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Zechariah 10 is all about The Blessings upon: Judah, Israel, and Joseph....

The Book Of Zechariah.
In Zechariah 10, we can read about The End Time Blessings for: Judah, Israel, and Joseph; and of their own Long Promised Restoration that soon follows... but, it begins with: A Commandment and A Very Clear Statement... thus, making it abundantly obvious, that The Mighty One's Blessings are [ as always ] fully predicated upon their Ongoing Spiritual Obedience! After all, it's just as The Scriptures themselves have openly stated:
" Two Cannot [ Conceivably ] Walk Together [ As One Singular Party ], Unless They Be In [ Functional ] Agreement. "
If we truly desire The Blessings Of Yahweh, then we must [ also ] equally desire To Obediently Obtain Them. We can never hope to obtain them, otherwise! In fact, The True Choice has always been ours....

 Zechariah Chapter 10, Says Very Plainly:
" Ask The Mighty One For Rain [ The Outpouring Of His Own Holy Spirit ], In the time of The Latter Rain [ As The New Dawn Begins To Break ]. Yahweh will make Flashing Clouds [ A Very Great And Tempestuous Outpouring ]; He will give them Showers Of Rain [ Sending Upon Them A Magnificent Deluge ], And Grass [ Lush New Spiritual Growth ] in The Field [ Upon The Entire Earth ] for Everyone [ All Of His Own Spiritual Children ].
For The Idols [ The Sorcery Of Our Own Man-Made Technologies ] Speak Delusion [ Are Leading Us Completely Astray ]; The Diviners [ Our Own: Politicians, Shepherds, Oracles, Artists, And Scientists ]: Envision Lies [ Are Themselves Being Greatly Deceived ], And Tell False Dreams [ And Deceiving Us Even Further ]; They [ These Foolish And/Or Wicked Ones ] Comfort In Vain [ For Even Their Own Plans Are Based Upon Highly-Egregious Deceptions ].
Therefore [ Because Of This ], The People [ Our Populations Of Fallen Humanity ] wend their way like sheep [ Constantly Searching For Newer And Greener Pastures ]; They [ These Simple And Unknowing Ones ] are in trouble [ Truly Endangered By These Ongoing Events ], because There Is No Shepherd [ To Faithfully And Spiritually Lead Them ]. " - Zechariah 10:1-2.
As you can see from his opening statement, The Prophet Zechariah is clearly talking about ' The Latter Days Of Earth ' - a time period wherein All Of Earth's Churches And Synagogues are being grossly misled by the: " Ravenous Wolves Masquerading As Angels Of Light ". After all, it's just as the scriptures [ also ] very plainly tell us:
" Babylon is fallen, is fallen, That Great City [ The Spiritual Center Of Worldwide Christianity ], because She [ That Mother Of Harlots ] has made all of the nations [ Every Last One Of Them ] drink of the The Wine [ Her Own False Teachings ] of the wrath of her own fornication [ With The Merchants And Kings Of The Earth ]. " - Revelation 14:8.
Meanwhile, the plainly spoken fact that there are: " No Shepherds Living Within Babylon " - is highly significant... because, it logically tells us that All Of These: Churches, Fellowships, and Synagogues are indeed [ equally ] fallen... and that, none of them are worthy of our Ongoing Spiritual Support. It is, once again, time to: Study The Scriptures For Ourselves, and to: Begin Looking For The Mighty One's Last Prophet [ whom, The Prophet Isaiah simply called: " Jeshurun " ]!

