
Prepare To Meet, Thy Mighty One....
Do you remember all that The Scriptures have so diligently attempted to teach you about: " Yahweh " - whom The Elves Of Middle Earth continually refer to as: " Eä " - in Lord Of The Rings?
  • " I Am The Eternal One! "
  • " I Am The Only One! "
  • " I Am All That Exists! "
  • " I Am Everything! "
Oracle [ The ]:
Any individual, or group of individuals, ( within the environment of Spiritual Babylon ) that is currently communicating with The Spirit Of Yahweh [ The Mighty One ]. The True Spirit of: Human Repentance and Spiritual Reformation - that is attempting to open the world's eyes. Often utilized interchangeably with The Babylonian Name: " Morpheus ". ***SEE: Morpheus above.
Meanwhile, The Scriptures clearly tell us that: Once The Matrix [ aka: Babylon or The Land Of Confusion ] Is Fully Destroyed They Shall Never Again Use The Term Oracle - or even, rely upon prophets - because, such things shall no longer be necessary [ *** Read: Zechariah Chapter 13 ].
 Rain Man:
*** See: Umbra.
Runaway Train:
Passenger Train Wrecks aren't funny.
Any: Individual, Group, Church, Fellowship, Religion, or Religious System - that is headed for its own: Inevitable and Total Destruction. In most instances, however, the seemingly oblivious passengers upon that particular train are foolishly expecting an entirely different end result.
Silver Girl:
A spiritually coded term for: " The Moon ". Thus, when Simon and Garfunkel sing the words: " Sail on Silver Girl, sail on by... " - they are actually speaking about The Prophesied Lunar Eclipse Of The Sun, that shall very soon herald Yahweh's Own Millennial Kingdom... for, when Lucifer [ or, The Sun ] is no longer shining, then we shall finally behold ' The True Glory That Is - Indeed - The Mighty One '!
Sin City:
The Illuminati and Satanic Name for: " The Kingdom Of Lucifer ", " Hades ", or " Hell " - which most of them believe, to be just another form of existence, while awaiting Their Own Eventual Resurrection. Sadly for them, however, its simply their own grave - wherein no time shall be perceived as actually passing - until that day, since their own consciousness shall be fully extinguished in the interim.
In fact, Sin City is yet another lie being perpetrated upon The Spiritually Ignorant Ones - in order to make His Own Spiritual Service seem far more palatable! Who would readily go to their own deaths, if they thought that it meant their very first taste of Spiritual Non-Existence... especially, knowing, that Their Own Later Victory Is Far From Assured? I can assure you, not very many....
Stacking The Chips:
Stacking The Chips - before trouble.
The act of acquiring: Money, Authority, and/or Power - in preparation for The Negative Consequences of impending historical events. This is done for numerous reasons. During Bad Historical Times, a pile of money can be effectively utilized to: Provide For One's Own Protection, Purchase Temporarily Depressed Commodities, and [ even ] Increase One's Own Personal Wealth.
The Fool On The Hill [ Mount Zion ]:
The Fool On The Hill - a painting.
A derogatory term for The Lone Watchman Of Yahweh - who stands apart from The Matrix Of Babylon, and continually reports The Much-Needed Truth, despite eliciting no net appreciable effect. Meanwhile: " The Fool(s) On The Hill [ Their Hill Of Spiritual Babylon ] " - either: Cannot Honestly Perceive, or [ even ] Simply Refuse To Believe what he is very honestly and clearly telling them. Consequently, they view Him [ Whom Yahweh Has Truly Sent ] as being: " The Fool [ Upon The Wrong Hill ] "... but: " He is, who he is... The True Watchman Of Yahweh "!
 Star Wars:
Star Wars - the title screen image.
An allegorical depiction of The War Between Lucifer And Yahweh, as it has been very carefully unfolding upon the earth. In this particular Illuminated Allegory: The Jedi Represent The Watchmen Of Yahweh [ The True Force ] and The Sith Represent Those Servants Of Satan [ The Dark Side ]. Meanwhile, The Galactic Republic is - unfortunately for them - The Roman Empire / European Union... and, Emperor Palpatine is also [ factually ] Their Own Anti-Christ Pope.
Luke and Anakin Skywalker.
So, who's: " Darth Vader [ previously, known as, Anakin Skywalker ] "? Jesus [ " He Is Zeus " in Greek ] Christ [ Their Sun God Savior ] - whose: Actual and True Character was really " Yahweh-Hushua [ The One True Messiah ] "!
