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The 1964 Hit: House Of Rising Sun - by The Animals - is A Timeless Hip Hop Prophecy, that should have never been!

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun.
There are actually many Hip Hop Prophecies, that stretch back into our musical antiquity; but have been adapted, and then re-adapted, over numerous generations... and, such is the case, with The Hip Hop Prophecy: " House Of The Rising Sun " - by The Animals - from 1964! Even its oldest known recording, by Texas Alexander in 1927, was a relatively recent rendition - for a song dating back to, at least as far as, 16th Century England.

Thus, completely rendering its own references specifically to ' New Orleans ' - where There Is No Such Establishment - as being totally irrelevant. In fact, The House Of The Rising Sun doesn't refer to any specific: Tavern, Bar, Brothel, or Gambling Establishment - but rather, to: " The Throne Of Lucifer Himself "... who has continually controlled all of them, over the ages! In this musical album: The Animals Are Declaring Their Own Allegiance To Satan; while cautioning The World's Mothers: " To Seek Better For Their Own Young "....

Don't believe me, then why not watch The Following 1964 Video [ entitled ]: " House Of The Rising Sun " - by The Animals. Then we'll look at those: Very Old, but Still-Timely Lyrics....

America In Prophecy

House Of The Rising Sun - by: The Animals

House Of The Rising Sun - Lyrics By: Unknown

There is A House In New Orleans [ There Is A Spiritual Kingdom ],
They call The Rising Sun [ Ruled Over By Satan The Opposition ],
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy [ And Its Destroys Everyone Who Follows It ],
And God I know I'm one [ And I, Myself, Have Chosen This Path ].

My mother was a tailor [ The Churches Provided Me The Instructions ],
She sewed my new bluejeans [ They Gave Me The Knowledge, That I Know ],
My father was a gamblin man [ Lucifer, Himself, Took His Own Chances ],
Down in New Orleans [ And Established A Very Strong Kingdom ].

Now the only thing a gambler needs [ If You, Too, Want To Follow Me ],
Is a suitcase and trunk [ Then You, Truthfully, Don't Need Very Much ],
And the only time he's satisfied [ But, This Life Isn't Actually That Easy ],
Is when he's on a drunk [ For, Your Own Conscience Will Constantly Afflict You ].

Oh mother tell your children [ Why Must You Churches Remain Powerless ],
Not to do what I have done [ And Teach Us Only Lucifer's Own Way ]:
To spend your lifes in sin and misery [ There Must Be, Something Better To Teach Us ],
In The House Of The Rising Sun [ Than Our Service To Satan Himself ].

Well I got one foot on the platform [ Well, Here I Am, Making This Fateful Decision ],
The other foot on the train [ Ready To Start My Own Life In His Service ],
I'm going back to New Orleans [ Like Everyone Else, Having Gone Before Me ],
To wear that ball and chain [ To Take Up Lucifer's Own Cross ].

Well, there is A House In New Orleans [ At Least, I Know Of One Direction ],
They call The Rising Sun [ That Of Lucifer Himself ],
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy [ And While, It Has Destroyed Many ],
And god I know I'm one [ I Have Chosen His Own Path Anyway ].

The House Of The Rising Sun
" How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, bright and shining star of the morning! " - Isaiah 14:12.
To me, personally, this seems to be: An Extremely Sad and Very Discouraging Song... mainly, because The Persons Following This Pathway are fully aware, that something better has always been available to them... but, they just can't figure out what it is... and: " Their Own Mothers Won't Truthfully Teach Them "! Meanwhile, of course, they [ themselves ] are Spiritually Aware of ' This Ongoing Situational Dilemma '; and yet, entirely powerless to change it....

What could be, honestly, worse than that? You, tell me. After all, it's just like The Scriptures have so clearly stated:  
" Even The Animals, Know How To Care For Their Own Young! "
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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