Zechariah 10, Then Continues:
" My anger is kindled against The Shepherds [ For The Wickedness That They Have Committed ], and I will punish The Goatherds [ The Ones Who've Factually Served Satan ].
For The Mighty One Of Heaven will visit His Flock [ The People Of Israel ], And The House Of Judah [ Their Own Genetic Brothers ], And will make them [ Through His Spiritual Refining Of Them ] as His Royal Horse [ The Most Elite Of Any King's Soldiers ] in The Battle [ That Is, Still, Yet To Come ].
From Him [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] comes The Cornerstone [ Yahweh-Hushua ], From Him comes The Tent Peg [ The Prophesied Watchman ], From Him comes The Battle Bow [ The Far Ranging Attack ], From Him comes Every Ruler Together [ And The Worship Of Kings ].
They [ These Children Of Israel And Judah ] shall be like Mighty Men [ When I Have Finished Refining Them ], Who tread down their enemies [ With Little Expense Of Physical Effort ] In the mire of the streets [ Falling Prostrate Before Them ] in The Battle [ That Is Coming ]. They Shall Fight [ Though They Are The Meekest Of People ], because The Mighty One is with them [ They Possess The Courage Of Spiritual Conviction ], And The Riders Upon Horses [ Those Mighty Aryan Armies ] shall be put to shame [ Upon The Day, That I Do This ].
I will strengthen The House Of Judah [ To Stand As My Own Prophesied Banner ], And I will save The House Of Joseph [ Then Living Within Egypt ]. I will bring them back [ The Entire Nation Of Israel ], Because I will have mercy upon them [ For The Sake Of My Covenant ]. They shall be as though I had not cast them aside [ As I Promised Them, In The Very Beginning ]; For I am Yahweh Their Mighty One, And I will hear them [ When They Finally Call Out To Me ].
Those Of Ephraim shall be like A Mighty Man [ Valiant, In The Day Of My Battle ], And their heart shall rejoice [ In The Midst Of Their Victory ] as if with wine [ That Makes The Heart Glad ]. Yes [ I Can Fully Assure You ], their own children shall see it [ From The Hotly Pitched Sidelines ] and be glad [ Finally Respecting Their Own Fathers ]; Their heart [ Having Now, Finally, Witnessed It ] shall rejoice in The Mighty One [ Finally Understanding The Promises Of Yahweh ].
I will whistle for them [ From The Nations, To Whom They've Been Scattered ] and gather them [ As I Have Long Ago Promised ]. For I will redeem them [ From Their Masters Within The Nations Of: Egypt, Assyria, And Babylon ]; And they shall increase [ Greatly In Physical Number ] as they once increased [ When Their Fathers Were Also Obedient ]. " - Zechariah 10:3-8.

The Earth Completely Renewed!
Dear brothers and sisters, ' This Is The Scriptural Blessing ', that we've been honestly waiting upon... not, Being Carried Away To Heaven - for some: Non-Scriptural and Disembodied Eternal Existence. The Earth shall be: Renewed, Refreshed, and Restored - to be as it was in: " The Garden Of Eden "... and, The Mighty One Shall Finally Dwell Among Us! In fact, that's what The Prophets Were All Telling You... But, The Shepherds Of Babylon didn't want you to truthfully know it.

The Faithful Ones shall be physically restored to life, and walk among us... The Earth Itself shall be transformed into a luxuriant and fruitful paradise... The Nations shall learn the intrinsic values of: love, cooperation, and peace... and, Human Technology won't even be necessary; since The True Magic - that stems from obedience to Yahweh - shall be finally restored! What did Yahshua Himself [ truthfully ] tell you?
" For assuredly [ You Can Have My Own Word On This ], if you have faith [ In Yahweh The Mighty One, And In Your Own Relationship To Him ] as a mustard seed [ The Physically Smallest Seed Upon The Earth ], you will say to this mountain [ In Complete Spiritual Confidence ], ' Move from here to there ', and it will move [ Because You Already Have These God-Like Powers ]; and -> Nothing Will Be Impossible For You <- [ For Our Mighty One Will Gladly Assist All Of You Otherwise ]. " - Mathew 17:20.

