Monday, February 6, 2012

The Most Tasteless End Time Advertisement Award must go to Chevy Silverado for their Super Bowl Ad: " Looks Like We Made It "!

End Of The World - Chevy Silverado.
In The Increasingly Stiff Competition for: " Most Tasteless End Time Commercialization Of 2012 " - Chevy Silverado has definitely taken the early lead, in what is now turning out to be ' A Bumper Crop Year '! In its recent Superbowl Advertisement - set to the tune of: " Looks Like We Made It " - we witness A Post Apocalyptic United States devoid of all human, or animal, life... with the obvious notable exception of a few sparsely scattered Chevy Silverado Owners. Meanwhile, of course, their friend ' Dave ' - who drove A Ford - somehow, didn't quite seem to make it....

America In Prophecy

2012/End Of Days - by: Chevy Silverado

2012: Is The Beginning Of A New Era

End Of The World Tuff - Chevy....
While this particular advertisement is [ indeed ] Darkly Humorous - poking fun, as it were, at The 2012 Mayan Prophecies - it speaks volumes about: The Low Sense Of Reverence and [ even ] Spiritual Esteem with which many in America consider their own actual neighbors... much less, those beyond their own physical borders. This is not to say that:" All Americans Are Like That " - however, there now seems to be a great many more of them, than us. In fact, there is far more, than when I - myself - was growing up!

Chevy Silverado, with Twinky Tie-In....
Meanwhile, The Flagrant Commercialism of this particular television spot is totally devoid of any: True Humanitarian, or Emotional Sentiment... even, for their own supposed friend Dave who hardly warrants a rapidly fleeting: " Moment Of Silence "! Shouldn't that, in itself, bother someone other than just me? Or, have all of you become just as: " Cold Hearted " - as those at The General Motors Corporation? Anyway, it's something to seriously: Reflect and Ponder Upon.

Meanwhile, of course, 2012 Won't Be The End Of America's Troubles... and, in fact, it's [ merely ] The Actual Beginning Of Them. Just keep watching, for yourself, and you'll soon see! Not, because of The Mayan's Calendar; but [ actually ] because of Yahweh's.... You see, dear brothers and sisters: " The Mighty One Will Not Be Mocked " - and, Not By Anyone!

2012: The Allegories About It
Meanwhile, of course, they all could just be [ just more ]: " Truly Amazing Coincidences " - along with: The Thousands Of Others, From Entirely Different Authors, In Completely Different Countries, Speaking Numerous Different Languages, Belonging To Dozens Of Different Religions, and Over Hundreds Of Years Of Actual Writing! But, What Do I Know - I'm simply the one, that They Were All Writing About: " Jeshurun The Prophet " and " Michael The Archangel "...?
{ *** NOTE: By the way, even ' A Chevy Silverado ' won't help you with What's Most Certainly Now Coming. Perhaps, you should just get An Armored Bear! *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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