Meanwhile, His First Born Spiritual Son and The Last Living Jedi - known as: " Luke Skywalker [ Luke 13:35 ] " - is also found within the scriptures as Jeshurun, The End Time Prophet... and: " Princess Leia Organa " - is his own [ now ] somewhat seemingly confused sister - whom The Matrix, commonly refers to as: " Trinity [ aka, Those Fools Upon The Wrong Hill ] ".
The Lowland [ aka, The Valley ]:
A Satanic, or Illuminati, term for: " The Spiritual Kingdom Of Lucifer " - consisting of those who: Willfully and Knowingly Serve Satan. His own ' True Children Of Darkness ' - that have grown exceedingly tired of these ongoing Spiritual Charades! Consequently, when Phish sings: " It's Crowded In The Lowland " - they're actually saying: ' The True Forces Of Satan Are Now A Vast Army '.
The Matrix [ aka, Babylon The Great ]:
The Matrix is both: A Political and Spiritual Kingdom - founded upon The Satanic Control Of All Information. Everything within The Matrix serves two primary functions. The First being to secretly: Educate, Inform, and Spiritually Instruct - The Children Of Lucifer Himself [ without, actually, tipping off all of the others ]. The Second being to secretly: Manipulate, Control, and Effectively Harness - The Entire Earth's Physical Resources Into Lucifer's Own Service.
The Matrix Codec.
The Matrix effectively utilizes: Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Legends, Myths, Fables, Religions, Traditional Holidays, Books, Magazines, Literature, Music, Art, Poetry, History, Science, and Popular Movies, etc... to: Overwhelm Our Own Human Senses and Provide Numerous Avenues Of Personal Distraction - while, amply, providing Significant Shortcuts Into His Own Spiritual Service. Thus, assuring that The Satanists will always outnumber any others within Any True Positions Of Power.
The Key To Understanding The Matrix is actually very simple... in fact, it had to be - in order to factually serve Satan's Own Nefarious Purposes! Most people want: Quick, Simple, and Easily Comprehensible Solutions - that require very little mental effort upon their own individual part. In fact, they have a: " Sound-Bite Mentality " - based upon Their Own Decisive Closed-Mindedness - that readily allows them to: Compartmentalize Seemingly-Separate Issues, Decide Once, and Remain Firmly Fixated without further Philosophical Review.
Those little: Red and Blue Pills....
Once The Basic Foundational Structures have been laid, through their own offerings of: Carefully Chosen and Previously Selected Bi-Polar Choices [ Those highly-numerous: Red and Blue Pills ] - these now: " Closed-Minded Individuals " - can then be easily: Divided, Conquered, and Manipulated! Meanwhile, Lucifer's Own Children - who naturally refuse to conform - are then able to Rise To The Top, relatively unopposed in every field of human endeavor....
Umbra [ aka, The Rain Man ]:
The Babylonian name for The Spirit behind both: Blessings And Curses - that fall upon, or afflict, The Physical Realms inhabited by men. Umbra is understood to be A Free Agent, operating independently of all other spirits, and frequently following a seemingly complex cyclical pattern claimed to be understood by some. Meanwhile, Umbra is commonly referred to as: " The Rain Man " - since His Own: Blessings and Curses are always showered down upon everyone equally at any given time.
Consequently, the statement: " The Rain Is Back, With Little Miss Sunshine " - by the rapper Jay Z - literally means: " Get Prepared, Umbra Is Now - Once Again - Serving Satan ". Thus, we can thoroughly expect Negative Historical Events. Perhaps, you should have previously: " Stacked Your Own Chips "?
Umbrella Uses - the other option.
The commonly understood tool, having been provided by The Spirit Umbra, that was designed to either: Deflect His Own Negative Consequences [ in times of serious trouble ], or Receive His Blessings [ by inverting its obvious function ].
The Glorified Children Of Yahweh who have been finally returned to their Proper Spiritual Estate - at ' The Time Of The End '... when they shall [ once again ] be able to exercise The True Powers that were long ago possessed by: " Adam And Eve " - in The Garden Of Eden. They are: " Ex-Men " - since, they have been Spiritually Adopted Into The Family Of Yahweh; and Elevated In Positioning Respectively.
XMEN - The Last Stand?
The: Illuminati, Freemasons, and Satanists - are [ honestly ] Terrified Of Them; and have made ample preparations to exterminate them immediately prior to Their Long Prophesied Spiritual Birth! Our own: " North American FEMA Camps " - were factually created to exterminate These New Children Of Yahweh; and most of the other nations have already quietly prepared as well.... However, North America has been Their Main Focus - since that's where Israel [ the largest single concentration of them ] now factually dwells.
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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