And, not so surprisingly, that's [ also ] The Exact Scriptural Message Of Psalm 82!
" The Mighty One stands in the congregation of the mighty [ He Is Everywhere That We Are ]; He judges amongst the mighty one(s) [ The People Of Earth ].
How long will you [ My Own Spiritual Children ] judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked [ And Remain Effectively Powerless Before Your Own Enemies ]?
Defend the poor [ Who Have No Helpers ] and the fatherless [ Who Have No One Else To Protect Them ]; Do justice to the afflicted and needy [ Who Are Now All Around You ].
Deliver the poor and the needy [ From The Ones Who Do Them Great Harm ]; Free them from the hand of the wicked [ And I Will Restore You To Your Original Estate ].
They do not know [ Who They Really Are ], Nor do they understand [ That They Are My Own Children ]; They walk about in darkness [ Spiritually Blinded To The Truth ], All the foundations of the earth are unstable [ Because Of This Fact ].
I said: ' YOU ARE MIGHTY ONES, And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High '.
But you shall die like men [ Because You Refuse To Spiritually Grow Up ], And fall like one of the princes [ The Angels Who Forgot Their Own Spiritual Estate ].
Arise, O Yahweh, judge the earth [ And All Of Its Inhabitants ]; For You [ The Mighty One ] shall inherit all of the nations. " - Psalm 82. 

But, Let's continue with Zechariah Chapter 10....

Zechariah 10, Then Continues:
" I will sow them [ Like Spiritual Seeds ] among the peoples [ Throughout All Of The Nations ], And they shall remember Me [ At The Appointed Time ] in far countries [ From All Over The Earth ]; They shall live [ I Shall Resurrect Them ], together with their children [ Restoring All Of Their Complete Families, In That Time ], And they shall return [ Having Then Witnessed To The Gentiles ].
I will also bring them back from The Land Of Egypt [ The Kingdom(s) Belonging To Pharoah ], And gather them from Assyria [ The Nations That Fully Comprise It ]. I will bring them into The Land Of Gilead [ The Historic Territory Of Syria ] And Lebanon [ The Historic Territory Of Assyria ], Until no more room is found for them [ There Shall Be An Exceedingly Great Number Of Them ].
He [ The Mighty One Himself ] shall pass through the sea [ Crossing The Atlantic Ocean ] with affliction [ With Exceptionally Great And Powerful Tempestuousness Surrounding Him ], And strike the waves of the sea [ And Thoroughly Smite Those Invading Armies Of Babylon ]: All the depths of The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ] shall dry up [ That My Own Children Might Easily Cross Over It ]. Then [ At That Time ] The Pride Of Assyria [ America's Own National Government ] shall be brought down [ By My Own Outstretched Hand ], And the scepter of Egypt shall depart [ By The Power Of Babylon, As I Have Long Ago Prophesied It ].
So I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will strengthen them [ These Now Ransomed Children Of Israel ] in The Mighty One [ Showing Them My Own Ways ], And they [ These X-Men From Israel ] shall walk up and down [ Treading Over North America With Total Impunity ] in His Name [ Now, Finally, Calling Upon Yahweh ], says The Mighty One. " - Zechariah 10:9-12.

While I fully realize that this posting brings up Some Highly-Interesting New Topics, it [ truthfully ] had to be posted. In fact, My Next Series Of Articles - coming up soon - will be upon: The Truth About Magic [ Which Stems From Spiritual Obedience ], The Truth About Sorcery [ Their Own Satanic Use Of Demonic Entities ], and The Illuminati's Long Dreaded X-Men [ The Rise Of Yahweh's Own True Children ]....

So, Keep Reading... you'll, honestly, be glad that you did! You see, It's The Magic That's Real; and Our Own [ So-Called ] Modern Technology that is [ merely ] The Grossly Accumulated Collection of: " Lying Wonders " - that has been fully referenced within The Scriptures - being called Our Own Human Sorceries. In fact, those ongoing: " Forces Of Great Spiritual Darkness " - have almost completely reversed The True Messages found within His Scriptures!
 { *** NOTE: For Zechariah Chapter 11 - just, click here! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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