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Us And Them, by Pink Floyd, is A Hip Hop Prophecy about: Satan's Goats and Their Sheep.

Pink Floyd - Us And Them.
The Popular Hit Song: " Us And Them " - by Pink Floyd - is a Hip Hop Prophecy, that honestly dares to tell us ' The Unvarnished Truth ' about a great number of Spiritually Discerned Things... but, The Music [ itself ] is merely A Beautiful Distraction! After all, the reason that you like it so much, is simply because Your Own Conscious Mind can't seem to ever fully figure it out... and, that's The True Hypnotic Power of all of their Illuminated Messages. But, hey folks, It Indeed Sells Albums!

 Don't believe it, then why not watch The Following Video: " Us And Them " - by Pink Floyd... and see, what I'm talking about! Meanwhile, ' The Correct Explanation ' for this Hip Hop Prophecy will be gladly provided afterward....

America In Prophecy

Us And Them - by: Pink Floyd

Us And Them - Lyrics By: Pink Floyd

Us [ The Children Of Satan ] and Them [ The Children Of Yahweh ]
And after all we're only ordinary men [ Unlike The Spirits, That Fully Surround Us ]
Me and You [ Human Through And Through ]
God only knows [ Whichever One, That You Follow ]
it's not what we would choose to do [ We All Hate To Take Sides ]
Forward he cried from the rear [ But, He Ordered His Troops Into The Battle ]
And the front rank died [ Row Upon Row Has Already Fallen ]
And The General Sat [ Satan Has Watched Over His Own Continuous Battle ],
as the lines on the map [ As Billions Of These Duped Individuals ]
Moved from side to side [ Have Cris-Crossed The Battlefield ]
Black and Blue [ Fighting Upon Both Of His Own Sides ]
And who knows which is which and who is who [ They Both Belong To Satan ]
Up and Down [ Empires Rise And Empires Fall ]
And in the end [ But, The Grave Never Seems To Get Full ]
it's only round and round and round [ The Cycle Continues, Creating Even More Carnage ]
Haven't you heard [ Haven't You, Finally, Woken Up To It Yet ]
It's A Battle Of Words [ Our Real Fight Has Always Been Spiritual ]
The Poster Bearer Cried [ The Scriptures, Have Already Very Plainly Told You ] 
{ *** NOTE: Ephesians 6:11-12, clearly says:
"  Put on [ Yourselves ] the whole armor of The Mighty One [ Keeping All Of His Commandments ], that you may be able to stand [ During Your Own Personal Lifetimes ] against the wiles [ The Utter Confusion ] of The Devil [ That: Bright And Shining Star Of The Morning ].
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood [ That Isn't Our Own True Problem ], but [ Rather ] against: The Principalities [ Satan's Own Physical Kingdoms ] and The Powers [ His Secretive Organizations ], against: The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age [ The Mystery Of Spiritual Babylon Itself ], and against: Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness [ And Those Fallen Angels ] in the heavenly places [ That We Cannot Physically Perceive ]. " }

Listen son [ Follow Me ],
said the man with the gun [ Said The Military Recruiter ]
There's room for you inside [ We're Always Looking For New Soldiers ]
Down and Out [ At Least, It's An Opportunity To Do Better ]
It can't be helped [ It Isn't Our Fault, That These Things Always Seem To Happen ]
but there's a lot of it about [ We're, Honestly, Living In Troublesome Times ]
With and Without [ Both: Internal And External ]
And who'll deny [ The Whole World Is Currently In Total Agreement ] 
that's what the fighting's all about [ It's, Just, Our Own Troublesome Times ]
Get out of the way [ Either: Sign Up, Or Move On ],
it's a busy day [ I've Got Others To, Honestly, Speak With ]
And I've got things on my mind [ And, My Own Personal Problems To Deal With ]
For want of the price of tea and a slice [ Much Of The World Is Now Starving ]
The old man died [ And Many Of Them, Honestly, Won't Make It ]

Us And Them 

We're just ' The Pawns ' - in Lucifer's Own Spiritual Chess Game... and, Most Of His Own Followers are aware of it! How come you, who profess to read The Scriptures, actually aren't? Could it be, that Lucifer's Own Children might have actually studied it Far More Than You? After all, They Believe In The Mighty One... while, You Yourselves Don't! Isn't that now, quite obvious to everyone? It certainly is to me....

Do you know, ' What They Themselves Call You ' in all of their own songs?
" The Fool(s) [ Those Ignorant Followers Of Satan ] Upon The Hill [ Worshiping At His Own Spiritual Altars ] "
But, of course, Nothing Could Ever Shame You! Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother trying... but then, I Remember His Precious Promises; and I know that: My Own Effort Is Worth It.  
{ *** NOTE: In case you haven't figured it out yet: The Politicians [ Instigating The Wars ], The Officers [ Directing And Orchestrating The Armies ], The Bankers [ Funding All Of The Battles ], The Corporations [ Building All Of The Earth's Weapons ], The Entertainers [ Appealing To Your Own Stoic Patriotism ], and The Preachers [ Motivating You From Their Very Own Pulpits ] - Are All Working For Lucifer Himself... but: The Ones Always Fighting It and Then Dying - are Just You [ Their Own Ignorant Sheep ]!  *** }

The Dark Side Of The Moon [ Consists Of ]:

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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